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  1. One of the headquarters they keep showing is a building in Spain. They talk about it during the discussion after the episode in HBOGO. The writers are very much full of themselves.
  2. No order: 1. The Beatles--White Album 2. The Beatles-Abbey Road 3. The Beatles-Revolver 4. The Beatles-Sgt. Pepper 5. The Beatles-Rubber Soul 6. Bruce Springsteen-Born to Run 7. Led Zeppelin-IV 8. Fleetwood Mac-Rumours 9. Pink Floyd-Dark Side 10. Prince-Dirty Mind This was hard. Tough to leave off at least two of Elton John's albums (among my favorites: YBR, Honky Chateaux, Mad Man Across the Water), Springsteen's DOTEOT and Greetings, and the Stones' Sticky Fingers.
  3. It was 14.5 lbs untrimmed. So I’m guessing about 12.5 lbs trimmed. I slept a bit longer than i planned this morning so I started the cook at 9:15 and I wrapped it at 3:00 at 170 degrees about half way through the stall and took it out of the BGE and finished it in the oven inside at 290 degrees. At 5:30 the brisket read 203 degrees and the probe went in like butter. I took it out and it rested for about an hour when it was served.
  4. My contribution to the quarantine cook. One of my best efforts. The pics always look dry but it was damn near perfect. I did a hot cook-290, and it turned out great.
  5. Cisco’s has/had (is it closed yet?) great migas. If anyone over 35 with a UT connection doesn’t know about Cisco’s migas they should be shamed to oblivion.
  6. I haven’t touched a flagstick in about two years anyway—except for tournaments. The groups I typically play with started leaving the stick in when the rule change was announced.
  7. Great to hear. I hope we open next week. It’s hard for a club in Houston proper (or any major city) to go against an edict from the local government. The directors just don’t want the controversy for the club. And it just might be illegal.
  8. In country maybe. Beyoncé says hi.
  9. So if I’m Peter’s boss there’s no way I let him fly paying passengers around the country. Not that there’s much flying going on now.
  10. My club is closed. I played Wildcat last Sunday but everything in Houston is shut down now. Memorial Park Golf Course was open until yesterday. I got an email this morning that Teravista in Round Rock will remain open. One person per cart, but you are encouraged to walk. I walk and carry my bag about 80% of the time so I would have no problem with that. They also have other reasonable restrictions in place. Good for them for remaining open. If I lived nearby I’d look into it.
  11. PSA. Kroger has packer choice briskets for 1.99 per pound.
  12. HouTex


    Kroger has packer choice briskets for $1.99 on sale. One will be smoked this weekend. Edit: wrong thread. And no bourbon yet!
  13. It was disclosed and I’m pretty sure it can be waived if it is an actual conflict. Practically, I can’t see a client continuing to use Kim no matter how good they think she is. Kevin is sort of an idiot so I suppose it makes sense. My clients would switch counsel immediately and probably smell a rat. Keep in mind that the old fart had been in litigation and lost. So he must have had counsel and Jimmy’s late entry to the party would look very suspicious.
  14. The tragedy for Kim is that she’s a pretty good lawyer. She’s throwing it all away or so it seems. And for Jimmy?
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