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    It's in the Woodlands?
  2. I’m sorry, but Lexington isn’t big enough to park the cars required for a seven hour line.
  3. Rob Riggle may not be "That Guy" in real life but he sure has made a career out of playing "That Guy" on the screen.
  4. Of course. Don’t you?
  5. Also got the single dose J&J this afternoon about 1pm in Rosenberg, (almost ten hours now). Slight injection site soreness but not bad. If it's going to give me any flu symptoms, they'll have to be pretty bad to even notice over the tree pollen allergies.
  6. Sorry Captain. The bridge is all yours.
  7. Thigh? Is she trying to block him from copping a feel?
  8. Your fans booed our team, so...
  9. Back in the 70s, the US government made quite a splash with a product called "Paraquat". They sprayed all over Central and South America, specifically to kill "grass" and "weed".
  10. I'm not Surly 1% by a long shot, but even if I was, I would not give THAT guy, THAT much, for THAT. Next!
  11. It sez 2/28/21 on eveyrbody else's computers. Maybe you should change your handle to YesterdayMan. 😉
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