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  1. I was only about 3 months old when it happened, but when i became old enough to understand it, the nuke scare was something we always thought about until Nixon’s detente policy was in place. We had those drills when you crawled under your desk and kissed your ass goodbye. While playing outside if we saw a mushroom shaped cumulus cloud in the east toward Houston we worried about a nuke strike. It was part of life then.
  2. I’m 58 and have lived in the greater Houston area the entire time except for my four years at UT. I’ve had pools a lot of that time. The December 83 freeze is the only thing that comes close. My family had a broken pipe in the garage from that one but no pool damage. I don’t recall ever seeing the extensive pipe/pool damage from a prolonged freeze in central/SE Texas that we got with this one. I’d say it’s more like a once in a lifetime event. 89 and 2011 had cold periods, but I didn’t see the extensive damage to pipes and pools like this.
  3. Got my first Pfizer shot today. Weird that I didn’t feel it all compared to the annual flu shot or the shingles vaccine. Zero soreness and no apparent side effects after three hours. CVS is a machine.
  4. HouTex


    I don’t disagree. But some of the syrahs over the years, especially the Pappa’s, have been other worldly.
  5. HouTex


    My semi-annual case of Carlisle came in yesterday. This offer was all Zins. Their Syrah and petite Syrah are very good. They also have a few whites that are interesting. Most of their wines are under $45. I encourage everyone to get on the list. This is about the only Cali wine I drink now.
  6. Sounds like you are new to spinning. If so, yes. But it will not take long to get really into it. Most of the classes are not insane.
  7. You could have a nice drinking game with Jenn Sherman. Take a drink every time she says fuck.
  8. I have the exact same crack in my valve. My irrigation guy says the part is on back order. I turned my water off at the valve and then bled the device. I was unable to turn the water off below that point hence the broken valve.
  9. This. I’ve had shitty bagels in NYC and very good bagels in Houston.
  10. Not hipster worthy, but this little thing (it’s much smaller than it looks) was a life saver last week on a gas stove when the power went out and coffee shops were closed. It really only makes about two double shots.
  11. Allen v. Farrow ep. 1 premiered yesterday. He is one weird dude.
  12. After 9 holes of golf I’m really enjoying a generous pour of Benchmark No.8 right now. Under $20 for a handle. Lots of good bourbon out there. After a shitty week things are looking up here in Houston. Hope everyone is safe and warm out there.
  13. I have a tankless water heater in the attic so after I turned off the water into the house I just turned on several hot and cold water spigots around the house until they ran dry.
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