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  1. Peace. Losing your mom is hard-some of us know. De Colores.
  2. My great grandmother had a porcelain doorknob that she would put in the nest. Snek would swallow knob, beat self to death trying to digest it or pass it. Knob would be recovered to fool another snek.
  3. Dude reminds me of Elvis Costello. He's giving me a last look.
  4. Longhorn for life. And beyond. Peace.
  5. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. My goldie has his head on my lap watching this with the same expression.
  7. I took that ride at Disney World before they shut it down-terrifying.
  8. Ha. "misteaks". Steak-umms guy is very on brand.
  9. The moral is work on your short game. And keep your day job.
  10. Oldest boy and his wife are at the farm prior to leaving for summer jobs. He encountered a three foot Crotalus in the wood pile today. Did not end well for said serpent. Will not tolerate vipersnwithin a hundred feet of house where grandkids cavort.
  11. Ah, spring. Warmer weather, better fishing, bluebonnets in bloom, and the Snek thread warms up.
  12. bmbmd

    Haiku thread

    He seems really nice. Can't coach worth a fucking shit. Fire his haircut now.
  13. Not sure I even care any more. Goodnight.
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