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  1. Urban is great at interviewing potential staffers while recovering from self inflicted wounds.
  2. Lovo has always worked "hard" but was not ready for this job, his role is critical and a young/immature coach like Tom needed a strong consigliere(still does IMO though CDC has stepped in and helped a lot).
  3. Fatheree is at best, a project. Wykoff and Zuhn are legit tackle takes, both are lucky yet very good takes for aggy.
  4. Interested to see if how he recruits at State. He should be able to recruit speed, has a stud qb committed, can he recruit the LOS?
  5. Goodman

    Fire Mike Yurcich

    huh? this is exactly what has prevented him from being more than a wet dream as a wr. Thank goodness his facemask stopped the 2 point pass from going through his hands.
  6. He did not name his shitstain son Mack by coincidence.
  7. Galindo roots for us to get beat until it looks possible, then he rails on our development... He's at his worst for baseball. He takes it easy on is shaka and all female coaches.
  8. Goodman

    Sam Ehlinger

    Yep, he was a second slow and somehow got away with it. I’ll give him a pass if his OC was indeed not at the game.
  9. Tom has proven awful at managing an OL unit these 4 years. His first year he told us it was a better unit than his MNC line. Okafor plays dumb football for such a smart guy, Jones is a project and Junior is the same guy we saw here a year ago.
  10. Goodman

    Vandy @ aggy

    Leon comes downhill for the whiff....
  11. Goodman

    Vandy @ aggy

    Ware is the awful voice you recognize.
  12. Goodman

    Vandy @ aggy

    Int or fumble, either way it's time for Vandy to pick on leon.
  13. Goodman

    Vandy @ aggy

    Leon get's trucked, again.
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