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  1. https://media.giphy.com/media/r00LEeXVOt0xG/giphy.gif
  2. South should wreck the north anally
  3. Fuck everything San Fran. From your bums shitting in the streets to your shitty jerseys. Go KC
  4. Getting an early start on thread aids. Bravo.
  5. for those with the history whens the last recruit we had committed, that de-committed then turned around and re-committed? Not just here maybe anywhere? Just curious
  6. because no one wanted the fine or penalty
  7. Mahommes scores right there because the NFL has made it a penalty to hit a running QB and everyones timid as shit, you can see the defenders handle him with white gloves
  8. I’m just here for the Lulz
  9. got damn the legend of houston blown leads continues
  10. isn't there anymore Rutgers coaches we can poach
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