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  1. Soylent Green is PEOPLE! It's PEOPLE!
  2. I think internet advertisers still typically pay based on a "clicks per page" basis. Once you have clicked on a page, they count your visit. If they then throw a block up wanting you to register or subscribe, so much the better. Even if you immediately hit the Back button, your click is still counted. I've noticed recently that a lot of British media websites linked by Drudge are doing that. They're getting the clicks even if you're not reading their story.
  3. How do you go from "Pilot accidentally hit Panic Button" to "Three Guys with Knives"? Seriously.
  4. I think he meant that 3tsps = 1 tbsp so why would you use both instead of going for consistency in your measurements. (But I could be wrong - it's happened once before.)
  5. Roegel's is usually excellent and Russell and Misty are fine people. Sides suck but who cares?
  6. Running thread of cops of color assaulting white people for everyday stuff... thread is thataway. Oh...wait...
  7. If the God of your choice had meant for humans to be herbivores, He/She/Zer would have put our eyes on the sides of our heads. It's science yo.
  8. If you slightly cross your eyes, like you do for those magic 3d pictures, this is even more hilarious/terrifying. (/CaptainObvious?)
  9. Yuli is close to Yogi and the whole team made a booboo so...
  10. Brokeback Causeway? (nttawwt)
  11. Can we assume that each of your missives will end with a rousing OU SUX ?
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