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  1. Their set at Old Settlers last year was one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. Electric atmosphere between the band and crowd. Went there not knowing more than a couple songs and left a big fan.
  2. Jesus christ. I hope he pulls through. My dad is not going to take this well at all.
  3. Maybe a dumb question, but are you still developing antibodies to this if you basically eliminate it in 6 days with Chloroquine?
  4. Loved watching this tonight. Great stuff. My whole family is sick right now and it really took some of the edge off of everything.
  5. Thanks! I’m also trying to get my hands on some chloroquine. It’s worth a shot. Both me and wife have had a full day of tight chest and shortness of breath.
  6. Had a headache yesterday and felt off, but no major symptoms. Went to work overnight and by this morning I had burning tightness in my chest that feels like cloud, a very minor sore throat, and some mild diarrhea. No Fever, although I feel warm, and no cough. Kinda freaked out after reading horror stories on the net for the last 2 weeks. To add to the anxiety, my 8 month old daughter has a fever, lethargy, diarrhea... 35, no preexisting shit or aware of any positive contacts. Any suggestions for supplements I could take help get over this?
  7. I saw Moreland doing a song swap with Aaron Lee Tasjan and Caleb Caudle a few years ago in Houston in front of about 10 people at Natachee's cafe. This is during the In the Throes period. Half of the people were at a table in front of the stage, having some kind of long lost family reunion, totally oblivious to the show. They were so loud that when John sang, you couldn't hear him at all. It was a disaster. When his turn came back up, and they continued talking, the rest of us lost it and had them moved outside the venue. Thankfully, we got to see him at Mucky Duck the next time and it was dea
  8. The show at White Oak on Saturday was awesome!!! It was my 4th time to see them, and the best so far.. they had live congas, steel guitar, vibraphone sitting in for parts or all of the set. They brought out Leon Bridges and did 2 new unreleased songs... the crowd/vibe/weather were perfect. Just a great night. My only complaint is with the volume of the outdoor shows at White Oak - this was my second show there (David Byrne), and both times it was loud but not quite loud enough. I get that it's either that, or no shows at all in that neighbohood per their agreement, but I still wish they cou
  9. If people missed this 2017 article on Reddick in clutch situations the first time around
  10. @SwanderedTalent I've been digging her too. Also, shes not ugly. In that vein (east nashville women), I've been listening to this girl's album all summer, can't get enough of it. Very chill.
  11. @Goo Punch I saw the Roots and Cody Chesnutt do the Seed live at the Dallas show on the Phrenology tour. Crowd was so hype. One of my favorite parts of any show I've ever been to.
  12. I've seen GCJ several times over the years, but I think my favorite show was a few years ago at Warehouse Live when Eve and her band opened. Later in his set, they jammed together and he brought his sister out to sing "Church". He's probably played there 4-5 times at this point and it's good(for him) and too bad (for me) that he's probably never going to play that small of a venue in Houston again.
  13. Nice. The Next Waltz stuff is all awesome. And always liked Randy's version of that better than Bruce or George.
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