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  1. yep... coaches getting fired soon
  2. Jesus Christ. what are the chances the Falcon's DC is fired this week?
  3. The article I posted had the legal decision details in it. Unless I completely misread it, it said that all the civil lawsuits filed by the opponents against Postle specifically were eventually thrown out by a judge for a specific legal reason, but basically the gist of the Judge's decision as I understood it was just because there was smoke, didnt mean there was fire, and if you cant prove collusion with a Stones employee, you cant have a lawsuit.
  4. I know we have a lot of former Greeks on this site. But considering the numerous number of issues, I am starting to think the SAE's need to be disbanded country-wide. The Oklahoma chapter were the morons caught on tape chanting hyper racist shit , disbanded and kicked off campus.
  5. Louisiana gonna Louisiana as of 2019, one of my accounts was still running an accounting software that literally ran their entire payroll department- ON A DESKTOP. The software program was a custom-written program for a niche group, probably only sold to 500 or sold to companies worldwide with a heafty cost for yearly maintenance. My cust bought the full version in Jan 2002. the software was written for XP code with a 3 year coverage. There was a small update done every year and in 2005 just before the maintenance ran out (and just before the customer was scheduled to get their SP2 update) the finance software company went under overnight. lots of missing money, stolen, etc. turns out their code data was at a COLO that they hadnt their bill paid in months so their data servers were confiscated by COLO as collaterall, never returned. End result, my account was stuck using that XP SP1 version until 2019. At some point my customer lost the actual software CDs and they couldnt get the system to copy over the entire program to a virtual server. they just couldnt find a way to transfer the old data to a newer program, so they kept kicking the can down the road and buying all the spare parts they could for this fucking Dell Dimension 4000 that the company would fail if it didnt run correctly. It took about 2 years of cajoling, providing worse-case scenarios before they finally bought a new program, hired something like 100 coders to literally sit there and type in all data from the old software files to the new program. took the coders about 6 months to transfer it at about a 98% success rate. My account kept the Dimension 4000 as a backup just in case... about 1 month after they completed the transfer the dimension ate itself most likely due to a power supply failure and melted to slag.
  6. another youtube recomendation.... although this could technically go into the Bevoette and Jade thread, most of you will understand why I posted it here once you get to the actual dogwash part where the owners sister steps in... The channel is Life with Malamutes.... I watch occasionally, this big fluffy dude has a condition that requires a bath every week, and he pouts over and over again when told its bath time. And at 130#... he kinda dictates what he wants to do.
  7. so the video I posted was 4 years old, it came up on my youtube recommended.... I guess it came up on a shitload of peoples recommended as well because it caused the video holder to remove the video from youtube. Not really sure why- it was funny. it showed a guy proudly showing the brand new 6ft fence he built to keep his German Shepard in the yard, he's scanning the fence and you see that at the back of the yard there is a slight incline of about 1.5 feet (fence followed the rise) ... just as he shows the back of the fenceline, the GSH runs right to the hill and uses it to jump over the fence in one graceful jump.... Cameraman literally just says DAMMIT and video ends.
  8. not me Strongly recommend sound on and on high setting (promise no yelling or scaring). very proud I made this fence...
  9. Wired magazine did a follow-up article to the Postle scandal a year later. https://www.wired.com/story/stones-poker-cheating-scandal/ Most of the article we know about, but its looking more and more likely that in the end Postle will not get any legal punishment. courts ruled that there was no actual evidence of cheating... just massive red flags and his continued refusal to explain his actions in a manner that make any poker sense. Stones agreed to settle with lots of the "victims" but to settle they had to sign a paper that said they agree there was no electronic cheating. Veronica Brill refused to sign on the settlement (specifically saying thats why), and now shes one of just a few victims that would have to move forward with a lawsuit that most of her co-victims signed off on. So shes out of her job at Stones, and to continue the lawsuit shes basically going to have to pay for the lawyer upfront, and the article implied that the is a better than average chance Veronica is going to end up getting sued by Postle for Libel, which will take a long time to conclude and she will have to spend a shitload of money to defend herself. No good deed goes unpunished.....
  10. so uh yeah, this happened. Former Hurricane Paulette, thought to be spun out and done a week ago..... she revived herself 6 days later as a TS again, never lost her name, so its TS Paulette https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/22/weather/paulette-zombie-tropical-storm-trnd/index.htmlPaulette again.
  11. damn.... raiders might actually be something this year.
  12. so uh, for Briskets sake.... is there flooding this morn?
  13. ahh yes, Magic wok. back when you wrote them a check they made you put your SSN on the fucking check itself in case it bounced. come to think of it, all of my clases professors posted our final grades on their door by SSN #. HTF did we think that was smart? my go to deals were the $1.79 6 pack of Keystone tall boys at the 7-11 on 26th & Guad, & the .99c Whopper on 27th. lived at 26th & Nueces. walked to BK, got the whopper, walked to the 7-11, got the sixer, and got home in less than 5 mins and $3.01
  14. Easy Tiger announced they closed their 6th street location today. supposedly to concentrate on their South location. The Linc location is still open
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