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  1. You’re a cunt just like all Trumpkins, Pussy Boy.
  2. Fuck Melania and her evil spawn, too. The whole family wastes the earth’s air and should do us all a favor and Goebbels themselves.
  3. Want to neg OP so badly. There are at least a dozen CS threads. JFC, move on.
  4. This and didn't I read that DB destroyed/"lost" a lot of Trump's records?
  5. I'm not sure why people "wtf, is that real" anymore, about Trump's moronic verbal missives. Not ragging on Irwin, b/c I understand the thought. But the only time I question a Trump quote now, is if it sounds measured and coherent.
  6. Who's more Christ like, Christ or Trump? We all know how Fundamentalist Christians would vote on that one.
  7. Fantasy BMD coaching search is best coping mechanism.
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