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  1. My wife got me one a while back. I liked it but I would wake up in a pool of sweat, I mean standing water on my chest and arms. And my room gets cool in the winter months but it still made me sweat like hell. I don't use it anymore but it works as far as getting me relaxed and to sleep quickly.
  2. I don't know my APR off-hand and it's not on the mortgage website but after doing some calculations, I'd assume it's around 4.7%. I plan to stay here for good but of course, you never know. So let's pretend I'll never move.
  3. Teenaged boys are notoriously lazy. Maybe he wants them to do the pitching, teach them some work ethic? "You won't be able to lay there and get fucked your whole life, Jeffrey. Eventually you'll have to put forth some goddamn effort!".
  4. I bought my current house in 2013 at 4.5%. I've been thinking about getting a refi but I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle. I'd like to get my loan from my credit union (I have my car loans there and I like having all my shit together in the same place), their current rate for a 30 yr fixed is 3.75. I'm not sure I'd save enough per month to justify the closing costs.
  5. No kidding. I'll almost never drive over 11k miles a year. And that usually includes one road trip of 800-1000 miles round-trip.
  6. Fuck, I blazed through this during my long weekend and I'm done. I liked it, hopeful for some DLC but not gonna hold my breath.
  7. Wife and I went to dinner, then did some christmas shopping. Got home and we're just lounging. At 10:00PM, she realizes that she forgot to make the dessert for the thanksgiving lunch we're attending at her mom's house. Then she realizes she's out of eggs. I just stayed in my study, she's back from the store and still baking.
  8. My sister and her husband are going to Branson this week, so I'm having my Dad come over on Saturday to do a thanksgiving/grandkids birthday party. I'm really looking forward to hearing about how Otto Graham and Wilt Chamberlain are far superior to the scrub athletes of today. For the 1000th time. This year. I love my old man but he tells the same stories over and over again.
  9. I decided I wasn't going to pay the 10k for the nav key to stellar bay, I'll just land at the other pad and walk there. I made it about halfway and realized it was a bad idea. I got chewed up like a mofo. Crawled back to Gladys and paid the money.
  10. Yeah, all the guys too irresponsible or lazy to buy condoms are gonna make (and show up to) a Dr's appointment.
  11. FYI to anyone else on the fence like I was, this is on sale right now for $45. Sale ends 12-2.
  12. The dust that Poncho sniffed down south ended up in Lefty's snout.
  13. My wife's co-worker knows the people. The shooter's wife was fucking his half-brother. I know that sounds like your standard Oklahoma joke but it's true. He killed them both and then himself. There's kids involved too, it's very sad.
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