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  1. Helen Crump. Andy goes from dating knockout sweethearts to...that.
  2. Yall are fooling yourselves if you thought @NowThis posted that on accident. He's just trying to get as many views as he can to his homemade art.
  3. Childress to Denver is one of my favorite drives in the US. I just hate the Ft Worth to Childress portion.
  4. Couldn't they just eat the locusts? Need a big freezer.
  5. Democrat Party propaganda operation...I had no idea Vivaldi was basically the left's Mark Levine. Don't even get me started on the raving left wing operatives on Science Friday.
  6. A lot of people go bowfishing for them around here in the Brazos. I've never understood how that worked on water that is about as clear as a toilet bowl after 5 straight days of gas station roller food.
  7. Dude should be suspended a few. Horrible thing to do.
  8. Science Friday was interviewing an expert and talked about how the genome was solved in hours compared to weeks with SARS due to technological advancement in the last twenty years. He was saying that creating an effective vaccine wouldn't be difficult but that approval, manufacturing, and distribution can take up to a year to get it out en masse with the way we currently do it. He also stated that the genome was as expected with a greater than 95% chance of it coming from a bat or other small mammal.
  9. Agree with the rest, but Shaka has turned this one around for BU. He's lost 8 of the last 9 and looking to miss the tourney yet again.
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