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  1. Well, well, well.......looks like we need somebody to lay some pipe. Hmmmm??
  2. I can speculate I'd rather be laying pipe right now.
  3. Do like I do and take it any way you can get it.
  4. Steel Shank: "Listen to me Chief, and listen good. Do EXACTLY as I say when I say it and we just might get out of this thing alive." Chief: "Ok then." Steel Shank: "Let's go!!"
  5. Not happy with our offensive coaching. Mentioned it in the Tech thread, been thinking about it for the last few years. same shit.
  6. You get a gold star for the day, muthafucka!!
  7. Street, Bertelsen, Worster, Koy
  8. They're all on Youtube, I believe. GSD&M did them.
  9. I read yesterday where the Bastrop CAD reported undeveloped land values increased 53% 2020-2021. East is about to explode.
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