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  1. This seems bad. Is this bad? https://www.npr.org/2020/07/09/889301025/u-s-broadcasting-agency-will-not-extend-visas-for-its-foreign-journalists The new Trump-appointed CEO overseeing Voice of America will not extend its foreign journalists' visas. Michael Pack has signaled he won’t approve visa extensions for dozens of foreign nationals, many of whom would be forced to return to authoritarian countries and face serious repercussions for having worked at a U.S. broadcasting agency. VOA also depends on those journalists for their language skills, which are crucial to the agency’s mission of covering news in countries without a free press. Pack fired the top officials of five media companies under his control immediately upon taking office, and his move to expel foreign journalists seems to be the next step in reshaping Voice of America to broadcast Trump administration propaganda.
  2. Alright motherfuckers, just rename this the Donald Trump 2020/Rice Cookery thread.
  3. Agree that this is a real concern. We have to remember that dotard is just step 1 of a very long fight and we can't afford to backslide. The midterms have to be a resounding fuck you again. If Rs get control of either the House or Senate, they've shown they will do nothing except destroy the foundations of this country.
  4. We are lucky he's just a coward that threatens, but doesn't actually follow through. If he weren't, this would be really worrying. That said, he should be removed and shot into the sun.
  5. Csb time. My wife saw a patient yesterday that started ranting about how if the libruhls win the election in November, he's afraid it's going to destroy the country. As if we are on some skyrocketing trajectory at the moment. He then went on to tell a story about how he was kicked out of a restaurant in Kyle for spouting trumpkin propaganda out loud and bothering other customers. The police were called and he went to jail for disturbing the peace, but it wasn't fair because he was just trying to tell people the truth. These people are not well.
  6. First, that looks like it was done by a high school student. Second, what are the chances they got permission for the use of that film footage and paid the appropriate licensing fees? Approximately 0%.
  7. Well, it very much depends on what happens in November. If dotard is the president for another term, I believe the US is relegated to 2nd world status and the rest of the world moves forward without us.
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