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  1. Lol more shitty reporting by shitty ass stupid twitter morons. He has Pre existing conditions and opted out of the season. Fuck the internet
  2. Jfc why do I keep coming back to this thread
  3. I guess an honest question I have is this. Let’s say the ncaa offers you health insurance because covid. Does the university then get to dictate that players life? Aka no high risk activities such as life. Going to store. Seeing other humans etc. do they get that power to bubble them up or if these kids decide to go party go to Cancun or you know be 19 year old kids and catch the Rona doing something they shouldn’t have been doing is that a denial of benefits?
  4. Lol go fuck yourself should be the reply. Welp thay there is the end of the pac. big or acc isnup next with list of demands. Sec already gets revenue share paid to players during recruiting lol
  5. this is the same bitch ass who would have that bullhorn shoved up his ass and scream it was because he was black and not because he needs his face kicked in
  6. Watching episode 1. Cb #2 talks all that shit getting exposed left and right. Typical loud mouth
  7. Surely BYU won’t rush for 500 yards in this time right
  8. LSU running from Texas. Now we best BlowU and go undefeated and get a natty
  9. So now all we have to do is beat BlowU and we get an undefeated season its happening
  10. It’s obvious LSU is scared to get their asses kicked. Obviously running from Texas like aggyw
  11. Some kid from VA tech opts out of the season projected first round I wonder if that projection changes. And is skipping a season the new skip a bowl game for high projected players
  12. Deal from your have to, the have to is what you use when you afraid
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