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  1. This sums up Roach about as well as possible in his own words: Chef’s kiss.
  2. No. It’s cultural. Texas boosters don’t want to cheat. They’re snobs. We’re having to talk real slow and hold hands to explain how NIL is Legal. I’ve told this story repeatedly, but these are literally guys who were incensed at the SEZ because athletes don’t need great facilities, the value of a university of texas degree is reward enough.
  3. If by “hired guns” you mean kids attracted to NIL money, maybe. If you mean mercenaries like Dindy and Nolan, probably not. Alabama literally didn’t pursue Nolan this cycle because they knew he was a Merc and his dad would be a headache. Even programs that have bag programs in place avoid some mercenaries.
  4. aTm didn’t have the modern infrastructure. Which is why Jimbo wasn’t crushing it with classes like this until year 4. Sure, staff matters. But it takes time to square things away. In the bag game? Never, unless some posters here win the fucking powerball.
  5. You think Gary Patterson is some kind of savant in regards to bag infrastructure? Based on...all the star players he lured to TCU? Wielding the awesome power of the approximately 4500 living alumni of TCU? Well...that's one way to live a life of delusion. Personally, I'd pick better delusions, maybe starring Tara Davis in a romp with my wife.
  6. I can only feel confident in 1 of those 3 things happening, and none of them are certain.
  7. Mullen had the personality of paste. This may come as a surprise to you, but all bags being equal, a coach's personality still matters. I notice that you're not exactly arguing my point on merits. Do you think the church Dabo Swinney uses to funnel money to players gets up and moves to Tuscaloosa if he takes the Alabama job one day? Do you think Big Red Motors just up and disappears when a coach leaves Oklahoma? Or the giant Texags building disappears from its location next to campus? That the casinos in Louisianna suddenly disappeared and are no longer capable of funneling money to players as soon as Orgeron skipped town? Or that local hospital? It's one thing for a coach to have an understanding of how the cheating is done. It's another thing for a coach to approach boosters and whip their asses into line and motivate them to put something tangible together so they can compete for players. It's another thing entirely to assume a coach is going to come to town, and single handedly start a bunch of fucking LLCs and business from the ground up through which they can funnel money to players. Please tell me you can wrap your brain around the difference here.
  8. "already?" You realize that bag infrastructure doesn't just up and disappear with a new head coach, right? Any more than, I don't know, Texags doesn't just up and disappear with every new head coach. Coaches don't have to come in and put in a cheating infrastructure...because they fucking can't.
  9. Congrats on what I am certain was some mind blowing sex.
  10. Well, the DC in question does have a track record of literally killing his players, so if you think about it from that perspective it actually makes quite a bit of sense.
  11. Probably because you didn't really want to hire Gary Patterson in the first place.
  12. https://www.misstennessee.org/former-miss-tennessees
  13. Gives your post an entirely different interpretation, doesn’t it? Was it tough in heels?
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