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  1. Stimulus is a big part of the inflation we're seeing. Adding 10% more cash to the system, inflation will rise by a similar amount. Oversimplification, but essentially correct. And take it from me, a failed econ major turned poli sci major.
  2. Am I a bad person if I want to shove some more muck down her gullet?
  3. Sbbruin


    I have an endoscopy tomorrow. I have been have more and more difficulty swallowing food, even when on an empty stomach. Just sometimes feels like I've got food stuck in my throat. A little freaked out, but at least the prep for this is much tamer than the other end.
  4. This is great. To be sold at Crazy Vaclav's Place of Automobiles
  5. So our pool again- 2 from 1-10, 2 from 11-20, and 3 from 21+. Whaddya got? http://www.owgr.com/ranking
  6. Finished it last night. Had its plusses and minuses. Show definitely slid to the finish. But overall enjoyed it.
  7. I didn’t do the trip this year, but hopefully in the fall. My Cabo 48 bud is pulling into Newport on Sunday and headed straight to the airport and flying down to Cabo. Last time we buddy boated with a guy who has a Cabo 40 and he has it in Cabo now so that’s where he’s headed. Jealous. Is your boat still in CR?
  8. Kings have to win tonight. Don’t want to have to win in Edmonton
  9. My ancient boat is one of the last using CNG (compressed natural gas) which is a huge hemmeroid to do tank exchanges as they are more and more difficult to find, but gas is lighter than air so I don't even have a blower on board. Headed to Catalina tomorrow for the first time in 8 months. Criminal that it has been that long. Guys' trip Tomorrow I'm taking mine solo and buddy boating with my lifelong bud and another lifelong bud on his Catalina 30 to Whites Landing. His first trip on his boat to the island. Then our other buddy is bringing his Cabo 48 on Saturday with some other friends to fish all day Saturday. Gonna be epic. 3 boats between 7 people. But Whites is pretty epic. And my Cabo 48 bud is a member of the Balboa Yacht Club so we'll bocce ball and wutnot at the end of the day. I've known all of these guys for anywhere from 40-49 years. Should be pretty spectacular. Classing it up on board right now and this is where we're headed.
  10. If you want to see an active movie studio, the Warner Bros VIP tour is interesting. Catalina really requires an overnight, but worth it. Neptunes Net at County Line or Paradise Cove are also good coastal options. Universal is fun, but crowded.
  11. You mean the thread discussing which UCLA uniform is the best ever in all of CFB?
  12. No clue. Couldn’t help ya. Never been. Heard it’s cool though. Buddy of mine just sent me this shot of him sitting on his boat right now in San Pedro chilling. He said he’s headed to Catalina tomorrow. He’s a douche though.
  13. Lee-Rooooooyyyyyy Jeennnnnnnnkins. So great.
  14. ^^Dat's right, mang. Don't fuck wit da Cajun. Reminder, always run your blower before lighting anything on board. https://www.latitude38.com/lectronic/man-dog-escape-injury-sailboat-explosion/?swcfpc=1
  15. Would seem to me a long protracted war favors Ukraine. They have a near unlimited resupply capability. The Russians? Not so much.
  16. Can you ask your husband to weigh in here? I think we're looking for men's pants here.
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