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  1. probably drunk. seemed like houston had an epidemic of wrong way freeway drunks a few years ago
  2. nsiap, long thread about the gettysburg antiantifa larpers:
  3. copy the tweet url through the numbers and then paste in. it'll auto embed if it can. the format needs to be twitter.com / username / status / 9817234987389571. if it's in any other format like twitter.com / i / web / status / 9734594375234 this board is unable to embed it.
  4. that doesn't do anything with the people who abandoned CR and post politics in DT.
  5. summer taylor has died, diaz love is seriously injured, dawit kelete has been arrested. https://twitter.com/i/events/1279691093521489920
  6. lando with a few streams after the race (a bit boring, i imagine he's exhausted) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/670951530
  7. to be fair, he's running as an independent and not in the republican primary https://ballotpedia.org/Florida's_18th_Congressional_District
  8. remember when they walked out of the committee hearing to hold a protest that they weren't allowed in the committee hearing?
  9. next time i'm on something with an expiration i'm putting that date on my calendar. frontier didn't send the 30 day notice and 3 weeks of february of 2019 cost almost as much more than july of 2018
  10. that race was processional as fuck and then the last 10 laps happened. that's why you play the games! anti drunk driving campaigns get undermined by regular beer, i guess. i was thinking the ferrari onboard sounds like it's muffled or played through an AM radio
  11. Memorial Herman and Harris Health aren't ordering corona tests: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/investigations/article/Presumed-COVID-19-patients-often-sent-home-from-15385076.php
  12. 2/22 is when his term expires. he may be renominated, or someone else put up, before that. and i'm not sure why you'd want to get rid of him. most commentary around him is that he's done pretty well with the task he's been given. goldbugs don't like him but that's like asking asking aggy if UT is doing a good job.
  13. cars with no suspension and no aero, a few hours of practice, no qualy, and starting order set by drawing names out of a hat. this might be amazing.
  14. Scott Dixon might actually be a wizard
  15. northern Florida, the more Southern part of the state
  16. Bottas goes offroading to secure pole, ham 2nd by a blink, verstappen 3rd but will start on yellows, Norris in the McLaren looking racy in 4th
  17. Both McLarens and 2019 mercs into Q3, vettel out!
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