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  1. HouTex


    Boiling the pork is a non-event. The only difficult part is spreading the masa and rolling them out. After a couple of dozen you get the hang of it. But if you don’t want to spend about an hour and half cooking the pork and a few hours for a couple of evenings doing the rest then don’t. A ton of guys don’t care to spend 12 hours straight smoking a brisket either. To each his own.
  2. “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.” Actually, the quote above in the OP is correct. Here is a war time poster that got it wrong: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/36/Never_was_so_much_owed_by_so_many_to_so_few.jpg
  3. HouTex


    Nope. Just finished 17 dozen for family and friends. Sure, the first time is time consuming but I’ve got it down. Cook the pork and shred it one evening. Then its about 3 hours an evening for two evenings. If you enjoy cooking it’s not a big deal.
  4. I've driven the BMW 5 series for almost 18 years. 10 years with the E39 (530i) and eight years with the F10 (528i). The F10 has been a great car maintenance wise. The E39 was a tremendous driving experience. As someone else said above it was like you were connected to the asphalt on a rail. Both cars have the same fabulous inline 6 cylinder engine. The F10 drives more like a Lexus than the old E39, but it has been far less expensive to maintain. The old E39 had a couple of oil leaks which ran about $1,000 each at an indy mechanic. I'm at around 90k miles on my F10 and I plan to keep it a few more years assuming all goes well. If you are handy and can turn a wrench you can save a bundle on some of the routine maintenance on some of the euro cars. Spark plugs and brake pads/rotors are fairly easy to replace.
  5. In a pinch, 9mm empty brass fit my ears perfectly.
  6. December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy.
  7. HouTex


    I like the 1920 but agree with you on the 1897. Also, there are many bourbons I prefer at a lower price point to both. Regular Weller and Larceny come to mind. Costco Bunker Hill had Larceny 1.75 for $39 yesterday.
  8. Through four episodes. Not bad. Sort of like an Irish True Detective S1. Cassie is cute.
  9. A good milk punch can sub for egg nog. I love milk punch.
  10. The Fugitive was fantastic. But I’ve wondered how shitty Kimble’s lawyers were because they missed the calls from his car to Sikes on the night of the murder. And how did 15 people verify that Sikes was out of town? Was he so dumb to lie about that?
  11. Do you have to buy shares in the corp? An asset purchase may be the way to go. If it has to be a purchase of the equity interest you need to diligence the hell out of it to ensure you know what you are buying and the extent of the liabilities that go with the corp. And try to get surviving reps and warranties in the event misrepresentations are made. Though it may be difficult to collect if you win the lawsuit. I’m no help on the permit issue.
  12. Just read your post again and yes you could run into issues if they always fall asleep while streaming. The first month or two of our streaming we just left streaming on when we turned the TVs off and we got very close to our 1GB limit. I wonder if Roku has a setting that shuts it down after a certain time?
  13. Just make sure that you turn streaming off (by hitting home on the Roku) before you turn your TVs off.
  14. My daughter (no pics) got it her first year at UT. It sucked but no lasting affects that we know of. That was nine years ago.
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