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  1. Oh, OK. You serve on multiple corporate boards and spend your days posting on Surly all day long about how great Bernie Sanders is. At least act like a good troll and try and be believable.
  2. No idea what you are talking about. If you are suggesting I voted for Trump, one you are wrong and two you can go fuck yourself for even suggesting that shit to me.
  3. The entire debate is just brutal for the Democratic Party. Instead of having topics like healthcare, climate change, etc... where each candidate discusses why their plans and views are the best for the country we just have everyone slinging shit at each other. Except Bloomberg, who is just standing there letting everyone throw shit on him. It does not inspire voters to vote for any of these clowns.
  4. That’s actually a good thing as she can’t win the general and will be out of this race in about 3 weeks.
  5. This is why they can’t beat Trump. They all come off as angry little bitches just trying to win the nomination. I say this as a life long Democrat that is saddened by this display.
  6. Would Taxi be considered 1980’s even thought it started in the 70s? It ran until 1983 I think. If so, I put that second behind Cheers. I did love me some Night Court though.
  7. I am not locked into one yet. I am a life long Democrat so I will vote for whomever goes against Trump. As a life long Democrat Bernie would be my last choice since he isn’t even a member of the Democratic Party. That being said even if he joined it I do not care for most of his ideas. I lean more moderate than to the left I guess. Right now I want someone that can win and my gut tells me that is Bloomberg if he adds a African American woman as VP (someone like Stacy Abrams). I think Bloomberg will do some stuff on gun control, the environment and bring normalcy back to being President. Maybe even get the ACA back on track with some changes and a public option as a choice would be fine with me. I don’t want Medicare 4 all, free college or any of that. This country has so many morons I could be persuaded for free clown or barber college though. Maybe clown barbers is what this country needs to help us heal.
  8. Uhhh, I think if you harrass people on a message board all day long about how great your candidate is and then scream, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie then he gets the nomination. Pretty sure I read that somewhere.
  9. Maybe it’s his wife’s money. Also in case you didn’t notice, Bernie ain’t exactly poor either. They are all rich. Who was the last poor person to be in the senate or house of reps?
  10. It was. I also got it twice on my facebook feed. Any way to find out if the trolls on this site actually attended UT or are from America? I’m not just talking about the right wing trolls but there seem to be some Bernie trolls that must be paid by his campaign to post every positive about him and negative about every other candidate all fucking day long. Also, where is Hugo? Did he get shipped off to a gulag in Siberia or something.
  11. It’s scary now but the real scary part comes when he doesn’t just have the DOJ take it easy on his friends but when they start going after his enemies. Not Trump just blustering but when Barr starts opening cases and jailing people who oppose Trump politically or otherwise like Bernie, Biden, Bezos, etc....then the real problems are upon us.
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