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  1. Motley Crue / Poison at Minute Maid park on August 19. Should be fun.
  2. Sometimes being a tourist is really fun and informative. Hit up a gold mine outside of Denver. Kiddo had a blast.
  3. We got out there early and tailgated till 6 and got in line. Beer lines were also shit.
  4. Wife and I took the kid to Red Rocks with us this weekend. Bucket list item for us and he really enjoyed it. He just started guitar and this was his first big show.
  5. Turnpike at Red Rocks was awesome. That is an amazing concert venue.
  6. Well that was awesome. Red rocks is amazing. The kid before Reckless Kelly and Turnpike.
  7. Being from Houston - I had never had to use public transportation except one time in Munich. So, figuring out the massive amount of options from the airport and Amsterdam Central took a little practice.
  8. Same. Did two separate work trips to Amsterdam and the people were really nice. Had to have a couple locals help me with the trains / trams.
  9. Any articles that neglect record profits across industries is not telling the whole story.
  10. I never said they didn’t work. I said they had a massive leg up on the world. Maybe it sounds better if I say they had a head start over the majority of the world.
  11. Then you’re trying to hard to believe there is anyone with any sense of science or understanding running the republicans. Louisiana has a bill ready to go outlawing miscarriages and IUDs. [emoji2373]
  12. Oh, we’ve been through this? I missed that. Obviously nothing has changed.
  13. You’ve been terribly brain washed. Every single billionaire you worship had a massive leg up on the world.
  14. Equity is more than just a single number. Good god man. How do you not understand that?
  15. Even across the board. So like a flat tax. Everyone pays 20%. Then what? That person making $30k a year is now down to $24k. Now they need food stamps… which last I checked you don’t like…. That’s why your “equality “ idea doesn’t work. It’s not realistic.
  16. You completely missed the mark. Again - what people pay in is only part of the equation for equity. $30k a year and that person is still struggling to make ends meet. So, another bracket or raising that top tier 5% isn’t going to hurt that persons ability to live like it affects someone at the bottom. Have you ever been broke? It’s hard to be broke. Why do you and others like you want to make it harder?
  17. My son was 2 or so and we went to my BIL’s rehearsal Dinner. Kid ate his weight in food. He took all you can eat to a new level. At the end he blew his diaper out and up his back to almost his neck. As we are walking out, the maid of honor decided that was the perfect time for a picture. We just kept walking. Kid road home in a new and clean diaper. Clothes were in a bag in the bed of the truck.
  18. In order for things to be equitable, a whole lot less people would have to pay taxes. 5% of someone’s income making $30k a year hits a whole lot different than 5% of someone making $500k a year. You talk about equity, but you ignore the impact and the lower spending power that the bottom 90% are left with. How’s that equitable at all? I may be mistaken, but you seem to be leaving out the spending power side.
  19. Why do you hate people that put in a 40 hour work week and can’t make ends meet?
  20. For those of you that are dads of young women - a question: If this plays out in Texas like it is in Louisiana, how are you going to support your daughter through any miscarriage hearings she may unfortunately have? Will you go to her trial? Will you help with any costs? This is where we are heading. Miscarriages happen way more often than what’s discussed. They are being outlawed and any miscarriage will be reviewed. This is why I can’t understand how anyone is a republicans or is even willing to just sit it out. These assholes are wanting to put women through hell for something that happens all the time. Medically, you can’t tell the difference between miscarriage in purpose or one that just happened.
  21. Spoken like a true capitalist.
  22. You guys are also leaving out record profits by so many companies.
  23. Tinder, all porn, sex toys will be outlawed again… drug war ramped back up etc etc. this is a Republican wet dream if Roe gets over turned.
  24. I always wondered why the people burning the witches were the good guys in so many stories…
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