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  1. In addition to a few already posted:
  2. I choose Mardi Gras, the Festival of San Fermin, Spring Break at Padre in 80's, and Tx-OU weekend all wrapped up in one holiday.
  3. anybody here old enough to remember this from about 25 years ago? http://www.ndsn.org/july97/goats.html On May 20, eighteen-year-old high school student Esequiel Hernandez Jr. was shot and killed near his house by the leader of a U.S. Marine Corps patrol on an anti-drug operation near the U.S.-Mexico border in Redford, Texas. Hernandez was tending goats about a mile from his home when the shooting occurred. The incident is the first time that military forces on anti-drug duty have shot and killed a U.S. citizen. After the incident, border patrol activities by the military were suspended Military officials claim Hernandez inexplicably fired his antique .22-caliber rifle twice at four Marines, and was preparing to shoot a third time when he was fatally shot in the side with an M-16 combat rifle. The soldier named in the shooting is Cpl. Clemente Banuelos. The Marine patrol was on loan to the Border Patrol from Camp Pendleton (CA), and was participating in operations under Joint Task Force-6, which runs military anti-narcotics efforts on the Border. By law, military personnel involved in domestic law enforcement are not allowed to search, seize, arrest or confront a suspect. Military involvement is strictly limited to activities such as surveillance and intelligence (10 USCA Sec. 375). Soldiers are allowed to return fire in self-defense. Neighbors said Hernandez used his rifle to ward off coyotes, and for target practice, and suggest that is what the teenager thought he was doing if he fired any shots. "Personally, I don't think this kid ever saw them, by the indication my Rangers are telling me," said Captain Barry Caver, spokesman for the Texas Rangers, the state law enforcement agency that is investigating the killing. The Marines were heavily camouflaged, and were trained to conceal themselves so as not to be detected. The shooting appears to have taken place from a distance of 375 to 600 feet
  4. Many years back we were at S. Padre Island and there were some dolphins cruising around about 100 yards offshore. Me and a friend swam out to them and they allowed us to get within a few feet of them. We sort of checked each other out for a few minutes, and splashed around for a bit. I tried grabbing one's dorsal fin and they took off. //csb
  5. Be careful what you wish for. I have an android phone, both my wife and daughter have iphones. They constantly fight over and lose each other's chargers. Between them, they go through probably a charger a week. I am still rocking the original charger that came with my phone. Because they never touch it, because it is useless to them. If all three of our phones used the same charger, my life would be a constant battle of "where's my charger?" in addition to "where's the remote? where's the flashlight I keep under the kitchen sink? where's the scissors I keep in the kitchen drawer? etc etc etc."
  6. I spent a day in the Port Isabel drunk tank back in the day. Was in there from about 10 am (like a boss) until later afternoon-early evening. Didn't get fed anything the entire time.
  7. My BIL is a sheriff's deputy in Wilco. he told me this story: One of their deputies was working at a road construction site somewhere in far north austin-- being paid off the clock to sit in his car with the lights on while the road crew worked on the road. He fell asleep and when the road crew was done, they packed up and left the guy asleep in his car completely blocking one now-open lane of traffic. Eventually an APD motorcycle cop woke him up and asked him wtf he was doing. He responded "working the road construction," but of course there was no road construction anymore. Apparently that ass hat got fired. Probably works in Manor or some small town now.
  8. Locals in good standing don't get tickets in small town rural counties, as long as its nothing too egregious. I've been pulled over probably 15 times in the 15 years I've lived here for stuff like 10 over or rolling a stop sign by local PD, sheriff, DPS , even once by a game warden. No tickets, only DPS bothered with the written warning. Once I even got pulled over twice in three days by the same DPS trooper on the same highway at the same time of day for the same offense. The second time he didn't bother with the warning.
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