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  1. Black belt in Mexican Judo Judo know if i gotta' gun.... Judo know if i gotta' knife.... Judo know nuthin' bout' me, so keep walking.....
  2. Understood of course - just getting at the larger question why EVERY death attributed or adjacent to CONVID is lumped into the same bucket, skewing the numbers up.
  3. What also bothers me about the data is the attribution. You could have pneumonia and stroke out on the hospital bed, posthumously test positive for CONVID, and (from what I hear), the death is attributed to CONVID.
  4. OF course, the nuance is in finding an acceptable error rate to the data. That's the hard part.
  5. The variable of "cases" is unreliable at best. We know this number to be wildly higher due to gaps in testing and people being asymptomatic.
  6. Proving a negative in the context of decision-making. Not in the abstract. “If we don’t act….the sky will fall”. This “moral imperative” argument from DC gets old. That was the first point. The second - In the context of the original observation that the cure is killing the patient more than the illness bears discussing. Massive UE. Trillions lost. Millions of businesses lost. Nor is this a binary decision. It’s not ALL or NOTHING. There is room for nuance, hence the original assertion. Did we go too far? EX. Denmark is set to re-open schools and other areas of their economy next week. We should all pay attention. The original models all cited as the cause for the actions taken are being downgraded time and time again. Distancing working? Or other factors? Correlation, or causation? It’s too early to tell. Let’s assume the plan is to get most everybody out of quarantine by say sometime in May (other than hot spots perhaps). What would have really changed since a few weeks ago and then? Is this not worth talking about? Will there be a significant percentage of the population that would already have had the virus? Will there be a cure by then? Will you be any LESS likely to get the virus than you were 3 weeks ago?
  7. Also called a histogram. Evident in all aspects of life. In nature. And out. It's inevitable, and when viewed through a nuanced perspective, not necessarily all bad or all good.
  8. That's not what we are seeing. What we are seeing is the hyperbolic statements of calamity and catastrophe if XYZ is not initiated. It's the same chapter from the playbook we've seen over the last decade, used by both sides. From climate change, to financial regulation, to healthcare, gun control, and a myriad of other issues. It's disingenuous at best and manipulated by both sides based upon the amount of fear and angst they can generate. No, I'"m not saying this is a hoax. No I"m not saying this isn't serious. No, I'm not saying this isn't a massive issue. I'm addressing the obvious and recurring overreach stemming from this issues and taken advantage of by our elected officials. If we don't take more and more and more control, then the sky will fall and the seas will boil. It's for your own good......I"m from the government.....I"m here to help. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.
  9. Any time someone tries to force you to prove a negative, kick them square in the dick. It's the most absurd of arguments....
  10. Took kids to the ranch. Daughter caught the first two bass. I caught the next two. Son caught a tree....
  11. My pops has one. Lives up in WA state near my brother. TONS of fish up there obviously so he purchased one and he loves it. Convert from a life-long offset guy. *not sure if I told this before, but last summer we were up there with the family. On their back porch we notice a disproportionate amount of wasps that were getting a little aggressive. No nest we could see? But they were getting mad. Then we notice a bunch congregating under the electric smoker cover. Pull it off, and many more. Open the smoker, and a fucking nest the size of a soccer ball wrapped around the bottom electric coils. Slam it shut. Duct tape over the hole they were using. Plug it in. Turned it on. Fuck all wasps. Smoke starts billowing out. Satisfying does not even come close to the feeling we felt.
  12. MK23 with a can is huge. And pricey. Hell, for that scratch I'd get a KRISV Vector in 45acp and put a can on it. Better overall platform, not 'that' much bigger.
  13. I still have many friends in Austin who drink only craft beer and IPAs and wear far too much flannel that find every gun offensive....... I'll see myself out.....
  14. Surgical masks were never made to protect the wearer. They protect the patient. Surgeons and doctors wear them when operating to keep any bodily fluids such as a sneeze or runny nose out of an exposed patients body. They don't do diddly squat for this so don't waste your time other than they keep you from picking your nose while in the checkout line. I'd say for colds/flu they make more sense, as in for those they are symptomatic and likely to sneeze......keep that shit to yourself.
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