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  1. If the NYT tells me the sky is purple and DOtaRd tells me its blue, I'm looking outside just to be sure. But that is not what is happening here. I'm sitting in a room with no windows and the NYT is telling me the sky is blue and dOTaRd is telling me the sky is purple. NYT says they can't reveal their sources, which is standard for this type of thing. DOtArD says he can't show me his evidence despite the fact that every other person in his position in the past has willingly done so without even being asked. Multiple lines of evidence support that the sky is in fact blue. That's not a he said she said.
  2. @MillerEP I would like to note that the NYT has the duty to report this. A whistle blower brings these documents to them. They vet the docs, they vet the whistle blower, if they check out, they run the story. That is their job, that is why they exist. The motive or timing or legality of the whistle blower's actions are irrelevant to the NYT. Just like when members of the administration leak stuff to push an agenda. Works both ways. Also, the NYT does not "make stuff up." Sure they may make an error, but they print retractions. Their credibility is orders of magnitude greater than DoTarD's. Finally, they also have a duty to protect their sources. In this case, that means not releasing the documents. If you dispute my three points above, then you are disputing the role of the press in a democracy.
  3. My 9 year old came up to my office bawlling her eyes out. Apparently she saw one of those abused dog commercials where for pennies a day you can end animal cruelty. "Why are people so mean?" "Those dogs are so sad!!" on and on. Both of our dogs are sleeping in her room tonight, sleeping off a dog biscuit binge. Our dogs love those abused dog commercials.
  4. stopped reading right there when the author showed his bias ass. Should have stopped earlier at the all caps.
  5. When it starts happening to white guys in neighborhoods like is the only way its going to change, maybe
  6. This thread: Nerds and Lawyers. Can somebody just tell a simpleton like me why I should care who wins?
  7. Never seen a pic of him before. He does look a little.....chody. Edit: beat by the judge
  8. So you did an internet search and "couldn't find much more about the story." Hmmm. Did your internet search find anything about project veritas?
  9. That box is open. The only thing preventing court packing now is the fact that Congress is split between two powers. The only thing preventing it when the Dems control all three is "decorum". Decorum is dead. McConnell out front should have told you. In Jan, I want to see the "Gorsuch payback bill on court packing" introduced in Congress. Anybody that doesn't like it can take it up with McConnell. I want at minimum 4 more justices appointed by Biden: 1 for Gorsuch, 1 for Coney, 1 for not removing the orange dOTarD when they had the chance, and finally 1 for punitive damages as a fuck you McConnell. Everytime McConnell opens his wattle and whines about "decorum" or "court packing", I want another justice added. Dems need to go to war. Scorched Earth on their asses. After the GOP is dead and discredited, and McConnell is headless in a pauper's grave, then we can start talking about "decorum" again.
  10. Cops should have left him one gun with one bullet in it and a wink wink wink
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