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  1. Well he could do the right thing, tell the GOP to go fuck itself, and salvage a small iota of his professional dignity.
  2. Boba Fett deliberately flew into the Starlac (or whateverthefuckitscalled) to fake his own death because he knew he was on the losing side.
  3. Maybe I'm mistaking you for someone else, but I thought your biggest fear was hotel tv remotes.
  4. Impeachable offense committed during an impeachment inquiry. Add it to the list.
  5. Are you sure it was propane they were flaring, and not natural gas? I agree that we need to become a net exporter and tell the middle east (Saudi Arabia specifically) to fuck off. More production is only half that equation. Less consumption is the other half.
  6. I have a fire stick. Can I download the app and watch for free?
  7. Is Sessions just running as a "fuck you" to DOTARD, regardless of any chance of winning? Southern pride and all that.
  8. Wait, maybe I'm confusing you with someone else, and if I am I apologize, but aren't you gay?
  9. Sure. But the OP was "Net negative". Meaning more bad than good. Some good stuff, lots more bad stuff= Net negative. Destroying democracy and enabling white supremacists vs looking at pics of grandkids and bitching about _odd _rlando. You know I love you guys (with a few exceptions) but if melting the facetron and twitter and 4 chan servers meant also melting surly's servers, I'd take that deal.
  10. Your comparison breaks down along one important point: Black people were correct in that "the other side" had been getting away with it for decades, even centuries. But the GOP thing that Tom brings up, "the other side" haven't been getting away with anything. EDIT: because they havent' been doing anything they need to get away with. How about we give them East Texas (excepting the greater Houston Metroplex but including college station), OK, KS, all the SEC states? Maybe throw in Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, and W. Virginia. Non Trumptards could move out of those states, perhaps we could work out a land swap with Trumptards who move into those states.
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