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  1. we kept that asshole as our police chief for ELEVEN fucking years. at least he didnt rape anyone when he was here.
  2. those spots dont really exist anymore. the city really got sneaky around 2015. I know you are talking North Campus, but there used to be metered spots on 16th 17th & 18th St between Congress and San Jac. From 2009-2013/14 I parked there all the time, get in around 7a and leave whenever, plus the city didnt collect on Saturdays so it was free parking. starting around 2015 the city started removing the metered parking (partially construction related reasons, and probably partially greed that was right about the time you started having to bid for the state parking lot parking spots for tailgating). you can even go on google maps and pull up the pics from earlier years and see all the metered parking, then right around 2015 they all started disappearing. Now its pretty much all parking garages and not much street parking at all in that section. plus the metered parking there is, is 4 hour max. almost all our games are 4 hours. and for sure 4 hours from walking from there to the stadium and getting out of the stadium and back again to reload.
  3. when did the filmmakers interview Mannix? because in this first episode its sounding like he was talking like the day after the conviction because hes acting like his shit dont stink. obviously he was declared innocent in Nov, and Mannix quit a few months ago. But he still has the cocky "fuck you Im the police chief and cops cant do any wrong" attitude in the interviews so far.
  4. I am actually pretty stunned Colorado didnt go with Texas vs California. Maybe things have changed in the last 10 years, but I felt a lot of animosity letting a Coloradan I was from Texas, and I know my grandparents had issues (they bought a place to spend summers in Colorado, winters in Hurst)
  5. P.S. the original screenplay of that sceen was actually supposed to be Randy Quaid's character actually being rejected as a F18 pilot and flying his biplane into the ship the same way....
  6. yeah, like in the words of my generation.... up yours!!!!!!!!!!
  7. same on the facebook groups. Karen keeps reminding everyone that its illegal to set off fireworks in austin...... uh thanks Karen, obviously no one gives a shit
  8. how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  9. does beer count as food? not that it really matters at MGM, it takes the GD drink girl well over an hour to deliver orders on average. ive resorted to ordering 2 beers with 2 diff drink girls and only gotten 1 beer delivered 3 entire table rotations later.
  10. I thought we agreed snek vids went in the snek thread?
  11. that logic is fair if its a hyper long standing credit line. for example, Ive got 2 credit cards that I originally got in college, had them both for 25+ years now. 1 hasnt been used extensively in almost 15 years, the other I stopped using about 10 years ago. closing those credit lines would impact my score quite a bit because they are my 2 oldest continual lines of credit. I purposly put ~$50 charge 1 time a year on the cards and pay them off immediatley to ensure my banks dont close them out as inactive. But if you have multiple credit lines like that and you have only had the CSR card for 3-4 years, closing the credit line doesnt hurt that much unless its like your only open credit line.
  12. please tell me you pay your bills for chase through an internet login? if so, just login to your account and flag it as stolen.
  13. this may surprise some of you folks... but there are levels of secrets in the military. Military likes to keep those secrects if possible. One huge way a soldier/sailor/airman could be compromised and blackmailed would be if someone nefarious found out the person was sleeping around and blackmailed them. Tell you what, elisted M1A1 tank mechanic, tell us the top speed of the Abrams on flat ground or we turn in the blackmail information to your CO, which means you lose money, rank, and (very likely) your job. is just one example where a young enlisted mechanic could know classified info ( but not hyper top secret), and have to divulge it. plus the fact that the blackmail could be used against the soldier for literally decades if they stay in the army and keep getting promoted and maybe get into the real secrets. military knows this, and thats why adultery has been a huge issue as a potential long term loss of military secrets.
  14. you are such an olds. previous credits coming back will automatically be credited to your new account# also, your chase card phone has a lost/stolen option. say its stolen... you will get a reply quickly. or use the fucking internet and logon to your chase account and lock the card
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