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  1. I swear Manks are weird as hell looking
  2. Breaks down into 2 categories for me. Stupid illogical emotional involvement: 1.) Baylor Football 2.) USMNT 3.) Baylor Basketball Regular fandom: 1.) Dallas Stars 2.) Houston Astros 3.) Aston Villa 4.) Austin FC
  3. So you're saying my decision to skip the wife's cousin's wedding at Debbie's Celebration Barn in Oskaloosa was a good one?
  4. If you want him to have a future or believe in him then lean on him. If you want to/think you'll eventually fire him then get HR involved so that you have the proper documentation lined up when the time comes and you don't get any blow back.
  5. SimonBolivar


    Came in the mail today. Smells stronger than just about anything I've ever smelled. I'll give it a shot next week sometime.
  6. Art Briles and Gary Patterson hated the shit out each other publicly.
  7. Boy you sure didn't looking at your resort choices and extras. I love me some Sanaa. Bread service is top notch and the short ribs and rice combo was really good too. Did you get a chance to eat at the California Grill when you stayed at the Contemporary? I loved the service there.
  8. Part 1, they couldn't raise prices on the existing product as it has the lowest guest satisfaction ratings they've ever seen (rumors but good sources). Instead by cutting supply they'll have the ability to raise prices and I'm sure it'll fluctuate as it becomes a more premium product now. The issue is that with fewer people happily using Genie+ you'll see them waiting in lines more which is a money loser for Disney. That's why it's rumored that they need a replacement instead of just this temporary cut to supply. Part 2, that's a good reason why the cut for The Great Movie Ride, but replacement attractions are short and have less capacity. GotG's estimated capacity is actually decent, but people eaters are disappearing and being replaced by non-people eaters in general. That combined with many shows and meet and greats still out of commission leads to bad wait times and lost profit.
  9. Insiders are pointing to Genie+ causing the most guest complaints in living WDW memory. They're pointing to that being the major reason behind the announced shift to day of purchases only, as they're going to cut supply and make it more exclusive until a permanent solution is created. This is what happens when you rip out high capacity and longer attractions (Universe of Energy, Great Movie Ride, etc..) and replace them with 3 minute attractions to get people back out in the park and spending more money on alcohol and merchandise.
  10. Fun game, pumped for Oilers/Flames too. Go Edmonton
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