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  1. I am going to start playing again here once my 2 weeks after vaccination is over. but your story reminded me of a real hand I played about 2 years ago here in Austin. Its literally my first hand dealt as I just sat down with $300 on a 1/2 Im like late middle position. UTG makes it $10, MP calls, I have 56s and call, and someone else behind me calls. 4 to flop all of us have at least $300. its a rainbow 789 flop. UTG just announces all-in for like $400. the pot was ~$40 at that point. MP hesitates a second and calls for something like $350... and sitting with the
  2. I did end up getting 2 OK versions but i couldnt get Chloe to fucking sit down anywhere near Sadie to get them both in the same frame in full frontal profile. and the artistic one...
  3. screw you dad....I'm NOT gonna fucking sit still in the fucking bluebonnets !!! more side eye from the little one:
  4. willing to bet that the "blood" being tossed is from a raw animal product, like beef heart or something similar. in the only eating challenge we had so far in this show only CT, Kaycee and Leroy were the ones who could handle the food. (although to be fair, Kam made no attempt at all because she was busy solving Leory's math puzzle)
  5. you got the single point available for his passing - a point that was only avail if he died before his 100th birthday which was less than 6 months into this year.
  6. i know the producers were limited in what they could do this year, no interaction with outsiders, only a few eliminations available, but they really did a bad job of gotcha eliminations. yeah there were a few double eliminations- but those were forced because the women were dropping like flies at one point. this season kind of reminded me of the OG challenges like season 15 or so when Mark and that crew would create an alliance of strong players, just sit back watch the weaklings and newbies get blindsided time after time and just coast to the final with zero threats. whe
  7. you used to brag about he was one of your boys you two have a lovers tiff?
  8. i like how TJ told them to keep it clean. bitch there is a minimum of $500k on the line here, on what fucking planet do you think these 2 are ever gonna fight fair? at some point someone is gonna get seriously hurt in hall brawl
  9. although this would be an epic backstab if Kam actually does the deal. she doesnt have to. and I really doubt she will do it. if she doesnt do it it just means Kyle goes in and hes got a real chance against fessy as long as its not a pure strength elimination.
  10. just tired of how useless Amber B is and all the bullshit crying. and EL Oh EL at the complete pussy fessy is.
  11. I am convinced that Coke planned on releasing that ad campaign last Sept/ October and for some reason it never got released.... and they decided that since they were a sponsor of the Tournament, and couldnt film cool new ads in the last year due to covid, to go ahead and just use that ad campaign during the Tournament. it makes no sense otherwise.
  12. its not just chips that are the issue boys and girls. There are MULTIPLE issues worldwide as the global logistics trade is slowly failing as a long-term consequence of covid and numerous multiple non-related natural disasters. in the last 4 months, the US-China shipping route has had more containers fall overboard than are normally lost in 2 years The drought in Taiwan has caused a massive slowdown in microchips being made a fire in march in Japan took out another Chip factory a different factory went up in flames in Nov - taking out a primary audio chip
  13. as others have said, Crosby will always be your boy. But a new canine critter will be different in their own way. the thought of your sons tribute to Crosby still gets the waterworks going for me. If he thinks hes ready for a new best friend, it might honestly be time.
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