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  1. I have it on good authority that our brave men and women in uniform have a taste for Icelandic beer: https://www.businessinsider.com/us-troops-iceland-natos-war-games-drank-beer-iceland-reykjavk
  2. BabaYaga

    Silver Spurs

    My wife's stepmoms brothers kid was a SS. But never pased out a 31 flavors. Said it was awesome.
  3. I'll cut a beech. Bring it on!
  4. A halfway decent neighbor would have identified the issue long ago. Shown their support for the family, and upon learning their intent, rolled up their fucking sleeves and helped them built it (they are a giant PITA, BTW to build). Then after, god help the family, offered to take it all down and ship it off. Lord knows they have enough to worry about.
  5. Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes. We are all accountable for our actions.
  6. According to the FB page of the mom, she indicated they first discussed the matter with the Gottliebs, who then made the earlier proclamation upon being told the HOA approval was received, that the Costa's should have requested approval from THEM as well. SO fuck them. They knew.
  7. There is a FB page for little Colton created by his mother. She noted about the suit that they are not the only person in the neighborhood to be sued by this fucking neighbor. A neighbor that knows about the condition of the boy. Who indicated they (Costa family) should have run this past THEM first. So once gain, FUCK these hateful twats. Kid just had a bone marrow transplant. Something I hear is just LOADS of fucking fun, especially for a small child. God damn everything, I hate this for the family. My only hope is this brings positive attention to help the family and child.
  8. Jesis Christ, what a bunch of bleeding gashes. Here's a novel fucking idea. Before you are allowed to sue someone (short of physical, bodily harm suits), you should be forced to sit down at a table and talk to them. Like a fucking rational, normal person. Get a mediator if you are too much of a poon to handle things yourself. Approval was submitted through the HOA pre installation. Even if there was a misunderstanding, I'm sure the HOA just fucking LOVES the media attention of the parents of a dying child being sued over a simple structure that brings this poor child some temporary measure of reprieve. I'd tuck my son into bed. Get him some comfortable ear muffs to help him sleep, them point my game-pro varmint call at my neighbors house and blast wounded rabbit noises all god damned night until they called the cops and I played dumb? Noises? Yeah, no. I heard them too. Like a rabbit being attacked or something? Bunch of litigious pussies.
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