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  1. This would also be the time of year where at least 10 dudes would blow up at Spring/7v7/Camps that we don't get to hear of this year. I refuse to believe this state does not have plenty of WR's, it would not fit the trend.
  2. Sorry to say this but after standing a game in the heat, the last thing anyone could pay me to do is kneel. As to an entire crowd of fans, there is not a stadium in America that would allow it to be physically possible.
  3. This is the type of dudes Tom needs here. Hell yes! Hook'em!
  4. It's Austin. I would go if you told me I was the only student on campus. You have to be a real fuckup to not have a great time as a student here.
  5. Sounds like you're going to enjoy hitting new wedges when that day comes. Some good & forgiving stuff. I'd love to play the 790's but i'm stuck on some Ping i200's that just do what I need. Lots of good product in the market to make the game a lot more fun than it was for me 20 years ago.
  6. If Jordan could consistently make cuts, he and Bryson would carry these shitty PGA Tour weekly stops. They are the only two players worth watching every shot from as you never know what to expect.
  7. You should join Twitter, think you'll love it.
  8. MLB is going to be a mess, at least 4 anthems will have to be played a game.
  9. I gave up my seats this year but if a fall season does take place, I'll make the call and be there.
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