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  1. Wow...I thought episode 7 was brutal.
  2. zman13


    People are reporting that Academy has more ammo in stock after the line people buy their ammo. So more good news
  3. When we went in 2019, there was a similar advisory. The 2019 advisory wasn't as dire - it was more of the "don't walk drunk around bad neighborhoods at night" type of warning. The local paper usually reports all the crime. Looking at it for the last few weeks, it doesn't seem that bad: https://tcweeklynews.com/index148.htm
  4. If you are feeling really lucky, there are $350 to $450 roundtrip from Austin to Tokyo fares until the end of Feb 2022. Japan is not open right now but might be in the fall or winter. https://escapeatx.com/cheap-flights-austin-to-tokyo-333-413-r-t-aug-jan-2022-american-airlines-delta-united-ana/
  5. Bought tickets from Austin to Barcelona for August 2021. Spain isn't open yet but hoping it re-opens by August. Tickets are $550 per person, so I feel like it's a good risk. It's $550 for any date this summer, so if you are feeling lucky...
  6. It's a good movie to have in the background as you pay half-attention to a zoom meeting.
  7. It was like an episode of the Bachelor mixed with Nathan For You.
  8. I thought Acho did a great job as the host. He's much better than Harrison. James wasn't having any of Rachel. The rejection of the hug was awkward/hilarious at the same time.
  9. zman13


    Seems like the ammo situation is getting slowly better. Academy still has some ammo in stock past the initial "people in line when it opens" rush. Went to the Oak Knoll/183 Academy at 10am today and they had 9mm, 5.56, shotgun shells and other assorted ammo still available.
  10. Really enjoying this show. This is how the true crime shows should be - showing the struggle, grit, heartache, triumph, brotherhood and insights behind an investigation. Plus it's Danish so everyone is stoic and mournful.
  11. Here's what I learned/was told: - Stay on cellular, not wifi - Use the fastest phone in your group - have one person watch the time while another person tries to join - when it gets close to the time, start doing page refreshes (on an iphone, pull down) to refresh the page - be ready to go fast when the join button pop-ups - you need to move very quickly. You will have seconds to do it. All the reservations will be gone in under 10 seconds
  12. A little more details. You are allowed to park hop to any park at 2pm. So if you want to do the new Star Wars ride, you need a park reservation for Hollywood Studios for that day. Because they only open the virtual queue for the ride at 7am and 1pm...which is conveniently before the 2pm park hopper time.
  13. Went to WDW yesterday. We've been watching the wait times for the past few weeks and it's starting to increase each week. With the park reservation system and the Rise of the Resistance ride in Hollywood Studios, most of the crowds go to Hollywood Studios in the morning. Tower of Terror, Slinky Dog Dash, Mickey/Minnie Railway all had 60 minute waits. The other parks are a lot emptier than Hollywood Studios. If you want to do the Rise of the Resistance, read up on the strategy to get a place in line. We didn't get a place during the 7am queue but did get a place during the 1pm queue.
  14. Have watched two episodes so far. It's a 6 out of 10 so far. Has an interesting premise but the characters haven't been developed much so far. Lots of bad decisions and questionable choices. Reminds me of an 80's horror movie. Hoping it improves or I might bail. An example of the decisions... someone's been murdered! Let's be sure to put ourselves in situations where we can all be killed one by one! And let's not keep on eye on the person we think did the murdering! Also, whenever something has to be done outside, a person on the station goes outside alone. Not just betwe
  15. I'm thinking they told she had to make a cameo on the Bachelor to get invited to Bachelor in Paradise.
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