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  1. I guess I wasnt that clear, I know radio guys dont make shit. maybe $35-45k if they are lucky and do about 200 promos a year. what I meant was, stockbroker is a job that almost anyone who has any semblance of intelligence out of college can get without much effort. Now, obviously the bad ones end up quitting after 2-3 months, but my point was for a guy with almost 20 years of local experince, who has worked with and interviewed literally hundreds of athletes, managers, and CEO's/ leaders in the city that I would have thought he would have had a much better choice for a new career. but, then again, maybe hes being hired to be a VP of marketing, or the new VP of Public Relations... at that point the job move makes much more sense.
  2. unless he is going to somehow become a VP at Morgan Stanley, thats a heck of a step down to take. you would think that after 20 years being in TV and local sports radio he would have had a larger network to call upon to get a differnt job other than stockbroker.
  3. i appreciate the extra space between ass and holes they put in there... gives it more class that way
  4. so fucking stupid... you dont guard the 2 most dangerous receivers with 13 seconds left. plus how the fuck do you not do the squib kick at about the 20. even 3 seconds used up would have made that impossible.
  5. how the fuck do you let them go 50 yards in 10 seconds
  6. bonus points for a yard sale, bounced right out of his pants. of course he also landed direcly on his head on a curb after flying in the air for somewhere around 1.5 seconds
  7. still one of the greatest threads in the history of the internet. I miss Mackovic Jr. and his crazy stories.
  8. that dude looked like he wasnt going to land for 100-150 feet
  9. I've posted this lady on the holy shit pages in the past. lady has a freaking ridic appetite, and a... uh.... large mouth.... I cant handle more than 10 plates of conveyor belt sushi at a single sitting. this girl plows through 100 fucking plates along with a whole huge bowl of Udon soup at 1 fucking sitting.
  10. what in the holy fuck is she planning to do with a 4 foot tall bronze flamingo Mitch?
  11. the main undersea cable that handles their entire phone and internet capability is severed in at least 2 places. only communication available is via radio or satellite phones. estimates are it will be at least 2 weeks before they have the internet up. and supposedly the amount of ash is so deep on the runways that they dont think many planes can land with suppplies. They are going to be pretty alone for quite a while.
  12. From the original news article in the OP.... This right here is the biggest pile of horseshit in the entire story... any civilian accused of this, even one that claimed it was a "misunderstanding" and didnt realize it was a cop he was choking, would have been facing felony aggravated assault of a police officer. And they sure as fuck wouldn't be sitting at home after that arrest. They would be sitting in fucking jail, with either a massive unpayable bail amount or no bail at all. yet this asshat of a Chief claims they are still investigating the clear as day video. Like what in the holy fuck needs investigating to not even charge his ass by now? are you gonna claim that the female officer was trying to fuck him before or after the camera turned off?
  13. genuinely curious what your "thats too much" point is in that sitation. with the exception of him making it a ridic size that screams AA- KK ,what raise size could he have possibly made it that you would have actually folded pre? If you are calling $60 more there, you are calling $80. You had position, so whats the give up level? $105, $110?
  14. now they just calling plays to give errebody a TD
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