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  1. Quick follow up: again, if this is primarily for pigs. Don't overlook the venerable 7.62x39. It's not sexy. It's been around for decades. And it does the job. Great, great intermediate range round when paired with modern optics. Low recoil. Heavier grain. Easily accessible ammunition. Just fun to shoot.
  2. The Creedmore has taken the long-range (1,000+Yds) circuit by storm due the sectional density and ballistic coefficient of the round. Translation: it's a longer, skinnier bullet that is easier to shoot accurately over long distances. Specifically the 6.5CM. 6mm CM is a neat round as well (similar to a .243). Keep in mind every few years there's a NEW, HOT round. Weatherby. WSM. Nosler. Creedmore. For pigs, IMHO, 5.56 is all you need. After that first shot. They scatter. FAST. It then becomes about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shots being able to be fired accurately and being able to rapidly reacquire a running target. With a tighter twist rate is will stabilize 60-70gr pills that do the job quite well with minimal recoil. I've sat in a cold, dark field spotlighting next to a friend and his (very F-ing LOUD) M-1A Springfield. I consistently would easily double his downed pigs (if not more). I could get back on target so much faster. It was no contest. His had bigger holes in them. Both did the job.
  3. I remember back when I went to Kealing Middle School we played Lamar and destroyed them. F those guys....wait, what....
  4. Oh, will you look at this. Only $800....definitely don't spend $185 on a Coleman Vintage or $100 on an Igloo Legacy.... V Series Of course
  5. God's country.... We're in Runnels/Coleman county. Digging the rack, neck shot, and old-school Mossy Oak camo. I still have a jacket in that same pattern which works well in that part of the country.
  6. I drink FREEDOM coffee you summbeeches!
  7. Yep. Back in the day: $.99 totinos and/or Ramen/Earl Campbells hot links always hit the spot.
  8. Winter does give you a few more options:
  9. Neighbors cross the street from us had to take their old lab to the vet for obstruction issues. Turned out he'd been eating her dirty panties out of the hamper and crapping them out in the back yard. Then got backed up and had to have surgery. It could always be worse.....
  10. Any puppy advice? Besides a military-esc schedule for potty training which we're gearing up for. This little monkey is going to learn to love soccer fields. Practices 4 days a week. Games. Tournaments. She'll be going everywhere with us. I run/ruck a lot during the kids practices, so she'll start that with me immediately.
  11. Our first dog is a cool little terrier mutt. Plenty neurotic from when she was abandoned, but smart and well behaved. Now we're on to #2. Doodles being all the rage, and me being anti-doodle somewhat, we've reached a compromise. Blue-heeler doodle. Cadoodle, I think they call them. Supposedly smart as a whit. Active. I might have a new ranch/hiking buddy. Being vetted by the rescue/adoption place now. We always had Heelers and Aussies at the ranch as cattle dogs, so I know what we're in for to some extent. Looks like these two - scruffy little muppets
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