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  1. I got your stiffness right here.
  2. If you freeze empty gallon milk jugs full of water, then use a hatchet to chop up the frozen jug and add the ice to your cooler (along with a bag of ice), you find it keeps your stuff cold a long time. No stickers, though.
  3. The Donnas are in my wheelhouse.
  4. I like my receivers like I like my women - young, raw and eager to score.
  5. This is when it was obvious that Mack thought he was bigger than the program.
  6. @SurlyBDR, what do you think about "Can you dig it?!?!" as some thing to say whilst kicking ass? Would it work as far as adding to someone's (read my) badassness?
  7. This right here. Just tried these and they are quite legit. Good call, Hate. Extra pudding for you.
  8. I've been practicing in front of the mirror for the last 30 minutes.
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