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  1. Only for the real overlanders and hunters. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/03/27/honda-hunter-cub-ct125-trail-motorbike-motorcycle/
  2. Who is making our DE offers? This one can't be Giles.
  3. Considering at this time is very funny and sad. As of today I am hoping for more to be excited about at that position but perhaps Brooks turns out to hit a high ceiling.
  4. I'm thinking when all get to a new normal, we could sign one hell of a class and add much needed talent to next years team.
  5. All Drayton needs is a 5 star whose parents are married, living under the same roof, preferably country and praise the pope. Any of those out there this year? If not we can turn another WR or QB into our take and claim that was our plan all along.
  6. They'll likely guilt Mrs. Foster for one last sympathy....that network, the gift that keeps on giving.
  7. Motherfucking PREACH!!!
  8. Everyone gets a taste of BYU fandom for a year.
  9. You would think NBA guys names are now available since that season has been canceled. Any guys expected or connected we should know about?
  10. Meathead breaks our players during fall camp. Hopefully what this means is that our coaches will actually game plan and prepare in the spring vs. the "we didn't watch any film" and eliminate the number of pre-season dumbass, meathead decisions for his team.
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