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  1. Y’all hear that sound. Runway truck on the gas. No breaks bitch
  2. Sgt Hulk


    Learned about this show last month. Watched all 3 seasons holy shit it’s awesome
  3. Damn man I’m here thinking the same thing with the fellas. Tiger pretty much done
  4. Kai yotes are like dogs here. Everywhere
  5. Shits crazy. He’s about 4 miles from my house. I’ve wrecked my bike there haha
  6. You’re a bit more emotionally invested in this than a normal person should be. In life you’ll often find folks with differing opinions. It’s ok. Don’t lose sleep over it.
  7. Nope. Not questioning your vast knowledge and ability to predict the future at all.
  8. Well every year this group here tells me how aggy won’t win shit and their offense is trash and every year those fuck sticks pull magic out. Those same folks saying maaalik ain’t it means we have Vince young 2.0 on our hands. Show me a loss
  9. I only visit this thread for radical Larry gif
  10. Sgt Hulk

    Below Deck

    Still wanna run all my 20 seconds of lde through ches and ash
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