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  1. Burt Reynolds’ character (J.J.) was named after the younger brother of a very good friend of mine. /csb
  2. O’Hare Terminal 1: Billy Goat Tavern & Grill
  3. I agree. Pointing out that LBJ abused his power for personal gain is a brilliant defense strategy.
  4. No: Raiders of the Lost Ark The Great Escape/Stalag 17 Mr. Roberts Remake: All Quiet on the Western Front
  5. My wife walked by the screen, saw him, and said, “Wow, Matt Damon got fat.”
  6. That’s what the former Sacramento Kings executive offered when he was caught. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28078881/how-nba-executive-jeff-david-stole-13-million-sacramento-kings
  7. Edelman, Kupp, Zeke, and Melvin Gordon are locked into my lineup. Need two from the following (PPR): Brian Hill (@Car), Devin Singletary (@Mia), Jamison Crowder (@Was), James White (@Phi), and Kirk (@SF).
  8. We’re having an early Thanksgiving as my wife’s sister doesn’t have her kids for Thanksgiving this year, which works out well because her sister’s boyfriend is an ultra right wing QAnon conspiracy theorist. Christmas will be interesting, however.
  9. Down 14 Opponent: Brady Me: Edelman and White
  10. Saw The Who last week in SF. Great show. First part they played songs from Tommy. Full orchestra for about 75% of the show.
  11. Just received this trade offer (ppr): Give: Mixon and Godwin Get: Devonta Freeman and Edelman I also have: (WRs) Hopkins, Thielen, Landry, and Samuel (RBs) Damien Williams and AP Leaning towards No as Godwin has been a beast this season.
  12. I had that combo in one of my leagues. Just under 100 points. Have just Deshaun in my other league and ended up with 69 (really 68.7 but this is Surly) points from him.
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