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  1. I was a senior on the 40 in December 1991. Don't really remember many details, but the story rings a bell. I did just finish the book, "I'll Be Gone In the Dark" about the Golden State Killer. They caught that fucker after all those years using DNA, they need to get off their asses and solve this one.
  2. I think what he means by "legit in the game" is those two mentioned were more than users. As far as the Neb game, the one play that kept that game closer than it had to be was the dropped pass that Kirkendoll let go through his hands. We score there and its not close. But i do agree, losing Collins in the off season that year was a big loss.
  3. He got Kevin Bacon and that chick of his, lost thousands, consequently millions.
  4. With signing day approaching in 2005, i think most of us felt good post-Vince, b/c of the kid from LA. (Reserve, LA). When he de-committed at the HS All-Star game, Snead as a fall back really didnt register, I may be misrembering.
  5. He went to the same Spanish class as D'Vante Lampkin
  6. jdhorn92

    RIP Chris Doleman

    Just waiting on Bradshaw....oh wrong Pitt.
  7. The FIL gives gifts to his son's wife?
  8. Sounds like Shaka, do not want
  9. So I wonder who the Rutgers Basketball Coach is? Guess we better start brushing up on Scarlet Knights hoops.
  10. Richard Rainwater $3B. He was the biggest of them all.
  11. Partied my ass off in his bar Drew Pearson's88 , off Walnut Hill area of Dallas circa '94. Every Sunday during those SB years, his place was rocking. Between that, Humperdinks and the Village..Ha! good times.
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