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  1. He is pure evil. Right up there on the level of Stephen Miller.
  2. ah, didn't realize there was OPS and OPS+
  3. Lol yep. Born in Fort Collins, CO and went to Gonzaga.
  4. Am I racist for being surprised that Marco Gonzales doesn't have a Latin American accent?
  5. So do you mean .120? Cause isn't it usually like 1.005+ or whatever?
  6. Yeah, seems like they won't be fooled again. Gonna jade helm Arizona into oblivion.
  7. Oof. That left in a hurry. 1-0 bad guys.
  8. Does this thing fizzle out and die or is Arizona a red lock for 2022-onward?
  9. Kikuchi got in trouble in the first, but got out of it. We really should sweep this series if we are at all good at baseball.
  10. This is performance art for delusional humans. She may be one of those delusional humans, but that guy knows he is completely full of shit.
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