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  1. since there wont be college football just fold up recruiting
  2. quarantine yourself now for 2 weeks to make sure youre not infected with stupidity
  3. Yup, we are being told the aircraft maintence training pipeline has been deemed mission essential. To prevent combat capabilities degradation and thwart readiness issues. 2 star general said press until I say stop. So.....puts the lotion on the skin. Does what it's told. As a prior maintainer this all doesn’t shock me
  4. We are still sending folks to everywhere except level 3 countries. It's a complete shit show. Really??? We are on a full on stop no PCs no tdy hell no work unless you have to be in the office
  5. Pushed it to 25 May today I’m supposed to PCS in July and it’s looking dicey
  6. Damn that’s a really crazy story. I’d love to see how they stack up on the national stage Interesting. Their only L was Mater Dei
  7. Glad I jumped in on RCL in the 20s. Just wish I bought more
  8. Same same. Bought in mid 20s on RCL. Time to do coke
  9. The ones unable to telework or take advantage of technology will be the ones that struggle, the true human to human service will hurt
  10. cant do that half those idiots paid money to keep the site running. let them stay in their own circle jerk and wax each other off and not bleed into the rest of the forum
  11. Wrong section bro. Join your fellow jerkoffs in the cloak room. The educated level headed here won’t fall for your drivel
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