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  1. By the look on her face, I'm guessing you were in the pool.....and she is trying to be nice about it.....
  2. You're talking about a study the FBI did on "21ft". Also called the "Tueller Drill". It's been debated as to it's efficacy and reliability, but basically (according to the study) a perp can cover 21 feet in the time it takes you to draw your weapon, acquire the target, and squeeze the trigger. Most people over-estimate how quickly they can get on a trigger and under-estimate how quickly someone can be in your face.
  3. Careful you don't get your ass kicked by someone's mom who goes to Yoga x3/week and rides a Peloton.
  4. Agreed on all counts. Now, to play the percentages, seeing as the outcome was attempted murder, do you think it was a cordial "hey, please wear your mask".....or do you think both sides dug in and it escalated in such a way that was needless and unnecessary? Which, at that point, seeing as the two were in stabbing distance of each other, not shouting across the street, nor were there indications the attacker ran at and chased the victim down.....which seems to be more likely? And which scenario could have been easily avoided?
  5. Just stop. This isn't the fucking cloak room where you can spin your yarn of false equivalencies and straw-men arguments without push-back. For the fourth fucking time. You were not there. Neither were we, but it seems a good example of where interjecting yourself into the lives of others includes a substantial amount of risk.
  6. Oh, people you know......How noble. Now, go find a random gas station and get to preaching. Tell us where so we can video and have an ambulance on standby when you pop off to the wrong person. It's not blame - it's a lesson in reality that if you chose to interject yourself into the lives of others, you run the very real risk of escalation and confrontation. There's a chance this guy said in the most polite way possible to "please wear a mask".....there is a greater possibility he was blunt about it, the guy with the knife popped off back, and it escalated. Hence the outcome. Life lesson in "just because you can do a thing, doesn't mean it's wise to do so"
  7. Does he have a flame-thrower and a claymore strapped to his chest also? lol....nobody is defending this young knife-wielding turd. It's also a testament to what can happen when you pop off to the wrong person. Again, maybe let things go at some random gas station.....not like he's walking into the House of Representatives.
  8. Find another way to save the world. This isn't the internet. Or from the safety of your car. You get face to face with a complete stranger...they get a say in how things go that are outside your control. Maybe just let it be and go about your business. You never know, as stated, if this person is at their wit's end. My guess is this probably escalated as more words were spoken, then it spiraled up. Just let it go people.
  9. Of course. We don't have a video or witness account, but even for a complete psycho to get spun up to a point that he F'ing stabs you...like I said, often the initial interaction point becomes irrelevant as things escalate. Just walk away...
  10. And I'm just fucking shocked you completely missed the point that when you involve yourself in the matters of a complete stranger you put yourself at risk....
  11. Sucks this old dude got stuck, but come on....you are going to get into words at a gas station with a complete stranger over a mask? He didn't get stabbed over "a mask"...he got stabbed because he interjected himself into someone else's business. I've seen shootings on Greenville (Dallas) over cab fare outside the Royal Rack Room (pool hall). Doesn't have to be much to get someone spun up. You never know if the person you are barking at is at the absolute end of their rope....as it seems this kid was.
  12. Jesus Christ. Modern firearms don't just "go off" you fucking retard. You know this. You carry it daily. How many times on your hip day after day did it "go off". No, this nitwit had his finger inside the trigger well and probably on the trigger itself and either intentionally pulled, or slipped, but with his trigger in the wrong place, caused the gun to do what it was designed to do: fire. Either way this is something training would mitigate. This is just a litany of shit. Identify your target. Identify what is beside and behind your target. Trigger discipline. Firing through an opaque object, not knowing what was behind. Doesn't this idiot watch spy movies. Call out through the door to identify the person.....while standing beside it if you have to. If he feared for a front door entry, spent $79.99 and get reinforced door jambs so nobody can kick it in.
  13. Jesus, reminds me of that book (Not Without Hope) written about the three NFL players and the power lifter that had their boat invert in the Gulf of Mexico. Wrenching to read as the 3 NFL players, with their minimal body fat, died one by one as they had to hold on to the inverted underside of the boat in the cold water....leaving the heavier power lifter alone for days on end in the choppy water.
  14. To me, they are "our" players. I, not anyone I know cares about the color of any player who represents the school. Every fateful year, I act like a fool for the school and the uniform. I cheered just as loud when Shipley returned the kick as I did when Young sent the masses in Red home early. Ride or die. Shoulder to shoulder. Fuck everyone else.
  15. Not much to add relative to these awesome posts - but this little piece of plastic is a god-send. Back from vacation and I'm just here at my desk between calls loading and unloading pistol mags and loving every minute of it!
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