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  1. I’ll PM you [mention=1619]MarkStanco[/mention] address so if your breakdown in TXK you can park in his yard. I’ll wander over and drink free margaritas.
  2. My wife is a pharmacist and I asked her if she can give a Moderna or Phizer vaccine if someone has had a J&J previously. She replied that she could not and they would have to wait on the J&J booster. She’s not in Texas, but I’m pretty sure all their vaccine information gets loaded into the state database and then into the national database. Just want to pass along what she told me.
  3. So you are basically taking the chicks, feeding/raising them and then returning them full grown for another chick? If you decide to do that with cows or pigs let me know.
  4. Is that an attempt at humor because I said my oldest daughter wore a mask at piano lessons? Which turned out to be a good idea because two weeks in her teacher tested positive for Covid after she had lessons earlier in the week. Her teacher who also happened to be fully vaccinated and caught it from her granddaughter.
  5. Yup, that shit is everywhere. Between that and hand foot and mouth, daycare has been a damn good time.
  6. At the end of the video he says “Be on the lookout, July 20th 5PM”. Wouldn’t that mean he’s committing on the 20th and not the 31st?
  7. Wasn’t there a poster with the username Rooster? I thought this was about him.
  8. Just found out today that my kids piano teacher tested positive for Covid. She has had both Pfizer vaccines and tested positive for the Delta variant. Luckily my daughter and her teacher both wore their masks during the lesson on Monday. Hopefully since the instructor did not start having symptoms until Wednesday, my daughter was not exposed. Now if we can make it through the RSV that they were exposed to at the sitters unscathed we should be in good shape.
  9. Yup. Kids just had some a couple of weeks ago.
  10. EE2B

    Shit My Kid Says

    The flip side of that is someone’s breath smells like ass.
  11. My memory says he went after Darius White and had to be restrained.
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