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  1. Starting up nicely in Hyde Park. Who runs Evil Mopac? Shit’s great.
  2. 95% of the people who need to understand this can't and don't even know what or where Hungary is.
  3. The beauty was when they came back for the reunion, he didn't back down an iota. Just fuck all! Went after Tom again and man, that guy. I'm sure he went places.
  4. Like that guy that invented the pet rock? You see, that's what you have to do. You have to use your MIND and come up with some really great idea like that. You can make MILLIONS and never have to work again!
  5. Yeah well. He might play ball (because it is his choice, clearly), but he will never sign that.
  6. A family member that works for the DOD uses this argument ALL THE TIME. "Be glad you aren't in Afghanistan" etc. (He never served in Afghanistan, yet uses this all the time). The point is, no shit. Using one of the worst situations in the word doesn't mean that everything here is amazing. This is yet another version of "American Exceptionalism", which I think is the great downfall of us all. This same person puts forward the idea that animals are below us and have no souls and are not worthy of many rights humans have. The very idea that "we", as Americans, are so far above other people and animals is what serial killers think. Oh, I just figured out the current Republican party.
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