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  1. Goodman

    Cal-U$C, FS1

    I think Wilcox is a very good coach, he's done a great job these last two years. I would like him considered when we next go looking for one.
  2. I think she's just playing hard to get and wants you to be a man, go take it.
  3. Why did we not come out in 10 personnel and continue to dominate?
  4. Goodman

    Fire Tom Herman

    It sure looks this way.
  5. You can take the fat boy out of ohio but you can't take the ohio out of that unathentic fat boy. I hope the wacko's from Waco show their ass by wearing CAB shirts and someone at espn calls baylor out for the filth they have been. Someone should tell their audience to watch this documentary and publicly shame the Waco PD along with baylor's crimes while hiding behind Christianity. criminals giving Christians a bad name.
  6. If bama or lsu are on it, it'll be rich since he'll be a 4i regardless of what is being sold to him.
  7. This year he slow played what looks like a perfect LB for our league, lsu commit Josh White.
  8. You might be. In his catch and run, he showed something no other skill player here has done with the wiggle and acceleration.
  9. So good, likely my favorite player of all time. She could play every position if needed.
  10. Damn I wanted to see him play here. Curious to see how he does next year, I think he's going to be a stud.
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