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  1. I’ve had a few beers at The Horse You Came in On saloon. That’s all I’ve got.
  2. Looks like someone is telling jokes at a nail salon.
  3. If he’s in Houston it needs to be Swangas with some shit written in neon on the back.
  4. Don’t you mean great grandson?
  5. I just want to say I’m in before you are half way to Gettysburg and have to turn around because she made up with her sister and has to see her right now!
  6. Will he say that Craig James killed 5 hookers?
  7. I’ve been listening to books from Audible for well over a year now. Most have been the 40+ hour variety with a few shorter ones sprinkled in. Until yesterday I never paid attention to the sound the reader makes when he inhales between sentences. Now I can’t un-hear it and it’s about to drive me nuts. It’s like being in a Lamaze class but the teacher is reading a Tom Clancy book to me.
  8. Damn son. If you need something let me know. I’ll bring some dirt over to throw on your driveway.
  9. If you pass through Texarkana I’m sure Mrs. Stanco would be happy to let [mention=1619]MarkStanco[/mention] join you for the duration of the trip. He won’t be of any value unless you just happen to need an HOA president. [emoji23]
  10. My wife went out with a local cop a couple of times before she and I started dating. After she broke it off, he would send her text messages about things outside of her house that needed to be fixed. Things like the numbers on the mailbox were gone or a hedge needed to be trimmed. He had never been to her house so the only way he knew where she lived was by looking up her address. He even went so far as to leave some fucking little book in the mailbox with “I hope you find the perfect man” written in the inside cover. Once he started seeing my vehicle there all the time he left her alone and she never heard from his bitch ass again. One of the first things I did for her was fix every fucking thing he pointed out so every time he drove by he saw it. I still bring up from time to time how she’s lucky to have me since I’m the perfect man. TLDR: Fuck the police.
  11. Looks like Mary Jo something. I can’t make out the last part of it.
  12. I can report that since the uprising in Daingerfield has been quelled, the water bottles have been removed.
  13. Im headed over that way now. I’ll swing by and see what the fuck is goings on.
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