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  1. Biff Tannen


    Can't believe I'm the only one that cares about this. Fuck all you guys.
  2. Why in the motherfuck do they still start with a prayer?
  3. This may be the most succinct and correct answer to what happened in 2016 I've ever seen.
  4. C'mon! You don't have $5000 you can lend her?
  5. This. My other theory is that they would rather be voted out than exposed for their illegal funding via the NRA from Russia (and god knows what other foreign entities). If that angle is not investigated when/if a Dem president comes to power, I will lose my damn mind.
  6. I agree with both. I don't think B is a big deal though.
  7. I think lack of media attention isn't a bad thing, as the polls bear out, and also that lack of media attention doesn't have to mean they hate him. Not sure what would be in it for them anyway. Just seems like the Bros whine a lot while their guy is basically in first place.
  8. This is the craziest one to me. The dotard has something on him. Something bad. There is no other explanation.
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