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  1. The Masque of the Red Death is second only to The Black Cat.
  2. I'm going to hold out until its a 10x match. Really get maximum bang for my buck.
  3. I hope the police are not too nice to them when they are arrested.
  4. Agree with all of this. edit: julia fox is a little thicc for my taste, but still would.
  5. even people who play the president on TV have to work.
  6. I think that sometime between when he loses very strongly and Jan, there is a non-zero chance he "accidentally" ODs on adderall or whatever he's on.
  7. What's the line on doTArD committing suicide?
  8. A couple of years ago, we stayed at an airbnb near there. I distinctly remember that Wendy's is like an island in a sea of gridlock. It is a fucking shit show. Every Uber driver we had bitched about it. Its a shitshow even for walking. Its such a shit show that maybe they should just leave it, as it would be a shame to fix the acme of shit shows.
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