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  1. It should be all DMX this year
  2. I like that. I usually stay at Cosmo and that seems like a good place to get over a hangover, while enjoying the scenery.
  3. Yeah but the payoffs are sometimes great (tanning girl)
  4. I played Cascata 2 weeks ago, amazing course about 30-40 min from strip.
  5. Hopefully you mean +15000
  6. Do they ever get contestants on the podcast?
  7. His glasses make him look like a lizard. Plus he’s self conscious.
  8. Someone is realizing their new GF sucks, and is missing his ex.
  9. I thought Simon was great too. "I'm allergic to latex"
  10. Maybe he just really hates doors
  11. This looks like an inside job. Did your brother recently purchase any insurance policies on the pit?
  12. Thanks for the explanation. How do they battle the trend (I'm assuming, too lazy to look up numbers) to digital downloads vs physical games? The consoles have captive customers, and in 10-15 years if the vast majority of games are digital that just leaves PC gamers as customers. I guess if they can acquire Steam or create a better service and take over Steam's customers that could work, but Valve (the owner of Steam) is worth ~10B (according to Forbes) and GME's market cap currently is $10B at the inflated short squeeze stock price. Getting into the PC hardware business is
  13. I've seen this mentioned other places as well, and apologies if explained earlier in the thread, but how does GME become the Amazon of the video game industry? If it wasn't for Reddit/short squeeze, how would GME be a fundamentally sound long investment?
  14. https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/wti-holds-big-losses-after-surprise-crude-build
  15. How the hell did Jemmye make it on All Stars? Has she ever won anything?
  16. That looks better than I expected, I was expecting a low budget Champs vs Stars type season.
  17. Wingstop is good, just not one convenient to me and I'm talking more about a place I can go sit at the bar and eat wings and drink giant beers.
  18. I'm considering trying it out for lunch this Friday to watch basketball because I am that desperate for good wings. I'm prepared to be disappointed though.
  19. Is that related to this?... https://www.facebook.com/GiveMeDirtyBones/posts/113657030754271 Also, I've been wanting a good wing sports bar to open up in FW (Pluckers, please) so when I drove by the old Stirr location and saw them putting up a sign for a wing sports bar I was excited. Then I went to their facebook page and see it's just another bottle service place (with wings). https://www.facebook.com/GiveMeDirtyBones/
  20. Bali Hai isn't the best course (but it's not bad either) that's pretty affordable and really convenient. Right across from the airport, south of Mandalay Bay. 5 min cab ride from any strip hotel.
  21. I would also take Cory & Kyle in a final over Fessy
  22. I hate segments where Corby sucks himself off talking about how funny he is, but that was pretty pretty good.
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