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  1. I will too, unless Jacobs and the NO DST combine for 20.5 points. Fucking lucky dipshit opponent started Gesicki and benched Juju for John Brown.
  2. can't get sportsurge working, anyone found working stream links?
  3. Saw score, found thread, searched for the word “cake.” Good job guys. It’s just, you walk into the kitchen expecting the cake to be baked, but instead find the chef wearing the mixing bowl on his head and smearing batter all over the walls. Just got to execute.
  4. Always knew Chip Brown's shady dealings would eventually catch up to him, and he'd end up frozen in carbonite.
  5. @Stewart_Mandel Schedule Randomizer software has been updated to have Ohio State play Illinois twice, Rutgers thrice
  6. Dropped Rodgers for Big Ben, despite having a feeling Rodgers was gonna have a "fuck you" bounce back fantasy year. Ugh. I hate short benches.
  7. Wonder if Bru McCoy watched that wide receiver TD parade from his couch.
  8. He took over as starter like halfway through last season. Flacco was fucking awful iirc. He boat raced the Texans that one week.
  9. Thread needs more @future man Dak takes.
  10. That looked like OPI in real time. Slow-mo made it appear questionable. Good call imo.
  11. anyone got a good stream for redzone?
  12. From the school that brought you frosted dorm windows...
  13. Lol @ Mark comparing himself to George Lucas, and Keith to Joseph Campbell.
  14. John David Washington was not good. Some of his line deliveries were really cringey.
  15. Yeah, his health issues are he's almost 70 years old.
  16. Since Dort stepped out of bounds, the play was blown dead as soon as he touched the ball.
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