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  1. There is no doubt that the Beatles are one of if not the most influential rock band ever. Ozzy himself was inspired by the Beatles to become a professional musician. But Sabbath invented a genre. The influence challenge is unwinnable. Someone influenced Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Beatles (Brian Wilson says "hi"), The Velvet Underground, Sabbath, Kraftwerk, etc., etc. But as a starting point to a genre Black Sabbath is a book of Genesis. And imo, really fucking good.
  2. Yesterday... Originally released on Friday the 13th of February, 1970 in the UK. That summer in the States. One of the greatest and most influential records of all time. It's tied with Vol. 4 for my personal Sabbath favorite album. Your thoughts on this masterpiece?
  3. SnowAggy

    Dad music

    My 10 y/o son recently asked me what was my favorite song on Reign In Blood. We agreed that Raining Blood is the best song. It's a conversation I never thought I'd have... #blessed
  4. Yeah, one of the best track one side one tunes ever.
  5. In October... Was curious where you all rank it in the Talking Heads discography. I think it's typically considered their best album. In my opinion it's the last album that's not a full on David Byrne vehicle but that could be Fear of Music in '79. Anyway, I love Remain In Light and also watching the 1980 concert tour footage that includes all the guests, especially Adrian Belew.
  6. As an outside observer I see a lack of commitment by your AD to football excellence. UT is a historic blue blooded brand. They are now, they were while they were in the SWC, and I presume before that... The Big 12 will suffice as a supporting conference for UT. OU's trips to the playoff prove that. UT doesn't have the best coaches they could / should have. By adding Chris Ash you'll now have three former ISU coaches on your staff (Herman, Ash, McKnight) at critical positions none of whom we miss. CDC needs to make a statement hire. If that's Urban or Saban or fucking Bill Belichick he needs to do it. Are we really supposed to believe that Alabama and tOSU are destinations above UT??? The richest AD in America should have a top 3 head coach minimum. You don't. Also, UT and OU need to pressure the conference brass to go to eight conference games thereby opening up dates for UT & OU to schedule up (or down).
  7. I don't know who knows besides me... Jason Garrett is one of Jerry's sons. He will be on staff... Probably as head coach. Red headed step child? Fuck that. Red headed LOVE CHILD. It all makes sense now!
  8. Shit play calling, shit effort, shit results. I'm out. Have a fun football day Longhorns, cheers.
  9. And this staff seems to have neither the desire nor the ability to unfuck these guys.
  10. They'll miss a FG attempt. Book it.
  11. Will ISU ever NOT play down to expectations? Watch these assholes mount some 21 point 4th quarter comeback and of course lose.
  12. Jesus fucking tap dancing christ this team has learned nothing during the course of this season. Let's spot ND MORE fucking points and burn out the defense. FUCKING FUCK.
  13. In what sense? Do you mean making a deal with a conference that already has a deal in place? I presume that at least UT has many options. What conference is not made better in every way by adding UT?
  14. I think the OP is about why someone from elsewhere would be a fan. I've got a good buddy up here in Iowa who told me straight out that when he was in first grade he liked the Cowboys colors / unis and that was it, that's how he picked the Cowboys. We're in our mid forties now and he's as passionate as ever about the Cowboys.
  15. Didn't think it was that kinda party but sure...fuck that POG bitch!
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