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  1. uhhhh........I..uhhhh......no comment. Yeah, that's it ..."No comment!" Love, Big Dick Da Steel Shank
  2. I'd like a threesome with both of them. Reconciliation through physical love.
  3. I believe he uses the DrivePro230, used by truckers who demand performance, reliability and function.
  4. First time to find a coral on our property. Decent size. This is him where I relocated him near a dry creek down the street.
  5. Do we have a Top 10 Dumbasses yet? Machete guy Chris Martin Palmer Leg sweep guy on cop car who else?
  6. Ok, I fucked up. Probably too many bourbons. Cutting board in the pic is not my cherry board. It’s some cheap one I got at Walmart. Here’s the real one. Posting no before I wade into the bourbons. Looks it’s time for a sanding.
  7. Rocking some Bolero. Dude s worthy of a nod.
  8. Damn. We just may have our come to Jesus meeting coming soon.
  9. I see we got us a lot of 'playas' who lay a lot .....of......."pipe".... up in heyah. lookin at choo, O&W
  10. Albuquerque PD: We #1, bitches!!! Minneapolis PD: HMB
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