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  1. This right here. Nice old ladies work there. They never shut down. I give them as much business as I can.
  2. Do liquor instead. They didn’t inspect our styros or insulated drink containers when I was there last fall. Those little airplane bottles also work. That said, I do prefer beer to liquor during a round.
  3. I’m curious why some BGEs have fluctuating temps. Mine holds very steady over a 9+ hour smoke. It might go lower by 10 degrees over several hours but I’ve never seen a large spike. I’ve had small spikes when the water gets low in my drip pan. If I leave to play golf, or whatever, I just make sure there’s plenty of water in the pan before I leave.
  4. I had the more common clip in my old spinning shows but I bought a new pair of shoes with the Peloton clip. Glad i did. I wonder why Peloton went a different way on the clip?
  5. Same here. I was wary of those fuckers when I was 8 at the county fair in 1970.
  6. Depends on what "material respects" means. Most of our days are not so eventful that we would get them "materially" wrong. In my case on 9/11, I was a young partner in my firm and I was about to leave for downtown Houston when the first plane hit. The news reports were vague at first--they didn't want to (or couldn't) say it was a terrorist attack yet. I left my home thinking to myself that it was a small plane that hit the first tower. On the way to work I listened to the radio and heard the report of the second tower being hit. I knew it was terrorism at that point like most everyone else. At work I heard that one of the towers collapsed. Then I heard the second one collapsed. I gave my secretary a dictation tape and left the office and went to church to pray. Most of the folks at work left early. Shockingly, there were only a few people in church. When I got home my wife had gotten our young kids out of school and we watched the news for the rest of the day. Nothing there to get "materially" wrong. But sure, like most lawyers, I've read about people's memory and how it can change and be affected by trauma. I get the point.
  7. I recall hearing that diet coke is based on the New Coke formula while Coke Zero is based on Coke Classic (aka just Coke).
  8. What a point with the drop volley.
  9. There should be a line about 3 or 4 feet behind the baseline that you can’t stand behind in a serve return.
  10. Thiem comes back to win in 5. I like the Z’s style of play and that he’s willing to come to net at times. Banging away at the baseline is killing the sport.
  11. So the HS and college kids aren’t enjoying late nights in the pool with their boy friends/girl friends anymore? What a shame.
  12. Just finished the series. Even with the loose ends it was a great series. So many times I wanted Elizabeth to die a horrible death even if she has a perfect ass. Rather than ending it during the DC summit, I wanted them to deal more with the post Cold War break up of the Soviet Union. With a different actress, they should make a sequel with Paige continuing the parent's tradition as an illegal operating in the DC area post summit and continuing into the early 90's. She would have extensive plastic surgery so no one can recognize her. She would be a kinder and gentler version of her mother as she pursues her social justice agenda.
  13. And 007’s wife in OHMSS who dies at the end. “We have all the time in the world . . . “
  14. If you have one TV, maybe two, you are probably right. If you had the Direct TV and five TVs connected with the Genie I don’t see it ever getting close to the $350 per month I was paying to Direct TV.
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