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    Sergio Kindle backing his new ride into his spot before he plays some pick up ball
  2. about three years ago to this day my father passed away and we were able to have his body donated to a new medical school in the city he lived in the funeral home he and my mom had a burial plan with helped some of it had a funeral service like normal at the church only no trip to the cemetery and then the school turns the body back over to the funeral home and they take care of the cremation (got a little money back because cremated not buried in a plot) after cremation you get the ashes and do what you wish as normal from there about a year after the school had a service for those that had donated bodies and my mom and uncle went and met many of the students including ones that had studied my dad it was a very nice event and the students were very grateful especially since it was a brand new program not long after that my mom and uncle were interviewed for the paper about the event and the process and how it all went very good feelings about it overall normally you need to plan it out much further ahead, but the need of the school and their ability to move quick made it possible I have given consideration to the program mentioned above for Texas State where they place you out at Freeman Ranch for forensics research (caged up so the buzzards don't get you, but the worms and insects do)......I think the Texas State one requires more of a contract and you get a small amount of compensation for it if you want it
  3. it would seem to me the way to get "beat out" right now would be showing up to meet your new coaches week in and week out and when ask to go over the playbook the answers to specifics are "uh duh yea and uh well uh" which tells those coaches you are not putting in the book work while other players are and when the coaches (that are new and know they have a limited time to get things turned around and get a potential head coaching job or a major coordinator position or get fired along with the whole staff) see you are not putting in the book work and someone younger and just as skilled is they get on you....and then you respond by still not studying the playbook and you get demoted
  4. that is one of the problems mixed in with lack of player development, bad coaching, bad systems/schemes, lack of a cohesive system, lack of recruiting to a specific system, laziness and entitlement on the part of the players, laziness and entitlement on the part of the coaches, and general stupidity it is not like Texas had a bunch of middle 4 star players and they were only getting beat by the top teams in the P5 with a team loaded with high 4 star players and many 5 star players Texas was losing to shit and often embarrassingly
  5. his special teams were "special" as well
  6. how does he take a piss with all that shit on
  7. I read the title as Bear Grylls and wondered who (even on surly) would admit to drinking their own piss
  8. https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/texas-bankruptcy-homestead-exemption.html The Texas homestead exemption allows you to protect the entire value of your home in bankruptcy. If you file for bankruptcy in Texas, you can exempt the entire value of your home -- this is called the homestead exemption. However, there are some acreage limits to the Texas homestead exemption. Read on to find out more about the homestead exemption in Texas.
  9. plus with no homestead when you go BK you cannot keep that homestead asset as Texas allows buy a house and a gun stop running from the problem and confront it head on and shoot it
  10. https://www.boattrader.com/boats/make-bennington/zip-75229/radius-500/price-1000,25000/ https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2020-bennington-20-s-cruise-value-7189406/ probably not going to get a tri-toon for that [rice unless it is a used older one 70HP+ will be able to pull a tube easily maybe even 60HP 90 or more will probably get a capable, not-fat, teen up on a slalom ski trolling motor extra Benningtons are at the top of the line trolling motor extra those are all rigged with Yamaha, buy American is better and that = Mercury, but Bennington does not offer Mercury I don't think all outboards in the 45HP to 150HP are reliable, but the Mercury are newer technology and better fuel economy
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