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  1. Hey! I know him! From this morning.
  2. That’s the best that Grace Slick ever looked.
  3. I guarantee Fleshlight is working on an attachable module as we speak...
  4. Canadia just became a lot less relevant. If you could read my mind, love - what a tale my thoughts could tell…
  5. DoobieWah


    Don't sleep on the short rib tacos.
  6. Too soon, but... How much did you divest? 😆
  7. I see you missed The View yesterday? 😆
  8. I have an ugly old green metal tackle box I bought with allowance savings from the Western Auto in beautiful downtown Lexington, Texas circa 1966 or 67. So..... 56 years...
  9. So Blummer - Jan 6 conspiracy theorist?
  10. DoobieWah


    How many are “several”? She died in 2008 and had turned into your typical Jewish bubbe long before that. But back in the day…
  11. Fair assessment, but you have to admit that he's damned passionate about it.
  12. Not a great photo but this is a bald eagle I mentioned above.
  13. I'm not really birder but I've noticed a lot of different species here in west Houston in the last few years. I've got a big owl I've only seen once but can hear from my bedroom almost every night. I've had a colony of nesting Mississippi Kites for the last few years in the neighborhood. Various falcons and hawks. All kinds of songbirds, hummingbirds and of course west Houston's famous turkey vultures. But most people would be surprised to know that for the last three years at least, there's been a nesting pair of bald eagles at the bridge on Briar Forest over Buffalo Bayou between Gessner and Memorial. I first noticed them when one flew over the bridge in front of me. Once I started looking for them, I see them pretty often. That's pretty cool.
  14. Third page and no one has suggested the obvious Ricky Williams crossover/NIL dea!? Bunch'a stoners up in here. (Yeah yeah...Username and avatar check out.)
  15. With absolutely no idea what you look like, I could absolutely visualize that smirk as I read your post. Congrats on your very descriptive prose. 😂
  16. Orientation is always as if you just entered the store and are standing in the doorway. Always. HTH.
  17. He didn't have much choice. You seemed to be on a mission and were not going to rest.
  18. How old are you guys? Seriously, it's for my thesis. Thanks.
  19. I vote for giving him a very large contract with "outs". Reward him for the job he's already done. We can afford it. He proved he could win with Beard's team. If he can effectively build and maintain his own teams, he can stay as long as he wants. He " should" be able to do that in the short term thanks to this year's showing and the portal and NIL. I think he's earned the chance to try. Not for nothing, but it's obvious his players love him.
  20. You can order them directly from Alamo. You’d want the machine made ones. If you can go to the store on Berry, you can get the hand made ones directly from the steamer. They’re really good.
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