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  1. Michelle staying in Westlake or headed to Lake Forest?
  2. I'm now on Team Reed. This villain is one hell of a character, a stone cold killer and the most entertaining player on Tour. 'Merica!
  3. Yeah, get him. Everything in this thread is right on topic.....Adler is the bestest evar....I'm now cool like y'all.
  4. Y'all are so very predictable. This is America, allow the citizens to make their own decisions. If you decide the risk is worth it, that should be and is your decision. The silly civil mandates are not going to solve anything. Just like remote learning will not solve anything. This is not a republican/democrat issue as I am neither. Tell me how you trust the science that is selling us 4 total FLU cases in our state two weeks ago, laughably crooked crooks and you blindly follow.
  5. Good, closing bars/restaurants at a certain time is retarded. Can't wait to see what other great ideas the city comes up with, oh wait.
  6. This is one wild virus we should fear and hide from.
  7. mums the word. City of Austin IT Network HACKED by Russian Hacking group Berserk Bear Since October 2020, STILL Infected with Malware - Huge Patriot Teddy Brosevelt 2-3 minutes The City of Austin’s IT Network has been HACKED and compromised by the state-sponsored Russian Hacking group ‘Berserk Bear’ since October 2020. The Intercept broke the story on December 17, 2020: “STATE-SPONSORED HACKERS believed to be from Russia have breached the city network of Austin, Texas, The Intercept has learned. The breach,
  8. lol, city leadership. I hope this person is caught and faces real justice.
  9. RIP big guy, God Bless!
  10. I've only been here 25 years, in that time they've "managed" to destroy this city. No one is held accountable. Just higher taxes and spending. Merry Christmas mofos. Stay safe & well.
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