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  1. Anyone remember Jetton's on Richmond in the Greenway area in Houston. It closed in the early 80's or so. Instead of a single serving line it had stations spread around and you'd just hit what you wanted and settled up on your way to the dining room. I'm thinking buffets in general may be history. No more salad bars at the steakhouse, etc.
  2. I expect there will be quite a few of those commercial margarita machines on the secondary market pretty soon. Cheap.
  3. While I agree that buying a set is often a waste, I bought a different grouping of this stuff several years ago. I've added a few more pieces along the way. Stainless steel with a copper core. Looks nice, cooks nice, not expensive. (You can get the set for the price of a single AllClad stock pot.) Try a small sauce pan and see if it works for you.
  4. So you're saying Snow's can charge less because they only sell one day a week ? Skipped Economies of Scale day huh? (Full disclosure: I have six generations of ancestors, on both sides, buried in Lee and Milam Counties.)
  5. Smithfield has been owned by the Chinese for years. Coincidence?
  6. Hey Champ, how about an update on how it’s going out there? Are you settling into a routine? Doing any business? Making any significant changes besides the obvious off-site-only ones?
  7. Couldn’t say but Kroger had three of the four things I was looking for. No eggs.
  8. Can confirm. HEB at San Felipe and Fountain View was closed and empty at 8:30 pm. Kroger was open and we got what we went looking for but it sure as hell wasn’t hand sanitizer, water or tp.
  9. uh oh. Someone thinks they may not get re-elected. https://talk1370.radio.com/articles/mayor-officials-urge-supporting-local-businesses
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