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  1. so I clicked on the link.... uh... if thats really his house then this mother fucker is flat out lying in the article.... "Property Overview - HUGE PRICE REDUCTION LOWEST PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT IN THE HOMESTEAD Enjoy country living in this well appointed, remodeled home. Kitchen updated in 2014 featuring granite counter tops, travertine flooring. Upstairs a 2nd master w/ensuite bath for guests or in-law quarters. Swimming pool, playscape. Beautiful sunset view in an equestrian community. Low water bill with interior city water, well for landscaping & pool.
  2. RIP Mira Furlan..... dead at 65 most well known for 2 series. Babylon 5 and Lost. RIP Ambassador Delenn. & Danielle Rousseau
  3. so i read at least part of the rant..... maybe the Lake Travid utilities are different than mine.... but can the surly 1%'s confirm his claim that it costs $97/mo just to have the water turned on? cause that seems a bit fucking excessive with 0 gallon usage - esp since I am paying on average less than $150 a month for my water, electric and trash
  4. finally caught them Duke boys by using their own moves against them
  5. I might have a fucking winner today... its not nextdoor, but it is on the neighborhood page. I am trying to figure out the thought of what the fuck went through her brain to take the time to do a basic drive by posting.... of soemthing she ( and yes its a woman) thought was suspicious.... but not suspicious enough to call the cops.... because duh, she's got a chiro appt shes late for... At least the rest of the replies are a mix of, why the fuck didnt you call the cops? or how the fuck could you take the time to write out this post without bot
  6. fuck me, of the saved by the bell crew, Screech would have been probably lowest on my list of the group to kick it first.
  7. I guess the only good part is how absolutley useless and clueless she is, and then you have other sychphants like Kam bragging about how you cant sleep on big T.... bitch she literally did NOTHING this episode. CT did all the fucking work holding her useless ass up. and shes all crowing like shes made a huge play to get Tori out.
  8. not sure why we confinue to send cops as the primary response during a mental health incident. its OK they come along for protections, but we need mental health specialists to be the first contact.
  9. completely different thought... FTR, I am actually really surprised the SJW's havent started piping up based on that US Mag article. According to that article Natalie was kicked off specifically because she was about 7-8 weeks preggo, nothing else, no other health issues... and hell she had already won an elimination competition. And my understanding is the entire filming time only lasts about 5-6 weeks. She would have been, at worst, 13 weeks preggo at the end. i know the show is physical in nature, but Melissa managed to finish 99% of the competition and Melissa was almost a
  10. reminds me of Mack Brown football games before ou every year... his playcalling was bland so we didnt give anything away to ou..... as we got our asses handed to us.
  11. Josh is such a baby. I WANNA DO A PHYSICAL CHALLEENGE!!!! dude, you really think highly of yourself... Nelson would have given you a hell of a run for your money you pussy. and what in the holy fuck is with Gabby's outfit... she looks like shes wearing lingerie
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