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  1. and immediately went to hype level 11 when the first AP poll came out in August with USC #1 AND Texas #2...
  2. I admit I was crying in the stadium in about 5 mins. My uncle died in May 2005, and he was one of the biggest Longhorn fans I ever met in my life. I was crying for him because he missed seeing this. hell I am tearing up just typing this now.....
  3. HOLY SHIT !!!! HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!
  4. also being in the stadium watching the video replay when they put that first down marker down and it kinda showed the first down for USC .... the entire USC side started going nuts.... only to be shut down when it showed he missed the first....
  5. being in the stadium I never noticed how USC gained more than a half yard here on the spot because the official let some clown on the other side of the field mark the ball way waaaay forward
  6. did that ball come out? no it didnt..... but it did Keith....
  7. i swore at the time that Jarrett caught that ball OOBounds.... but it turns out he didnt.... damn good catch there
  8. D- we need ONE FUCKING STOP this half.... just one.... give us ONE stop please guys
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