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  1. This is fine. Certainly not against every principle of our country and certainly not authoritarian. Not at all. Edit: are we sure about this? No other outlet is reporting it and what the hell is Channel 4 news?
  2. Sure, but the citizens have shown that they DON'T want that, as evidenced by the popular vote over and over. And yet here we are. We are kind of arguing the same point I think.
  3. Again. I don't understand why this isn't a bigger deal.
  4. Considering they already exposed it like 3 years ago, yep. Not sure how that hasn't been hammered every day since.
  5. This is such fucking horseshit. Our tax system is so fucking stupid.
  6. These "debates" are going to be total bullshit. No one should be undecided at this point of this shit show and if they are, they probably shouldn't be voting anyway.
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