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  1. big tough guys, right out of central casting, just come right up to him. Tears in their eyes.
  2. there are other hikes, just not up in the basin. These are going to be at lower elevations, which means hotter and less or no shade, but there are still some fantastic hikes. Check the weather, its probably getting up into the 90s at least already this time of year. Nights are probably still cool if you are camping. https://www.nps.gov/bibe/planyourvisit/desert_hikes.htm you could also head over to the state park, go west on the river road from terlingua. The visitor center is on the left just before you get to lajitas.
  3. all trails and campsites in the basin are closed through the weekend, at least, due to a fire in the basin. https://marfapublicradio.org/blog/wildfire-at-big-bend-national-park-forces-closure-of-trails-campsites/
  4. Maybe take it to a shop that specializes in toyotas or rice-burners in general?
  5. Bon Bon gives me some serious side eye when I go into my daughter's room in the morning to wake the daughter up for school. She knows that means its time to get off the bean bag chair and go outside. The colder it is out, the stronger the side eye.
  6. The People's Court of The High Plains just indited Larry Klayman. Will somebody go arrest him please?
  7. Rabbits come into our backyard also. They don't go out. High velocity terrier mix takes care of them.
  8. That's not why they call them "open houses"?
  9. Peter Doocy needs to go get his shine box.
  10. My daughter's playscape definitely had a finite life span. But the trampoline has proved to be ageless. Shit, I even jump my old ass around on it on occasion.
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