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  1. Yeah, that was pretty fucking stupid. It makes me wonder how this has spread throughout all the armed forces.
  2. As someone who's sold enterprise software for more than 20 years, this scares the shit out of me.
  3. I heard some surfer pulled a knife on Mr. Vine today.
  4. Can't believe I'm asking this but I'm assuming...hard boiled? Or is the goal to break the she....never fucking mind.
  5. Goddamnit, you motherfuckers quoting EMA makes having her on ignore useless.
  6. No but one should have to take an IQ test and a civics test and publish both results.
  7. I'd say trump's downplayed response was/is criminal. His "dumb start" will cost thousands and thousands of lives, but I'm sure you'll vote for him, enthusiastically, come November.
  8. bwahahahahahahahaha. Yes, red state governors are using 4D chess.
  9. DigglerontheHoof


    This SIP shit has really disrupted my sleep patterns. I can't seem to stay asleep for more than 3 hours at a time.
  10. The mouth-close/head turn perfects it.
  11. Getting laid, again. I haven't jerked off this much since high school.
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