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  1. Yep. Didn't we get clarification from initial doctors that they were in fact doing GOF research at the lab? That is no longer in dispute despite what Faucci likes to say. Either way, the world needs to know. That China "disappeared" any scientists and journalists that spoke out on it is telling as is the gag order on their entire scientific community and complete erasure of all studied data and samples. Just gone. Poof. What was the early stat? Had China been forthcoming on this virus initially, more than 95% of the worldwide cases could have been avoided. Those are war ty
  2. Shut down by their own government and are now directly competing against their endless money printing press, and the solution is just to "be better" JFC....
  3. Or perhaps you take a more nuanced approach to their "base" and reconcile take home amounts vs those in a fixed wage. Further, also revisit this notion is some inherent flaw in their model as it is impacting many more sectors than just food/beverage. It's any wage at or under $20-$23hr.
  4. Of course, but one can be solved with the flick of a pen.
  5. This is all true, but in this current case, we are pointing at a clear market distortion in the form on federal printed money - creating a disincentive for many sectors, not just food/beverage. This is very different from creative destruction or paradigm shifting innovations.
  6. What's the over/under on someone to tell these companies to "sell more stuff" so they can make more money and be able to pay more to their people....
  7. Like I said. Price elasticity. So if their cost structure goes up to untenable levels, they have to cut their fixed costs, ie, overhead staff. That being said, arguing about "absolute pricing power" ignores the middle, mainly that in the immediate you can and will see price increases passed on to the consumer to the extent that they can. In the end, it's one agency with a budget trying to compete with one without. We all know how that turns out.
  8. If a small business with a complicated fixed and variable cost structure and often single digit margins can't beat out an entity that can just print money.....you're saying it's the small biz owner to change? LOL
  9. I'll take "What is a Service Based Economy and Price Elasticity" for a $1,000 please
  10. Good real world example of pass-through charges incurred by businesses. When you artificially raise their cost structure (fixed or variable), guess what - they don't just eat it. Whether it's taxes, MW, or capex, it filters down to the consumer and ultimately readjusts the baseline. Either way "they" don't pay it. We do.
  11. Starting a new job can be hard. Cool story
  12. Bet that's fun to fire at night!
  13. Wild. You used to be able to buy M1 carbines from a catalog after there were massive surplus dumps after both WWII and Korea. Wish I could fire up the DeLorean and pick up a dozen or so.
  14. Right. Ours were like $150+ and covered in grease. What's the old saying about never sell an old gun as you will invariably regret it.....
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