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  1. Terrible this news is. Best wishes on whatever comes next.
  2. In a society where the literal meanings of "man" and "woman" can be debated, you can't be surprised when a word like "decade" can as well. 😉
  3. Thin Man marathon today, (NYE). Unfortunately Comcast dropped TCM from the regular lineup, (but fortunately I have them all recorded).
  4. Haven't read the whole thread so SIAP, but my brother said he saw the "4D" version at Edwards Theater, (Houston), last night and hated it. HOWEVER, he's had several back surgeries with metal "accoutermonts" and said his seat shook his back very painfully. Might want to keep that in mind if similarly outfitted.
  5. Major Strasser has been shot...Round up the usual suspects.
  6. Great read. Thx for posting it.
  7. I was born in 1960, fifteen years after the end of WW2. It occurred to me this morning while doing my mile walk with the pup that my iPod Classic is just about that old. Holy shit! P.S. And most of the music on it is waaaaaaaaay older than that.
  8. Ketchup on tamales? Never seen it, heard of it or even had the barest fleeting thought of such a thing. But apparently, many people do.
  9. Tamales make a great stuffed pork chop filling. Add some cheese and jalapeño to coarsely crumbled tamales. Stuff and... Pan sear in a cast iron skillet then bake cut side down in the same pan until done.
  10. Because "God" is non-denominational, and no single religion has a trademark on "God". Plus it has the added benefit of giving atheists something to be aggrieved about.
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