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  1. not a chance in hell that BC, Wake, Rutgers and Baylor are dropped and replaced by Boise and UCF especially Boise in the PAC 12 with TCU, BYU, and Tech as the other three new teams and I doubt that the ACC is chomping at the bit to add UCF they would keep BC or Wake before that
  2. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/chinese-university-of-minnesota-student-jailed-for-anti-xi-tweets-has-been-released-to-wuhan/ Chinese University of Minnesota Student Jailed for Anti-Xi Tweets Has Been Released to Wuhan hey thanks guys can I just stay in jail?
  3. need to find out where he lives and go pound on his door with a bat at 2am I bet he would be OK with it if you told him it was for surly likes
  4. https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2020/01/24/antonio-brown-facing-possible-life-sentence-for-felony-burglary-with-battery/ Prior to being setting free on $110,000 bond, Brown was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. Though, another of Brown’s attorneys, Eric Schwartzreich, thinks that the concern over his client’s mental health is unwarranted. “I don’t think there’s any mental health issues with him,” Schwartzreich said. “Antonio Brown’s life right now is a reality show. He is misinterpreted and misunderstood. haha what an asshole of an attorney you are really going to try and say this fool should not at least get a mental health evaluation and you are trying to say his ever lengthening record of totally stupid shit is "reality show" and "misinterpreted and misunderstood" so I guess the idea that he needs mental health help is wrong and we need to go with the other option that he is just a rambling, unstable, fucked up, asshole
  5. tate should transfer to UH then he can be around the other fertatia
  6. I thought larry had the chicoms on the hook for BILLIONS to subscribe to the PAC12n and what happened to the "investors" that were going to pay $500 million (no wait was it $750 million) for 10% (or was it 3%) of the PAC12n?
  7. needs a setting for 3 yards short of a 1st down when it is 3rd down /s recent Texas OCs
  8. hey Chrissy Evert is on surly!
  9. all Janeane Garofalo has to do is just hand it off
  10. the part where seats in the other sections are much more full at the same point and time
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