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  1. As I said in the beginning of this shithole season this is going to become more and more common. It started with a skipping meaningless bowl games to now saying fuck the season and my team I’m gonna work on myself. This year was the start. I don’t blame him at all. But the old school get off my lawn in me says you never quit on your battle brothers but the realty is this team is half filled with gaping selfish pussies who only care about themselves the other half is ROJO and Sam types. This is now college football. Free agency. Portals and midway through saying fuck it
  2. Sgt Hulk


    Him is his douche bag friend Hugo
  3. I love all of this mayhem. Wanting a coach to play. This is amazing
  4. Sgt Hulk

    Caden Sterns

    This dude wouldnt crack the 2 deep at texas state. Bigger mouth and twitter fingers than play ability. I've never seen anyone go from freshman year bad ass to junior year dildo march pussy so fast. His field of fucks is more barren than the okra fields in intrasteller dude either sucks shit, or just doesnt like football and going through the motions to get his free degree in art history after 1865
  5. Does anyone on that list end up here with no Meyer?
  6. This is fucking awesome. I love this chaos
  7. Sgt Hulk

    Iron Bowl

    Here to say fuck both teams
  8. My field of fucks is barren. I’m done watching Texas and Dallas football in 2020. I’m taking up fucking knitting or some other bullshit
  9. Jokes on you, there is no 2021 recruiting class
  10. Kodi firestick watch it anytime I want. Watching it now. Turkey dinner Ellen with them titties in that blouse. Damn
  11. 4th call is Hugh freeze. We could be liberty
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