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  1. It was frustrating for awhile, as Villa dominated possession, but were behind at the half. The equalizer was deserved, but the (literally) last second winner was thrilling and all about desire. Pepe had a good game in goal, and we'll be in good hands for awhile.
  2. ... and he's back on again in the 77th minute today! Sweet! INDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. So, you're not going to take a billion Slofies? You must not be a woman.
  4. The ED-209 Riot Control droid looks promising.
  5. It was the spare. It's off now, too.
  6. The Koala-Kai commercial for Quickbooks is awesome. /notthepurposeofthisthreadiknow
  7. Clown show on the back line. It's almost USMNT-level bad.
  8. The Villa fans singing "Fuck VAR!" is awesome, although the goal looked onside to me. Keeper has to protect that near post, though. Hey Pepe... You ready, mate?
  9. Can Pepe get his physical completed at halftime? Jeebus. Never give up the near post. That's a goalkeeper rule.
  10. Awesome surprise HoF induction live on TV for Bill Cowher.
  11. I binged all three nights in one sitting. Freaking awesome.
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