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  1. there's a joke about sailors and pussy somewhere in here
  2. bunker hill is the shit-showest of shit-shows at pretty much all times.
  3. happened in the 1800s too. northeastern wasps were being out bred by southwestern hispanic people. solution: outlaw abortion
  4. People who can't figure out how to put their car into neutral and need the help of 3 employees when going into the automatic car wash.
  5. dead system. unless you get some smashing deal on it i wouldn't bother. sony is probably going to be the cheapest to kit out a system, in part because they've been at the mirrorless game longer than most (so, more models), and also because they opened it up to 3rd party lens suppliers. lots of used stuff out there too. autofocus and tracking are top notch. fuji always seems somewhat pricey to me but lot of people love their kit. the canon R and nikon Z systems are too new for much used stuff to be around. you could just squeeze a canon RP into that budget with a refurb, though.
  6. final run down conrod as 75 comes in first. 75 and 91 have been pounding laps out, within a tenth of each other lap after lap, eating up everything else on track. really impressive drive by both. "i'm speechless. i've got half a woody and i'm speechless"
  7. think i'm going to have to tap out with an hour left
  8. when you use a whataburger receipt/survey coupon and it spits out another one
  9. the fed has a big problem: its tools can't fix the 700 cargo ships waiting for shit in shanghai, but they can cause collapse in the periphery as money gets pulled out chasing better returns in the US. and global collapses aren't good.
  10. why, are republicans in charge?
  11. no way i could get down to 72 unless it was 40 outside. 79 is fine. wear shorts and a t-shirt, have an iced drink.
  12. montoya breaks his car, less than 2 minutes left, race will finish under caution, herta wins with the strategy call of the day to switch from wets to slicks on lap 2.
  13. pato, after spinning on slicks from 2nd behind the safety car: "we're fucked right we can't go into the pits?"
  14. 20 minutes left in the race, wet track, under yellow, top 3 cars on slicks, herta in 4th and many others pitted 2 laps in a row to put on new slicks then wets, gonna be a wild finish. these yellows seem interminable as race control figures out what the running order is.
  15. rossi gambles to put on wets under yellow with sprinkles starting and the mclarens take each other out on the restart moar yellow
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