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  1. Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Lets get to the real question: How is the talent at those various locations?
  2. I have to disagree. They know the demographics are against them. This speech was nothing more than a long justification for stealing the election. They long ago decided that despotism is better than liberalism. They aren't looting the cash registers on their way out the door. They are looting the cash registers so they will end up as oligarchs in the new order.
  3. When I was a TA some years ago, anytime a student would ask me "So what?" that was my standard reply. 90+% of them would look at me like "Wtf old man?"
  4. I was eating lunch yesterday at some local dive diner, and ESPN was on the TV. Those douchebag idiots were claiming Lawrence might be the best college football player of all time. Curse. lulz.
  5. 459-2222 That number was ingrained in my brain due to incessant commercials. But the good thing was the number for a cab was 452-9999. So I could always remember the number for a cab no matter how drunk I was. (Austin 80s and 90s).
  6. Most algos use "psuedo random number generation" which uses some sort of mathematical formula to find random numbers, which isn't truly "random". Like each dice roll is another digit in pi. But they should work fine for something like simulating dice rolls. Much more difficult to generate true randomness. The algo would have to use some sort of external data source to generate the random number. Like the ambient air temp meausured to the 100th digit or something.
  7. Yesterday at work I was playing at https://wizardofodds.com/play/craps/v2/ Don't know how well it works on a phone. After three or four sessions playing various methods, not making the sucker bets (pass line with max odds, cum bets with max odds, 6 and 8 only) I'm up about 2K. Seems to swing wildly back and forth. This site also has good explanations of the odds, all the different bets, etc for the noobs. Goes much faster than it would at a real craps table.
  8. The sun don't shine on the same dog's ass 24 hours a day is the way I've heard it.
  9. I'm sure its just a coincidence that climate scientists predicted earlier, longer, and worse wild fire seasons.
  10. Remember when Republicans used to accuse Democrats of trying to buy votes by promising free shit?
  11. I don't really like cats or dogs. I don't get the pet thing.
  12. Deader than fried chicken Deaf as a fence post Lazier than a dead cat
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