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  1. Damn, Blackhawks digging in that Edmonton ass early
  2. Fun game so far in Edmonton. McDavid doing McDavid things.
  3. I had sailing, camping, and 2 yogas...those were the days.
  4. And give them 20 years Aggie "We would've won" while they put Trump 2 up there? Hell nah get em voting and make it a landslide where R's have to change it up.
  5. "Did you guys know I coached Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa"
  6. Oh look an 0-2 count for an Astros hitter.
  7. Well I'm not going to talk to my fucking kids.
  8. PlutoTV (free) on Roku and just about every other streaming device have dedicated channels for both Rifftrax and MST3k if you're just wanting to leave them on.
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