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  1. I would have loved to hear those stories, how scary and interesting to get first hand accounts. Yes, I thought that was interesting to read how Mexico was like fuck it. I know this is off topic, but I recently read Killing Jesus. The Romans did a version of this with the Jews around the time of the life of Jesus. They let the Jews have their religion and settlements, ways, cultures etc.. in a complete reversal to the other reaches of their empire. In some part they did this to have Israel act as a buffer between the main thrust of the Roman empire and the north of Africa (ie the Egyptian, Arab countries/armies etc..).
  2. Yeah they were, could you imagine moving out to the far reaches of civilization, like the beautiful hill country of central Texas and creating a homestead...only to have a band of commanches roll up on you...my goodness the horror of that. That tribe was ruthless...I was struck by the way those scenes were articulated in the book. I would tremble just reading the detail of how they would wipe a family off the earth in a moment (that's if you were lucky to be killed). To be taken, my goodness the terror they must have felt.
  3. Thank you Wulaw. I think Im still just raw from the deal. 3 kids and school teacher wife (no pics). Its a bad deal all around and the more I read, the hotter I get.
  4. You are correct, my opinon of your opinion, is that your opinion is bullshit. See the bold above. You my friend have a warped sense of reality. Have pity on them, sure, but to say you generally are not mad at mass shooters is a mind blowing. There is no excuse for blowing a kid's head off. Period end of story....typically I don't get mad at these people that are called monsters by many... Good God man, what is your deal. Have you no respect for self accountability? You cover your opinion by blaming others? WTF
  5. According to Empire of the Summer Moon, I bet the Comanches roaming central Texas could
  6. Adrian Alaniz is sending us his best player, will have to look up the name, but saw where we got a kid signed from Sinton in C/O '22
  7. 60 Minutes did a story on this 5-10 years ago, ill edit/link if i can find it.
  8. I capture rain water in 2-45 gallon buckets attached to 2 downspouts and use gravity/fall and garden hose to water my plants. Of course I live where we get 60" a year and the capture of rainwater is not illegal.
  9. haha, yeah that happened in New York I think, after his best years as a Dodger. Same thing happened to Knoblauch iirc. Incidentally, Sax did a commercial in the 80's where the janitor comes into the locker room while he is lacing up his spikes, something about nerves and hanging them up if you ever lose the butterflies before a game....that commercial always stuck with me when he started getting the yips
  10. Steve Sax was one of my heroes growing in Southern CA. Stud 2nd baseman who took over for Davey Lopes. Sax was one of the rookie of the year players the Dodgers grew on the farm. Fernando, Sax, Pedro Guererro, the lefty reliever?? who had all the drug problems, Mike Marshall or Greg Brock. They had something sick like 5 or 6 in a row in the mid-late 80's edit: had to google it: Steve Sax 1982 Fernando Valenzuela 1981 Steve Howe 1980 Rick Sutcliffe 1979
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