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  1. Sandman

    Truck Nuts

    Ford dropped a new Bronco ad. Pretty cool.
  2. I'm colorblind and I hate this fucking test. Would it be so hard for them to include a written list? I guess it was.
  3. Watched "Richard Jewell" yesterday. It was good, as most Eastwood films are. Dude is 90, I worry we won't have him around much longer.
  4. So the angiogram showed that one of the bypasses my dad had 4 years ago is now 90% blocked. My sister said the Dr seemed comcerned, which is not how he normally acts. He got my dad squeezed into the schedule for monday to have a stent put in. Thankfully, his carotid is ok. Dad is fine, he's a former cardio-cath guy and was chatting up the nurses. He's not out of the woods and I'm feeling fucked up about the new blockage but I guess it could be worse. Thanks for letting me get my thoughts out, it really helps.
  5. I called my dad right before father's day, just to shoot the shit. He says "Oh yeah, I had a procedure the other day...". Four years ago, he almost died from a heart attack and wound up getting a triple bypass and some other shit done as well. I guess when he went in for a check-up recently, they didn't like what they heard, so he had an ultrasound done. His heart is working at about 50%, same as one side of his carotid. The other side of the carotid was 100% blocked 4 years ago and they bypassed that as well. So he tells me he's getting an angiogram on 7-2, they might also put in a stent or two. I took off work but with the covid shit, there can only be one person in the hospital with him and so my sister and I have been trying to formulate a plan. But starting last night, I've been racked with some kind of sickness. Don't think it's covid but what do I know? I don't have a fever but I've been shitting my brains out and have an awful headache. I don't want to just abandon ship on my sister but I don't know if I can allow myself to be around him. My guess is it's just "one of those things" that needs to run it's course. I've had long-standing guilt issues and man, they are kicking my ass today. If I go, I'm a careless prick. If I stay away, I'm a cold-hearted prick. Even though I know it's just my imagination, I keep thinking my dad and sister will assume I'm lying about being sick so I can avoid going at all. I texted my sister today and gave her a heads-up, she didn't seem bothered at all but...guilt, guilt, guilt. And no, I haven't done anything in my past, I just have that thing going on inside my head. If nothing changes, I won't go. My sister's husband is considered high risk and I don't want to potentially expose either of them. But I can't stop thinking that this could be it. He might not walk out of there. And I'd be home, doing nothing. Fuck.
  6. Yeah, I love that guy. I've been resisting for quite a while to buy this t-shirt, I might have to pull the trigger soon, LOL. https://www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/Casefile-True-Crime-1999-Light-by-casefile2016/41235832.FB110.XYZ
  7. I listen to several true crime podcasts and probably my favorite one, Casefile, did a four part series on this case a few years ago. It was teriffic, if not a bit graphic. I highly recommend it.
  8. Shit, I'm so worn out now I'd probably tear my rotator cuff if I tried to open a bay door like that.
  9. I worked in a lot of warehouses in my life, I've never seen anyone make a knot like that just to pull up a door. But I have seen them used to hook onto a bollard or hook to make sure the door didn't close on it's own. That's my guess.
  10. Wife got a new laptop and wanted to use my USB drive to transfer her work stuff. I gave it to her and went about doing whatever the fuck I was doing at the time. Yesterday, she wanted it again and asked me for it. I told her she never gave it back, she vehemently denied that. I started looking for it and found nothing. She finds a 64gb drive and asked if that was the one. I was sure mine was 128gb so I said that wasn't the one. Again, I accused her of not puting it back, she said "I gave it RIGHT BACK to you when I was done!". I got on Amazon to order a new one and I decided to check and see when I bought the last one, because I was pretty sure it wasn't that long ago. Turns out, that 64gb one was mine after all. Hmm. Me: Hey, I was wrong. That drive is mine, I guess I just forgot it was 64gb. Her: THANK you. I told you I was pretty sure this was it! Me: So where did you find it, again? Her: In my end table... Me: So you didn't give it back, like you said. You kept it. THANK you. Her: Tone
  11. Yeah, I agree and I did call. They were gonna let me come in but then the big boss changed his mind at the last second. I have to work from home until we get test results back for my kid. And just to be clear, our "at risk" employees have been out of the office since March. The nearest person in the room is 20+ feet away. But I still didn't feel right not saying something. I'm gonna get crushed with work when I go back, it's gonna suck.
  12. Our local test place is M-W-F, and she's off work wednesday, so she can go then. I just feel obligated to tell my supervisor. I don't know what to do, it doesn't feel right to not say anything.
  13. This has now hit (somewhat) close to home. My daughter just called and said her coworker's dad tested positive. Her coworker is now on a 2 week break from coming to work. My daughter lives with me and I'm wondering what, if anything, I need to tell my boss. Is this a big enough degree of separation that I don't need to freak out my coworkers? We're currently doing a weekly rotation and I don't see any of the at-risk people (who are 100% at home) or any of the ones that are freaked out about the whole thing. What I'd like is to say nothing, keep on truckin' at work and nothing ever comes of it. But I feel obligated to tell my boss so she can be the one to decide how to handle it. I don't want to get people riled up but I don't want this to bite me in the ass. My wife is currently looking up testing sites and I hope we can get my kid tested tomorrow. If she's ok (which I think she is), I'll feel better about my situation. Do I give my boss a head-up or do I just shut my big yapper?
  14. Ha, so NOW all of the sudden, a woman can accurately judge measurments/units of time, etc.? You should know better.
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