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  1. My first home UT game was in 1980 my freshman year and we played Arkansas in the college TV kickoff classic (i think that’s what it was called—it was the first big televised game of the season). We beat Lou Holtz’s team. It was a great way to begin four years of generally excellent UT football.
  2. Not that we should, or would, do so, but how many national championships can add from years past because of the way SEC counts national championships?
  3. For Houston guys playing public golf I highly recommend Gus Wortham in EaDo. I played it today. $49. Fabulous course. It was HCC’s course from 1908-1958. It’s in great shape, especially with all the recent rain. It runs along Breas Bayou so you get some interesting elevation changes. On some holes you’d never know you were in Houston. The new clubhouse should be finished in a few months and it will be very nice.
  4. Too many pessimists here. Read some more optimistic views of the future. The Next Hundred Years would be a good start. Also, read Factfulness to get an understanding of why so many of us are pessimists.
  5. I was there in spring 2020 when my club opened 9 holes at a time. I had a 35 and several mid to high 30 nine hole rounds. My handicap plummeted and I thought I would forever be a mid to low single digit index. By late 2020 I was back to an 11 index and I’m still there. It’s a cruel game.
  6. The Memorial Herman reference was a mistake. I meant to type the Methodist system. That’s what they told my mother as the reason why they were having a different time caring for my father.
  7. We did that in the summer with dried mud balls that were damn near rock hard. We were idiots.
  8. In Houston is never going to stop raining.
  9. The people I know who are not getting the covid shot(s) had no issues with the MMR, small pox, polio, and the other vaccines for the them and their children.
  10. Many nurses, for some reason, are avoiding the shots. My father is in the hospital quite often battling the last stages of Parkinson’s and just old age and last week when he was there the folks at Methodist Hospital said that the Memorial system has around 130 nurses that can’t come to work because they wouldn’t get the shot. They were incredibly short staffed.
  11. HouTex


    As I was waking up from the anesthesia I had the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. I wanted to go back to that place immediately. I get my next one in a couple years and I’m looking forward to it. The prep sucks but it’s not really that big of deal.
  12. This. During sporting events that I follow on an iPhone app I will get alerts on my iPhone about 5-10 seconds before the scoring play airs on YTTV.
  13. Joking, no doubt. Really hard for me to give a pass to obviously bullshit claims of racism.
  14. It takes a large set of balls to ask someone to move from first class to coach so they can bring a spouse up to first. After I stopped laughing I would have said “you’re kidding, right?”
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