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  1. Can we all at least agree that Keith Richards is the exception in that he is immortal but not a horrible person? Just a genius guitarist drug abuser. You can now continue with your talk about the News Network of the Third Reich…. Err, Fox News.
  2. How does Giannis take 5 steps on that “great offensive spin move” and they show the replay and none of the announcers even point it out? Are they afraid to say maybe the MVP just travelled instead of gushing over the great move that was an obvious travel? The NBA can be a joke sometimes.
  3. We feel much better now that we are here and the head guy of our tour company told us not to worry about testing positive. They will make sure it’s negative. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.
  4. I can tell you this hasn’t hit the builders yet. I have been waiting 2 years for a lake lot in my neighborhood in Dallas and they just emailed me yesterday they are about to start building on them and I am #1 on a list over 150 people so far so I get first pick. Unfortunately, they also notified me the price of a 3000 sq ft home is now $995K versus the $650K it was 8 months ago. Add in the $325K lot premium and the $100K “special payment so we will build your home for you” and they priced me out of my dream home. I know, first world problems. Still pisses me off.
  5. We were in Croatia for two stops on a cruise right before Covid. Dubrovnik and Zadar. Dubrovnik is pretty crowded but still enjoyed it quite a bit. Walking the walls, checking out the Game of Thrones sites and there is some pharmacy that is like one of the oldest in Europe dating back to the 1300’s which was kind of cool. Zadar was a cool little town on the water and we took a ride into Krka National Park to wander around and check out the waterfalls and lakes. There is also Plitvice National Park with tons of waterfalls which is supposedly really awesome also but was a little too far for our cruise stop.
  6. So i am heading to Barcelona for work on Friday. I was bringing my wife as its basically an all expense paid trip to Barcelona and staying at the W hotel for 5 days. She is now freaked out about the Covid rules that if she tests positive she will be forced to quarantine in Spain for at least 7-10 days. Anybody know anything about this like are you locked in a room? What hotels do you stay at if you test positive? She wants me to cancel her flight and I was hoping to get some input from people that may know about this kind of stuff.
  7. You do realize that there is a chunk of women (Pro lifers) that are for getting rid of Roe V Wade sadly. Also, everyone in this thread that keeps bringing up rape, would you be fine if they overturned Roe V Wade but allowed abortions in cases of rape? It still takes away a woman’s right to choose and have control over their own body which is the problem.
  8. I am 1000% confident this WR pick will be a total bust especially with 3 WR’s going right after that will all be studs for Pitt, Indy and KC. That being said, Belichick will probably grab a undrafted CB that will be a pro bowler in the next 3 years who will then sign a big contract with another team.
  9. His Wikipedia has already been updated.
  10. Urban Cowboy is the most Texas movie I can think of but that’s from the view of someone not born in Texas.
  11. Sorry, but I can’t resist any excuse to use this Simpson’s clip.
  12. You mean this one that is already here? https://www.aol.com/worried-ba-2-coronavirus-variant-195006658.html
  13. So I have to head to Spain in a few weeks for business and was taking my wife. She is now freaked out about having to take a Covid Test to get back into the US and being stranded in Spain for 7-10 days. Honest question, but why is this still a requirement? Covid is here, the variants are here and the testing is not full proof in that I could test negative and a day later test positive when I am back in the US. I get it at the beginning of the pandemic when we were trying to not let Covid spread in this country but now with vaccines and pretty much the entire country having Covid floating around is this really doing anything to require a Covid test to re-enter the United States?
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