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  1. the med school was approved and starting before he took over, but he was the one that was around when it was getting built and staffed he did pretty good with that fundraising has not been that great under him and I don't think he would be that good at a major fundraiser and UT is due for one of those (UT seems to like to start them when the economy and oil or both are in the shitter) 4 to 6 years is about average though he is young for a university president so that should not hold per say.....but it looks like about 5 years exactly so you have to wonder if it was planned all along......he took over for a guy that was around forever and was basically picked from "the crowd" with not much of a search so he would had to have been a top leader to really push through anything major he did a lot of things though....stabilized athletics for the most part, med school up and running, kissed ass to the dickheads that ran off Powers, Cigaro, and McRaven....unfortunately what he did was really not amazing....no major increase on research, no major gifts other than to athletics, no major faculty hires...he is a good guy to hold the wheel after you have sailed through troubled waters and are heading to port....UT is in port right now and there is a lot of shit to get done probably a major fundraiser, get the Port Aransas campus rebuilt and up and running.....UT could probably use a new research vessel there and they could probably make better use of that facility overall and perhaps land a major research SHIP from the NOAA the Astronomy facilities and GMT are going well, Super Computers are up to snuff, Balcones could probably use some new major facilities besides the super computer, Breckenridge needs to be squared away and the City of Austin told to fuck off on charity and begging, research at the med school needs to start ramping up and overall research funding needs to bump up.....I think that requires a more dynamic leader that comes from outside.....it is too bad that aggy hired the UW president and then basically made him a puppet for not-so-smart or he could have done amazing at UT....then again perhaps he wanted to just ride the pine and retire with a fat salary and fat retirement and aggy is known for that Greg you seemed like an OK guy, thanks for getting a few things squared away.....enjoy your new job I am glad you saw it was a time for change no ill will hope the best for you
  2. well not to be Mr. Negative but think DD let plodsky handle most of the womens hires while he was there and worse than that there really is no "stockpile" of cash......Texas spends all it takes in.....which is something I have been critical of for a while now
  3. so far Del is not fucking around on the womens sports side makes the last few decades of just letting coaches ride the pine until it is clear they have totally blown up the program look all the more shitty
  4. I liked her as a person, but fuck just like with the prior coach she seemed to just burn out and it just slowly faded away and she did not seem to have any answer and as far as I can tell she was really not looking for an answer or to try anything again like her as a person (just like Goestenkors), but fuck the burnout and slow roll to "meh" status looking at the record of Goestenkors I don't know WTF happened there....can Texas really be that much harder on a person than Duke that is known for mens BB and where Goestenkors had a pretty damn amazing run (good enough I am still surprised UT landed her) I don't know if UT is just paying so damn much that coaches can afford to say fuck it and ride it out 5+ years or if there is something else going on......I suspect there is something else going on and I suspect it is all those old, used up, and burned out ghost of teams past floating around Bellmont along with the useless women's administration to me at least this is a sign that Del is in charge 100% because plodski would have given her an extension a year or so ago and then would have to ride that out for another year or two to save face and because "she needs a chance to straighten it out" perhaps Del needs to call up Goestenkors and ask her WTF caused her to burn out so fast and then get a hold of the past women's tennis coach and ask her who it was that made her feel shitted on.....then fire whoever those fuck heads are....I suspect we all already know who those fuck heads are though and PS with everything going on right now I have to believe that Del has something lined up...he did not fuck around when he chopped that dead wood from softball so lets hope the same plan is in place again
  5. https://nypost.com/2020/04/04/antonio-brown-charged-in-alleged-truck-driver-assault/ well the charges are in The troubled yet mega-talented NFL receiver is now facing formal charges of felony burglary conveyance, misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor criminal mischief charges, according to a Broward County court document obtained Friday by ESPN stemming from a January assault. A charge of felony burglary with battery wasn’t included in the filing, though the misdemeanor battery charge alleged that Brown was “actually and intentionally striking” the driver. all that over someone trying to DELIVER something to you.....fucking idiot
  6. oh better than that there are 2 kids and the "mom" of the performer (that is holding the baby) if it was not for the kids I would have cheered for the sparkler to catch the bed on fire
  7. well it is instagram and not facebook and it is completely fucked up for about a dozen reasons and no chance in hell it is safe for work even if you work in a ghetto strip club and I saw it on a youtube site that did a story about it not on any page of my own and yea it is totally fucked up....
  8. overall state funding for UT and aggy is a higher % than I would have thought, but a couple of things I think you made a mistake on the % for Texas State I think it would be 41% I do not think you should count the full "university funds" as state appropriations for UT or aggy because a large % of that is probably from the private endowment and this is not "state funding" per say from general tax revenues or the PUF/AUF I think Texas State is not the right university to use as a comparison to UT and aggy specifically....they are a large state school, but until recently they offered almost no PhD. or Doctoral programs and they have a very large % of undergrad enrollment even with a decent amount of Masters programs offered.....they also until very recently offered no engineering programs at all Because of the way formula funding works with a higher rate for Masters and Doctoral students and a higher rate for professional and STEM programs (even at the undergrad level) that skews the state funding levels in favor of UT and aggy with large STEM programs and large graduate and professional enrollments (UT being much larger as a % than aggy).....a better comparison would be Texas Tech or UH instead of Texas State Lastly I will add as always that the way UT reports the endowment numbers and the lack of overall clear transparency with the PUF/AUF and what it does and does not fund (the info is out there, but hard to find) really fucks UT in terms of people thinking that UT is "rich" and "wasting tons of state dollars" and leads to idiots like khator at UH always trying to push legislation to bust up the PUF or otherwise get money taken from UT and given to others (especially UH) instead of simply lobbying for more higher education funding overall like an intelligent person would do
  9. if I ever meet cortana I am going to punch that bitch right in the face
  10. https://oklahoman.com/article/5658693/big-12-commissioner-projects-possible-18-million-loss-but-its-a-whole-new-ballgame-if-football-games-are-canceled Bobby B saying expansion does not make sense because of the changing cable market (I am sure he means with G5 programs not any suddenly available P5 programs)
  11. reading up on that you are almost certainly 100% correct they would find a way to exclude it based on the amount of use I am surprised my friend did not get more questions about that, but it was a long while back and he really did not drive the roommates car all that often I was only offering that as a very very last resort over not having anything because obviously it would be a pain in the ass to do and the insurance would probably find every way possible to exclude coverage
  12. I have a former roommate that handles just this type of law in Dallas if your friend needs someone
  13. this idea will be a stretch and will require you to have clear documented information from your insurance agent that will probably try and tell you what I am saying is false (which the laws may have changed from many years ago), but here goes generally "liability" insurance covers "the damage you do to others property while driving".....note that does not state any lack of coverage for OTHERS PROPERTY that you also happen to be driving back when I was in college (many many many moons ago) a friend had an S-10 pickup that he had damaged running into a sign in a parking lot while drunk and he was slowly repairing it, but had liability insurance still on it......he was driving his roommates 20th Anniversary Trans Am to go pick said friend up from class and rear ended a Mazda.....there was no damage to the Mazda, but the Trans Am was a bit messed up on one front quarter panel he was able to have the $1,200 in damages paid by his liability insurance on his S-10 because he did damage to "others property" while driving.....it did not matter that he was the driver of the others property...and yes it was made clear to his insurance carrier that he was the driver of the Trans Am so if you really get in a bind my advice is buy a $100 car in your daughters name and get liability insurance on it and then at least there is coverage on the Mazda and on your daughter in general for any accident I would not be surprised if things have not changed so again you would need to talk to your agent and I would also not be surprised if the agent said there would not be coverage even if he was not telling the truth....because if you think about it a parent could have a nice Mercedes or BMW or any other expensive car that would have high insurance for their kid (living at home or not) and instead of having the kid on that policy they could just buy a pile of shit and park it any old where and get liability only with a high coverage and let the kid drive the nice car and basically have full coverage on it now some will say "no that would not work because the policy on the Mercedes or BMW would require the kid to be on the policy because of living under the same roof".......but again it is not the parents policy (with the kid not on it and thus the other drivers in the house coverage exclusion if not on the poilcy) that is coming in to cover the Mercedes or BMW.....it is the KIDS liability policy that is coming into play.....which could be from a totally different company and I think on Live PD just the other night there was some stupid bitch with no insurance driving and they ended up letting her passenger drive off with both of them because he had insurance on another vehicle in his name and thus was "insured".....but in that case if you watch Live PD enough those fucking cops let people drive off with no insurance and no license and no inspection all the time because they feel sorry for them or they are almost home or they have some kids (in no child seat) in the car but I do know that 100% my friends liability insurance on his S-10 covered the damages he did while driving his roommates Trans Am and his insurance carrier know he was driving the Trams Am and they were roommates....there was not even a hassle about it at all and yes I realize buying a $100 pile of shit and insuring it and making sure what I said above still holds true is a major hassle, but it is a lot less of a hassle vs wrecking a nice car with no insurance coverage at all especially no liability and no full coverage with a note left to pay would suck as well....so I offer that as a near last resort that I am about 99% would work.....but again make sure your agent knows the deal 100% and they will probably say I am wrong....but I know in the past it did work 100%
  14. they probably assign a lot of TV, advertising, donations, "third tier", and sponsorship dollars to womens sports if they are not readily attached to a specific sport
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