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  1. RamjetFDO

    Austin FC

    Sure would've been nice... new team, down a man... isn't surprising, sadly.
  2. RamjetFDO

    Austin FC

    [emoji444] Alriiiiiiiiiight! Alright! Alright! Alright! [emoji444]
  3. RamjetFDO

    Austin FC

    Goooooooooooal! Verde!
  4. Huge move by Max!
  5. Not exactly. Apoapsis and periapsis are the generic terms. *-gee means around Earth (perigee and apogee). *-lune would be around the moon (perilune and apolune). So, around Earth, both apogee and apoapsis are correct, but apogee is more specific for the body being orbited.
  6. Fastest lap Q2, I believe.
  7. Danny Ric having a much better race than quali so far.
  8. That was technically beautiful.
  9. El Ghazi! 2-1 Villa in the 80th.
  10. Welp. Good ol' useless Ross Barkley. Even at 1 in the 19th.
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