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  1. I am genuinely impressed with Tori tonight, maybe the drive to stay in the game with Jordan kicked in ( not that she was ever a pushover), but damn, the Brits really are incompetent. Dee really is the weakest link on their team, and all the guys know it, but they cant do anything about it because the girls would fucking riot. If this really becomes a true team final challenge like they did in the old days, the Brits are well and truly fucked if Dee makes it to the final. If she ends up in the final I think it will be reminiscent of the time Big E made the final and almost died in it because he couldnt handle the physicality and passed out and got taken to the hospital.
  2. I tank for a very, and I mean very long time. I have absolutely put him on 2 pair +. my thoughts were, QTss, is completely off because of the size of the bet. its just large enough to be scary, but I would have expected QTss to shove to get max pressure and full equity in. I thought about J9 a lot, and its possible, 55 was my biggest concern, followed by AJ (obvi). The only hand in my mind I thought he could have that I beat that he would do this move with was A5ss. I actually asked him if he had A5ss and he responded with what looked like a genuine surprised, but confident, shake of the head. I read it as him having better than that. I ended up talking myself out of calling and folded face up. he coughs and its such a strong reaction that I thought he must have bluffed me out of my shoes. and I sigh and say go ahead and show me the bluff.
  3. yeah, typed to fast, there are only 3 of us in the hand, order of action: SB, me, button.
  4. the tl;dr part of this story is after 3 hours of playing I left, up $30.... but since time was $10/ hr... a true break dead even session. ran up a $200 stack to just shy of $400. managed to get felted with 8h8d on a double bomb pot where top board was 8-7-3 rainbow and bottom board was Th-9h-7h. I bet out $40 I get 3 callers. top board tosses up a Tx, bottom board throws up a 6d. Ive got $350 behind, everyone left to act has me covered, and they have been calling everything. I shove, folds to the last guy who snap calls and flips over Jh9d. No prob, I still have 10 outs on that board to win, and I am only dead to the case 8 or any heart except 6h on the bottom. Poker gods say hold my beer, throw a blank on the top board and K heart on the bottom to allow the scoop. The bomb pot boards later on were kinder as I won half of 3 diff all-in bomb pots with 3 or more players all in. those helped me get close to even. I have a hand that I am interested in hearing what everyone thinks. had a very interesting hand where I am the CO, the table has been playing tight as fuck because all the looneys left to go play the Big O live stream.. some context, the guy to my left (in the hand below he is sitting with about $250 behind) has been playing very solid, hes talking about leaving for dinner, and has managed to get felted with KK vs AKs AIPF, with the old river A. I check raised him in one hand where I had Kx on a K high flop where he did a C-bet on the flop and he quickly folded, showing AQ on that one. so the dude is not fucking around too much. He then raised with AK himself in another hand that was then 3 bet, called, he called. flop came AKQ, he bets out $75, the 2nd player to act who was tighter than a drum and was the original 3 better, raises to all in- and gets called pretty quickly by last to act. This same dude on my left folds AK face up and hes right, because it was QQ vs KK for the other 2. obv JT is a possibility there along with original raiser having AK or AQ, but thats still a really tough fold- and correct. So anyway, this hand, 2 limpers to me in the CO, I look down at Ad9o ($350 behind) and raise to $11. Button calls, SB calls, limpers fold. flop is A-Js-5 rainbow. SB checks, I lead out for $20, BB smooth calls, as does the SB... I am a smidge worried about the SB just smooth calling here, but here comes the turn. Turn is a 9s. SB checks, I bet out $40. BB immediately pops it to $150. SB gets out of the way immediately. what do you guys do here? Ax-Js-5x-9s board. I promise that BB is not making it $110 more (and effectively all in because he only had $80 or so behind) here without something pretty big, and I havent shown a single bluff where I am leading out into multi way pots (mostly because Ive either had it or not bet when I missed). Plus SB was still in the hand here when he made the raise. so i will leave up to the board. what do you do here?, You turn aces up and you are getting bet back at by a pretty solid regular who isnt normally throwing his dick on the table with air.
  5. the people who argue against this are the same idiots who argue against going for 2 after the first TD when you were originally down by 15. you HAVE to make one of the 2 point conversions just to tie and go to OT, where you still lose about half the time, and what a 4% chance to tie? If you kick the XP on the first one and then use up all your time scoring the 2nd TD and you miss the 2 pointer on the 2nd score. you lose for sure. If you miss the first 2 pointer you now know you need to score 2 more times to win, so play aggressive at that point, and if you score twice you win. I would rather know that I have to score twice with 5 mins left rather than think I only have to score once with 10 seconds left.
  6. played a 4 hour session yest was a card rack that manged to still lose money. early on called a UTG $15 raise with AsTx, as the BB when there were 4 callers. flop was low spade, low spade, 8x. it checks around. turn is Ks, I check, UTG makes it $20, 3 callers including me. Qs on river, I check, last to act goes all in ($56)with Js, I call, everyone folds. called another $10 raise by BB with 3 callers with T8. flop comes 6-4-3, I check, BB bets $10, 2 callers and I call just to float 1 card. comes a full rainbow 7. BB bets out $20 and everyone calls. Ive got a double gutter, so fuck it. river is the 9. I lead for $40..... no one fucking calls. That bet size shouldnt have scared everyone off unless the whole world had nothing. I have 89 on the button, call a UTG $10 raise with 3 others, comes 5-6d-7d. checks to me, I bet $15... everyone folds. The same guy I felted with the nut flush only has $15 left and shoves, gets 3 callers, including me as UTG with 2-2. 2 on the flop, It checks around. 9 on the turn, I bet $15, only 1 caller. river is another 9. I bet $20..... and A9 just smooth calls. As BB I call a $15 MP bet with AJ, flop is 5-7-5. I lead out for $15. original raiser calls, all else fold. Turn is J. I check call $20. river is an A. I leadout for $30, and A7 folds faceup. and the craziest one, I get AA early position. Make it $15, get only 1 caller. flop is As-7s-X. I bet $15, he calls. turn is a 7. I check, hoping he has a 7.... he checks behind. river is the case A. fuck. I bet out $25 he thinks a while, and folds. sigh. all those decent wins and i lose $150 on a bomb pot where the top board is TTT, and bottom board is J-J-9. I am early position with QQ, first to acts bets $25, I call to see whats going on. For some reason, MP shoves, it folds around to me. so I know this guy doesnt have both boards. I call and he shows KT.... we all know what the bottom turn card was right.... yeah the 3 outer K. and the river throws my 2 outer up on the top fking board. Pay him off. the big killer was me having QQ again. Im UTG, I limp because 4 guys to my left normally raise... nope. 5 callers to a KQT rainbow flop. SB bets $10, I call, so do 3 others. I only called here because I sure as hell am not blowing almost any J off the hand, and obviously no one is putting me on a set of queens. turn is relative low brick but putting a backdoor flush draw out. SB bets $21. I raise to $60. folds to SB who takes a really long time, and makes it $165. He is easily capable of doing this with a combo J flush draw, Top 2, and especially if he turned a set. And the chances of AJ are nil, absolutely nil, this player raises any ace pre-flop every fucking time he's dealt one. I take a bit and decide I am going to make him pay for the draw and shove... he snaps and rolls over J9 of course. no 10 outer for me. -$325 on that hand. I do make back a lot of it. finish the session down $80.
  7. agree the raise size was way too tiny there, I think almost anything has to call there.
  8. I have to admit.... I was so focused on the stoner that I assumed was gonna cannonball the van that I only saw the cart crash on the 2nd view
  9. newsflash labbos want fun.... 2nd newsflash, blacklab is best lab
  10. the only fucking reason Bama was ranked that high was because of the last few years run. They havent beaten anyone worth a damn. BTW same rule applies for Clemson Bama have played only 3 teams with a winning record this year, and they lost to the only ranked one they played. 6-3 Aggy is their best fucking win (btw, thats the same best win for Clemson as well). in the AP top 10 with 1 loss, Georgia has wins against 2 top 10 teams, Oregon beat 2 top 20 teams, Penn State beat 2 top 20 teams and lost to another top 20. Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Utah all have beaten a top 25 team. all of them have played a much tougher fucking schedule than Bama this year, yet Bama is ranked 4 in the AP? are you fucking kidding me
  11. well as they say on College Football Gameday..... every game matters............................ unless Bama loses, then not only does it not matter, it all but guarantees that they get invited to the playoff final. fucking Herbie was saying they should be ranked as the #5 team in the country. #5??? are you fucking kidding me Herbs? Bama didnt fucking play anyone this year, and they have been destroying cupcakes and the SEC also-rans, They dont deserve to be #5 or even #6. if anyone else had the "resume" Bama does this year, they would be ranked #9 and called Oklahoma.
  12. a lot of post-madonnas as well.
  13. to be fair BOTH of those holding calls were legit, and both of them were worth being called because both times an App state player had a free run at the QB. the big 12 refs would NEVER have made those calls.
  14. personally I look forward to Org telling the media that Bama didnt heat the locker room.
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