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  1. The old familiar saying that was the pillow he used to beat off in every night killed me.
  2. You see, that was totally different. Obama is black. Apples to oranges comparison.
  3. If this happened, he would then sell his "cure" for $19.95 a jar and make millions of dollars while the people that bought it would continue to die from their actual cancer.
  4. A Burger King WHOPPER would have made a better President than what we have now.
  5. Trump didn't say what year the April miracle would occur though did he? 4 d chess.
  6. Actually, I had a Trumper tell me over the weekend that some of the deaths were people that died in a auto accident but tested positive for Covid in the autopsy so they blamed Covid for the death. They did not have proof of this so I guess it was a talking point from right wing radio or TV.
  7. I thought it was 60K or was it we only have 15 people with it and soon it would be zero. Really hard to keep track of what number of deaths we were told to expect.
  8. Trump likes Marines that didn't actually join the Marine Corp. Maybe if he Conor Lamb avoided serving because of a bone spur then Trump and the Republicans would respect him.
  9. Maybe he just took a huge dump in his Depends and that caused his center of gravity to be off so he started wobbling a little. Occam's Razor and whatnot.
  10. I just saw Ryan Leaf back in January at a business event. He was the guest motivational speaker and he was actually quite good. Very humble and honest about his addictions, prison time, etc... He said he had been sober for a while and was mentoring former addicts and also working with college players to help them understand the dangers of drugs and also the danger of thinking you are “the shit” when you really aren’t. He said his whole life he was told how awesome he was by hanger ons that eventually you lose perspective of who and what you really are. Due to his painkiller addiction he realized his personality leads to addiction of basically everything. He even talked about his opportunity with ESPN and what a blessing it has been. Really seemed like a guy who had fixed his life for the better.
  11. It may not be the best WW2 movie but I guess since I watched it a million times as a kid I always like watching The Big Red One so I will have to watch that this afternoon when it is on the Sundance Channel.
  12. Sadly he has the grammar of half the people I am apparently friends with on Facebook. Also, does the dumb ass realize schools out for summer (insert much very good Alice Cooper comments).
  13. This is how I play. It’s why I shoot in the 50’s. I can’t imagine actually playing golf with him and watching him hit 7 shots on a hole and then tell the me he got a par. I would lose my shit like I do with my teenage son who does that crap.
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