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  1. that would be a very Gene Chizic like hire .....if that happens it means that YellaWood and the rest of the bag men are back flush with cash and ready to buy the best that money can buy
  2. I am not going to say "intentionally" because that would somewhat be assuming they have other options like decent cars with proper tags and insurance they could otherwise choose to drive but I will say that yes I know first hand that some hardened criminals will blatantly drive around in total piles of shit cars that should get them immediately pulled over upon seeing the car and before seeing the year old worn out paper tags on it when they have a warrant out for murder and they will not think twice that they should limit their travels out and about in that total hunk of shit and when they were finally arrested and sent back to california for the murder charges it was not because they had been pulled over on the road and I know for a fact that people that are doing a lot of things worse than having a few warrants for driving charges or small drug charges will drive all around at all hours of the day and night doing other stupid shit that should attract attention to them in total hunk of shit cars and get away with it for months and months and generally when they do get arrested it is not because they were picked up driving I realize this makes no sense to anyone with common sense or that remotely at least half ass tries to follow the law, but criminals do a lot of stupid shit and somehow get away with it even when they know they are facing major charges if and when they get picked up and it is my opinion that often they can get away with doing that because the cops are often limited on the ability to tow they car away (their department or mayor gets pissed off about it) or the cops are just tired of the revolving door of people with small charges that will not show up to court over and over so they just say fuck it and ignore that car on the road and decide that if the people in it are really up to really bad shit eventually they will get caught for that, but pulling them over for driving a hunk of shit down the road that no one with a functioning brain would think is road worthy is not worth the effort
  3. let me be clear I am not saying the way current drug laws are is working but it pisses me off when cops do not run checks on people they pull over because they make the assumption they are just your garden variety crack/meth head and all they will have is some warrants for some small time shit and that combined with the new small time shit they could be charged with just equals a lot of paper work and effort for someone that will get right back out and then skip court again again to be clear it is a lot of paper work and effort for someone that will almost certainly get more charges for shit they will not go to court for......but the results of that is cops just saying fuck it and not running people at all because they do not want to go through the hassle once they are required to arrest them for making contact and running them but of course the end result of just saying fuck it and not running people is a lot of pieces of shit with a lot more than small time charges are staying on the streets for a lot longer as stupid as criminals are they also know how to exploit stupid shit and I can guarantee that more than a few roll with the idea that if they are in a shit car with 2 year old paper tags and look like all they might have is a bit of meth and a really shitty attitude the cop will generally say fuck it and let them go on without running them simply because the cops will not believe that someone with much bigger charges and warrants will be driving around with such blatant "pull me over" shit going on it is hard to blame the cop on the street for not participating in the revolving door of people just being a nuisance to society, but generally that nuisance at some point becomes a much bigger issue and generally after some relatively innocent person has to go through some bad shit to finally get that nuisance off the streets for an extended period of time
  4. I believe parts of the Mexican oil industry have only recently (last 5 years or so) been opened up to outside contractors so there are probably a lot of companies looking to get a foot hold there and probably some coming up from South America where Europe has much longer ties to those countries and trying to replace lost business from South America with all the shit going on down there add in Mexico always wanting to not look like the USA just runs shit there in business and the fact that the USA actually prosecutes the "briefcase full of cash" negotiation technique that anywhere south of the Rio Grande likes while Europe turns a blind eye or only gives lip service to punishing it (especially a place like Italy) and the USA will always have a hard time getting the expected share of business especially in the oil patch in Mexico
  5. the videos I saw the sub had actually started grabbing at the student first and pushing her head/neck before the student swatted her hands away Austin news said sub has a domestic violence charge from 2014 as well Paul's weed guy could be in for a big pay day
  6. I want to know what is going on with that store @ 29 seconds in with all that shit on the floor
  7. shit said something about being from Ohio so apparently Ohio knows how to fuck up chili and pumpkin pie
  8. they need to call Mark Richt he is only 60, he can 100% recruit, he knows the SEC SEC SEC and he had teams ranked 12 out of 18 seasons in both polls and 14 out of 18 seasons in at least one poll and 7 seasons in the top 10 in both polls and 8 seasons in the top 10 in at least 1 poll and 3 seasons in the top 5 he won 1 more game than the prior guy at Miami and then one more game than that his second year and then had the 7-5 season and Miami does what Miami do and they self imploded and pretty much chopped his legs and head off and let a shit bad like manny take control and fuck their program for another decade or more he made some lazy ass coordinator hires going to Miami and I don't think he would repeat that again the pirate will get the shit kicked out of him in the SEC SEC SEC, but at least after that we could all stop hearing about how great he is and he can go back to some shitty program and average 8 wins a season against a schedule with 4 members of the walking dead on it every year and manage to have at least one inexcusable loss every season
  9. it would be a miracle if Spike Dykes is kicking ass anywhere considering he is dead Sonny is kicking ass at SMU though
  10. La'Var needs to consult with John DeLorean on what to do next
  11. I am putting the over/under at 10oz of Dasani (half a bottle)
  12. at this point I wish UT would do what UT does best and that is tear down somewhat functional sports facilities to build newer ones and start by just knocking the entire track facility down, move it where Disch Falk and the Softball fields are, move those over onto the main campus where they belong and then work the arena and the baseball and softball facilities all in together it is not like Disch Falk and the Softball facility are top notch and it was a massive mistake putting the track where it is now especially when it was probably known at the time that the Drum would one day need to be replaced and not replaced at the same location also I thought they had a plan to put some turd polish on that shitty looking cooling station for the medical school complex instead of letting it look like an oil field tank farm and compressor station I realize what I am dreaming of for the track and baseball and softball will never happen, but fuck that track is in the shittiest spot ever
  13. I don't think UT needs Chad's kid.....he seems undersized and like he would get killed trying to run the current Texas offense and Texas does not need kids that can be moved to other positions (let UNC have that shit) I doubt Littrell Seth Seth Littrell ends up there he is a poor man's Chad Morris especially after this season if Arkansas was smart they would have taken advantage of the fact that aggy Chad was away from his wife and kid and spent a few hundred K and sent the volleyball blonde over to his house with some google glasses on for the weekend....then they could fire him with cause.......no chance of that with Bert he was smart enough to know he was not going to do better than what he already had and she lived with him
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