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  1. good grief. I cant wait for all the scumbag ambulance chasing lawyer adds on TV telling all the easily swayed stay at home people that they can join a class action lawsuit against the makers of Tylenol, Excedrin, Tusin and Sudafed of course, the FDA has explicitly warned states to not include acetaminophen as being a carcinogen because the study correlations are very weak and could be impacted by many other factors.
  2. pretty sure you are mistaken sir, that is not GSD, that is 100% pure white floof.
  3. played 1/2 today. bought in for $200. managed to get felted in the 2nd rotation (not having played a hand yet) with AcKx UTG. The SB pre announced before the hand that he only had $35 left and was going all in. I raise to $15, the big stack who has been an aggressive LP raiser makes it $50 which is a bit big, but not crazy, although I guess it was a semi-isolation bet towards the SB? folds around- yes, including SB who gives a "next hand" speech. I call. Flop is Kc, xC xC. I bet $50, aggressive shoves, I snap call. He shows AA. and I miss the 11 outs twice. rebuy for $200. Very next hand I am the BB. a few limps including Asian Max who hasnt met a suited hand he doesnt love. this time the button makes good on his all in blind shove (I watched to make sure he didnt look) for $34. SB folds, I have K4ss. after getting felted I want to gamble and I know K high is ahead of many blind shoves. So I call, folds to Asian max who calls as well. Flop is As-2s-Jh. I check and Max bets out $30. I really dont put him on an Ace here, and I honestly think Ive got the best hand (incl the Button). So I check raise to $65. Max calls. Turn is the Kh, Now I am pretty fucking sure Im ahead and I shove for $101. Max tanks and calls. river is the 9h.... and Max rolls over 2-5hh. Button rolls over 2-7off. All I could say was wow. So less than $30 min in, Im down $400. rebuy for $220, lose another $70 on a semi bluff and addon another $100. Its my last $100. Very, very slowly chip up. about an hour later I am sitting with about $400 when I finally get a small run going where I turn the nut straight on a full rainbow board as the button. win around $90 on that hand. then manage to make more than $150 on a K high board with KT, he had a worse king and I held. Move tables taking around $500 with me. I have to buy the button, get QJ, UTG makes it $12. 5 others call before I act. so fuck it. $10 to call. I call Flop is Qc-7c-Qx. I decide to check assuming someone is gonna take a swipe at the board, UTG shoves for $41. there are FOUR callers. before I act. Someone has to have a flush draw here right? other than UTG I just cant see another Q just smooth calling those bets (unless someone has Q7 or 77 exactly), So I decide to charge the draws and make it $110 to go....... everyone (except UTG obv) tank folds. LOL, what? no fucking clue what anyone else had. Now if I had known the mother fucking Jc was gonna be the damn turn card, I would have just called. river is a low blank and Ive got the true nuts and take down a pretty big pot. No idea what UTG had, he mucked saying if I had a Q I was good. win a few more medium hands and pack it up. finally leave at $900. so after being down $520, I end up with a +$180 3 hour session.
  4. just thought I had to post this. to no ones surprise, the Austin American Spaceman thinks the show is a perfect Austin fantasy show that we should watch. I dont really want to link the article because I really dont want it getting more clicks, but if you really want to read the review maybe just read the title .... https://www.austin360.com/entertainmentlife/20200120/review-lsquo9-1-1-lone-starrsquosrsquo-austin-is-total-make-believe-and-we-love-it
  5. not sure how the fuck these 2 morons didnt think there would be backlash to this lawsuit. Im even more surprised that their lawyer didnt tell them its a fucking terrible idea (is there a chance they didnt tell the lawyer the whole story?) to sue a terminally ill kid for playing in his own backyard. its a bold strategy Cotton. Pretty sure they are gonna get their full shit put on blast
  6. Ive read a few articles in the last 2 years or so about this phenomenon. another "sadder" issue is the situation where its "Not the parent expected" There are several websites and facebook groups out there for this issue. They have their own abbreviation with NPE a huge percentage of the time its a complete shock to the kids that dad isnt dad, sometimes its a shock for dad (if still alive), and there are a shitload of times where mom flat out refuses to come clean and mention the time she obviously had relations with another male (either wanted or forced). There are other times where both mom and dad are dead so the kid is hitting up grandparents who flat out deny that their son/daughter had any side kids. despite the DNA coming up as full first cousin match to known first cousins in the family.
  7. played in a small 22 person tourney yesterday. gotta say the run good was psychotic. managed to more than double up in the first dealing round getting AK 3 times. hitting either an A or K on the flop and getting multiple callers before and after flop. and it didnt stop from there. Later on as the table chip lead in SB I ended up getting it all in vs the button with AK again vs JJ. and won the race. Shortly after that, got QQ, and felted another solid player who shoved the J high flop (she had KJ and didnt improve). Then we got to the final table of 10 people. I felted 7 of the 9 other players. went all in with 99,77, and hit a set both times with them (although I didnt actually need the trips). called a short stack all in with KT --- up against KQ, and T binked. Called another all short stack all in with QTcc, vs AJ and hit a Q. Get AA UTG and call an all in by QQ... AA holds. at this point I had something like 70% of the chips in play. Got A8o 3 handed and called another all in and held. and finally got KK heads up against TT and held again. Not even gonna try and act like there was much skill in those hands. But its nice having a run like that. small win turned $30 into $225.
  8. I cant find it anymore because there are like 200+ articles on google now, but I thought I remembered reading an article that based on the damage they think at least one of the SAMs exploded just under the cockpit. entirely possible pilots were already dead, and/or all controls/electronics destroyed. So either the pilots survived and had a completely dead stick, or they were both incapacitated and the rest of the folks in the plane knew they had a minute before they were going to die
  9. yeah but lets be honest here folks, this isnt your average "all HOAs suck" issue. Those 55+ communities have some really iron-clad verbage in their HOA agreement, The olds pay extra for the idea of not having to deal with kids on their lawn. Its a terrible position for the kid to be in, and the HOA has to enforce their own rules or they get sued by the residents. The only way i think they could have gotten around this was to have a vote for all the HOA members to ask for a single 1 time exception that expires the moment the kid either graduates HS, or turns 18, whichever is later. But then again, their HOA bylaws might not allow for an exception vote. Also, the article points out that the HOA will have given them almost 2 years to work out an alternate option, so its not like the kid is being kicked out right now. they have until this school year ends to come up with an alternate place to stay I know this wont be a popular post, and I expect to get negged because it sounds like I have no heart, but reading the article, it sounds like the HOA gave as much leeway as they could without being taken down by other members of the HOA.
  10. I remember seeing an article that implied pretty heavily that the American Intelligence guys got more and more pissed off at Israel increasing the spreading mechanism. The damn thing was working just fine, causing issues with Iran, but Israel wanted the problem solved sooner rather than later.
  11. so I have plans to meet friends at pluckers at 6p to get a seat and watch the Championship game. I decide to do a quick session before the game and manage to get to APP by 4:50. I buy in for $200 and I have purposely left myself with only $200 more behind since I have to leave at 6, do 2 full rounds of folding without doing anything. finally get into a bomb pot where I flop trips on 1 board and 3rd pair on the other board. I manage to lose $60 when another player rivers both top pair on my shitty 3rd pair board and rivers broadway on the trips board. do another 2 rounds after without shit. down to $108. Get AJdd in LP. I mis-see an early raise, assumed it was the hyper spewy clown in seat 2, but it turned out it was the solid reg in seat 1 who had raised to $17. So clown calls the $17, MP calls the $17, and Ive only got $108. so I shove thinking Im shoving into 2 players, not 3. Solid reg snap calls my $108. Spewy clown over-shoves for $185 total. MP folds and solid reg snap calls again. I am up against QQ for solid reg and 82cc for the spewy clown (yes he over shoves another $167 after an all in and a call with 82cc). 5 cards that come out are 8d-4x-2d- Tx and river is Kd. Nuts takes down a $340 main pot. Spewy player takes the sidepot. how to be behind and get there..... legit first time Ive won a large multiway all in pot in about 3 months. Turns out I just need to be behind to win those. spewy player gets felted the very next hand calling another all in with QJss against JJ. 1 rotation later I manage to get it in bad again. Im UTG with AdQc and raise to $12, there are 3 callers before the BB shoves for only $71 total (hes done this several times in the last 2 rotations). I call, everyone else folds. BB has a real hand. QdQs. we agree to run it twice. first board throws out 4 diamonds, 2nd board is a complete miss for me.... chop. manage to win a $160 pot where I had only $70 invested when I got KK on the button and made it $20 pre, $25 flop and $25 turn. get AdJx in LP after 3 limpers, raised to $15, only MP limper calls- hes only got $74 left. flop comes Jd 3d 2x MP checks.... I shove. he snap calls with KTdd. 9d on the turn. no diamond on the river. so get it in good, but thats obviously not how to win, you can only win when behind. the very next hand I announce its my last hand because its 6:10 and I am late to meet my friends. I get 99 in MP. UTG and +2 both limp. I make it $15. Button calls, SB calls, BB (another extra spewy player) makes it $50. Hes got roughly $170 total. folds to me. for the 3rd time of the night I get it in bad (or at least I think I did) and shove. folds to BB who snap calls. I ask if he wants to run it twice, he says nope. 5 cards are Q-Q-T-K-9..... Rivered boat. He disgustingly throws his 2 cards to the muck he let the Js flip showing straight. other card never seen. Hes felted and tells everyone he had JJ.... entirely possible. So yet again I suck out when behind. I then get grief from 2 of the players when I get up and leave. Oh well. end up booking a $325 win..... got it all in bad multiple times.... so really bad session by me. results be damned
  12. forget the .22 just do like these guys and go after them with a .177 pellet gun.
  13. really dont understand why the fuck there arent HD cameras on the first down markers. would help alleviate a lot of the fucking spot issues.
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