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  1. Man, you speak the truth. Biff is half long haired dachshund and he wolfs anything down that is even remotely edible like it’s his last meal.
  2. Yep. I wasn't there back then, but worked a summer at C&A. The shelf where the salt and pepper and ketchup lives now is the window where the food came out when it was The Beach.
  3. Yeah, Sacrament is just what got me into them. Then went back and discovered Ashes of the Wake and all the rest.
  4. This. God damn how are we a year into this and people still don't understand how masks work?
  5. George: What's the difference? We'll all be dead eventually. Kramer: Does that bother you? George: Yeah, it bothers me. Doesn't it bother you? Kramer: Not at all. George: You see, now, that bothers me even more than dying bothers me, because it's people like you who live to be 120 because you're not bothered by it. I have a friend at work like this. She's terrified of anything having to do with death. She's also been holed up in an apartment for basically a year now. I'm more on the Kramer side of things.
  6. It took me a little while too, but then I heard Sacrament and Walk With Me in Hell and I was hooked.
  7. Yeah, I never really got it. I mean, Kramer yelling "caliente!" maybe?
  8. Maybe we should eh-stomp you like you eh-stompa the flag?
  9. Can they do that without a majority? Couldn't the Senate Dems just rewrite the rules?
  10. https://austin.eater.com/22311228/austin-restaurants-requiring-masks-social-distancing-despite-gov-greg-abbott-order
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