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  1. Because my dance moves and mixtapes generate so much heat, I keep my ac running full blast 24/7. I got a line of women out the fucking door.
  2. Nice looking wiener. Narrator: That’s what she said.
  3. It's a King Ranch, so he should be OK. LOL!!! Fucking douche dumbass.
  4. This bitch with her hot as shit legs is sitting high in the saddle in my Baltic wheelhouse,
  5. Was just about to say it got a little hot at your momma's house last night.
  6. When you're sitting in that chair drinking beer in your garage, you should also have a long cigarette holder with some kind of French cigarette in it and speak with an accent.
  7. Friends saw a snake disappear under a kitchen cabinet. It reappeared about a week later.
  8. I can see you're a man of refined taste.
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