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  1. I think it's because of how hot she is and pretty much married, I don't expect her to do well but she is solid. Gives us very good at bats. Also, what's the story on this ULaLa coaching staff? They obviously can recruit, clean or are they known softball sleazeballs? Did they inherit a good program or build it?
  2. We are talking about Drayton, he very well could be recruiting him like RB1A and no one could tell.
  3. Good to read, looking forward to the replay tonight.
  4. Meatball mistake got punished. LHN camera crew could not even track it as I guess it hit at the top of scoreboard?
  5. These announcers must have gone to the Galindo school of douchnozzle. They bitch about the Tech pitcher being squeezed but when Elish gets squeezed they don't say a thing.
  6. What sounded like the best player in aggy history who now plays for the Tech Ringers, flies out to left to end the inning.
  7. LaTech taking winning seriously. 13 transfers, 10 HS recruits on the team. Marla Hooch works the walk as a PH.
  8. Did not realize how nice Oregon's softball facility is. I'd love for us to have a similar setup, much better for us fans than the current vertical setup we have.
  9. Very frustrating to see us not play aggressive defense, that short hop is easy compared to the in between hop our players continue to play.
  10. 1st time seing Kleist pitch, she is filthy. Did not get flustered by not getting the calls against Rhodes. Elish with great at bat, infield hit to 5-6 hole to score one. Runners on corners, 2 out with Burke up.
  11. Perfect ending with the walk-on's bloody knees.
  12. Some good baseball was played in that Florida sweep. These teams have serious hate for each other.
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