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  1. RamjetFDO


    The Leaning Tower of Boca Chica ... but they STUCK that landing (even if the landing legs didn't fully work).
  2. RamjetFDO


    Raptor thrust out of limits - auto-shutdown.
  3. Good lord - even with a one man advantage, Villa look like absolute CRAP and drop what should have been an easy three points, 1-nil to Sheffield United.
  4. Welp. That kinda sucks. 1-nil to the Blades in the 30th. Villa not taking this match seriously. Dean Smith will be PISSED at halftime.
  5. Well, if there was ever a third-match-without-Grealish, playing against Sheffield United would be the one to have on the schedule. Let's go boys - get these three points.
  6. After an early goal, Villa hold on for 3 points without Grealish on the pitch again.
  7. And that's the (appropriate) final score.
  8. Yeah, where was the Leicester central defense? Whatever. I'll take it. Now 2-1 in the 48th.
  9. Martinez with a beast of a save, then Villa's defense decides to just go to absolute crap. Everybody pointing at everybody else. 2-nil Leicester in the 23rd.
  10. Well-played by the Foxes. 1-nil in the 19th.
  11. As long as it's included with Prime and not an extra cost, I wouldn't mind that... just keep the original English feed/commentators.
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