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  1. First time here, huh? ... And it's "aggy".
  2. Obvious observation: whenever most teams make a good play, they celebrate with each other. When aggy makes a good play, they run away from their teammates to preen for the camera solo.
  3. I thought his back snapped there. Yuck.
  4. ... Because he doesn't care who wins?
  5. I mentioned it in the Tech game thread, but really... Who says "Whopper Sandwich" when referring to Burger King's signature product?
  6. The naptime video prank was pretty good.
  7. I know this belongs in the dumb "ass-commercials" thread, but does anyone actually say "Whopper Sandwich"?
  8. Love the guy (/nohomo), but Dicker's photo looks like it's from seventh grade.
  9. Just showed banner saying those of us in Austin will go to the game at 240pm.
  10. Which Surly is going to claim that sock name first?
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