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  1. They did exclude 267 patients without outcomes (death or discharge) during the time period, which was about 9% of the total patient group during the study’s time period. There were other smaller groups of patients excluded, as well.
  2. I’m a big fan of country-style pork ribs. Easy to cook and are great sliced up for sandwiches using Hawaiian rolls. Stubb’s BBQ sauce is not optional.
  3. I’m so glad I was drunk before reading this because I’ll probably pass out after draining an entire glass of rye whiskey, which I’m going to do right n......
  4. By the look of the guy in the background, we won’t be hearing from Wulaw anymore
  5. I have a bank account that will ensure his millions are saved. Have him DM me.
  6. Upstate NY has some good history related to the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars (there are some old forts on Lake George) and interesting folklore (Rip VanWinkle and The Headless Horseman). If you end up heading toward the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area, look into making a side trip to Letchworth State Park.
  7. Oakland Unified is going 100% distance learning for the 1st month then switching to blended learning.
  8. I’m pretty sure GHWB had Hicks killed for ripping on him so much
  9. The school may have some guidance: https://www.rit.edu/coronavirus/
  10. I grew up about 45 minutes south of Rochester and my summer job in college was at the Genesee Brewery next to the falls. Every employee received 2 cases of beer a month. Not to mention the free beers during and after work. I also attended basketball camp at RIT as a high school student. It was my first exposure to people who were deaf. We would try hitting on the college girls attending summer session or the ones there for figure skating camp. Good times. Drive her to Erie then take an Uber to the Cleveland airport? Is there an exception for taking a family member to college?
  11. I’ve been browsing real estate listings. $300K goes a long way.
  12. The younger brother of a girl I hooked up with in HS ended up a few years later killing a girl he was dating. He was 18 at the time. Shot her in the back of the head at a canyon overlook while she was saying how much she loved him. She was a few years older than him and was pushing for them to get married. He obviously had some mental health issues. After be shot her, he realized what he had done and tried to pick her up. When it was clear she was dead, he took off in her car and went to his HS basketball game. The coach, a guy I used to play hoops with, saw the kid crying on a bench, holding the gun. He told the coach to take it before he uses it on himself. The kid had stolen the gun he ending up using and had shown it to a friend in hopes he would get turned in.
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