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  1. I know we have a stacked group of youngsters coming up, but is this next Chilean group supposed to be pretty weak? I still think of them as much more talented than the USMNT...
  2. For reference it's actually closer to property than where we lived as College Program workers.
  3. I'd agree with this especially without Fastpass being an option. Prices at the value and moderate resorts are crazy compared to the Gaylord and other top places nearby.
  4. That's the best part about being a Big 12 fan instead of an SEC fan. Every game my team isn't in is a meteor game!
  5. I'm not sure but he has 0 appearances for Bournemouth this year in The Championship after coming over in October. If he can get some run with them then he'd be right with Morris and Swansea in a promotion fight if Morris ends up in Wales.
  6. Yep I was surprised seeing some State of Mexico plates there. That's a long drive for a 2hr flight. I assume they're all visiting family while they're here too?
  7. Mqn I saw them all at the San Marcos outlet mall a couple of days after Christmas in 2018. There were more Mexican plates in the parking lot than American ones.
  8. Fuck being the Broncs. They should've kept the Ocelots name.
  9. When are you going? WDW has really limited the perks of staying on site recently. Extra Magic Hours is gone to be replaced by every park being opened 30 minutes earlier to resort guests which is useless, Fastpass+ isn't a thing right now, and starting December 31, 2021 they're discontinuing the free buses that go from MCO to the resorts after adding daily parking fees at the resorts a few years back. I'd stay offsite for sure, if I went at all. I've seen mostly negative reviews lately with long waits and a lot of entertainment is gone possibly for good.
  10. We lived across the street from some Cambodians who owned "Bakery Donut" growing up. A couple times a year they'd come over with dozens of donuts and bear claws, which I'm guessing was a peace offering for making the street smell like fermented fish soup.
  11. They do and in a just world that would happen, but one of these two groups will be in power on the right and I prefer Mitch to Donald and I certainly prefer Mitch over Mitch & Donald united.
  12. I think Ken would be a good full time host if his past comments don't sink him. We'll see how everyone else does.
  13. Time to call Guam and the USVI too and see how they feel about statehood.
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