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  1. That's made up bullshit, at least it reads that way to me. Herman is a lot of things, but even he isn't retarded enough to believe that a coordinator being woo'd by Texas isn't immediately going to go back to his agent and the school currently employed at and use it to leverage for the best possible deal regardless. In other words, no school is going to be fucking left flat flooted without a chance to counter. Period. What a stupid fucking whine. Also, if anyone didn't think LSU had tentative plans to keep brady as of fucking September they're dumber than Daddy98 after a 5 day bender of huffing gasoline.
  2. "Leaks" having negative impacts sounds like Herman whining.
  3. I think I hate Chip Brown less than I hate Wescott Eberts. And I'd like to see Chip Brown flayed alive and then slowly set on fire a bit at a time. Maybe extinguishing the fire with some acid at times.
  4. I'm not sure I saw it mentioned already, but in their last free update (which means it's probably a couple days old donor update) from yesterday, they said they believed if Harrell wasn't announced by Wednesday it would be time to move onto another candidate. I wonder if that's realistic or not, but hey, lets go ahead and throw some fucking gas on this tire fire.
  5. I’m not sure losing a stud player to tOSU when Texas has been shit for years, they’re a perennial playoff contender, and have been successfully raiding Texas for the last 5-8 years or so qualifies as a fireable offense. Anymore than losing another stud 5* WR to them from the Austin area was a fireable offense. But losing THIS guy, well fuck, that’s a bridge too far! At some point we need to fucking win.
  6. Yeah, so I had a holiday party last night.
  7. Maybe you’re counting your unhitched chickens
  8. I mean. Now I really, really, really want him to be the OC at Texas. Is that wrong?
  9. I don't believe it. Calling plays and being a head coach is really, really....really really really hard, guys.
  10. Sounds like the perfect guy to stand up to Tom Herman while coordinating fantastic offenses.
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