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  1. I had hoped that the virus would have killed off all these q idiots by now.
  2. People who don't understand what models are, or how they work, or how eggheads come up with them, should shut the fuck up. Of course they won't because they are stupid fucks who don't have enough self awareness to realize that 90% of the people who read their posts, just shake their heads and think "Goddamn, that is one stupid mother fucker."
  3. You don't? What are you, a farmer?
  4. Oh god please please let aggy storm the state capital. Please.
  5. Otherwise, think how many batters, catchers, umps, and people sitting in the first five rows he would have killed.
  6. Once I was doing some work on a ranch in S. Texas and disturbed an Africanized bee hive. I walked by a tree and the swarm came out of a hole in the tree that was about waist high. I got stung about 6 or 8 times on the left hand. I broke my PR for the 50 yard dash to the truck while wearing work boots and snake chaps. Got stung a few times on the back of the neck and on my ear before I could outrun them, then once more on the cheek by one that got into the truck. Fuckers were banging against the windows, so I drove a few hundred yards and waited. They followed and caught up to the truck and continued trying to get in. My hand started swelling, so I took some antihistamines and got the epi pen ready in case I started to have an anaphylactic shock reaction. Ended up not needing the shot, but my hand swelled up so fat I couldn't see my knuckles. If the truck hadn't started for some reason, I probably would have died in that truck from heat prostration trying to wait those fuckers out. Sort of like the mom and kid in Cujo. Later I told the rancher, and he burned the hive with a flame thrower that they use to burn prickly pear ("burnin' pear" they call it) during droughts so the cattle can eat it. So glad I don't work in that S. Texas hellscape any longer.
  7. If they can prove he lied during the confirmation process, he should be impeached. Right after Kavano-means-yes. Pos rep. I don't even need to read the rest.
  8. I'm going to guess that most employers, no longer give the option of a paper check. Mine doesn't.
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