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  1. I mean, the real thing it do is ask Harvdog what happened. Tunmise tweeted he was going the day before to Billy Bowman. Harvdog is the guy’s neighbor, so maybe he can confirm to us that the kid had Car Trouble. Certainly he’d have seen a popped hood and smoking engine from down the street? Or if the price wasn’t right. It certainly has the feeling of late hour negotiations that fell apart. Or maybe the kid is a social media drama queen and likes attention and fucking with people like Zach Evans? I’m just trying to puzzle this one out.
  2. A buddy of mine joined the AFA out of HS. I doubt the rules are any different for football players. Anyone at an academy is basically on scholarship. You’re generally able to leave the first 2 years without consequence. After 2 years you have to pay back the education. I’m not sure if there’s Reserve duty involved but my buddy basically went straight from AFA to the Colorado School of Mines and to my knowledge never had to do any service, fwiw.
  3. Same as before, wherever he wants that will still have him. This is desperation and an effort to get his brother.
  4. I’m not sure about the ingredient list, but costco has some egg “cup” options. One is egg and veggies, one is egg and meat but the meat one might have potatoes in it. But worth a closer look if you’ve got a costco membership.
  5. Jesus. Based on his posting I’d have bet and lost a fuck ton of money that Slorch was pushing or well into his 70s.
  6. Interesting. Granted he's been in the pros for awhile, but have to think this is a move by GA to attempt to modernize their offense. Boy, poor Aggy just can't seem to get away from the offenses they can't defend worth a shit. Hate to see it. They're fortunate to have a cutting edge and in no way obstinate offensive mind leading their program. They're fucked when they play GA again sometime in 2042
  7. Im sorry, I was under the impression that the guy who has coached and recruited TE's and RBs for OU the last 6 years, two traditional positions of strength for those teams, was at the very least a good coach and recruiter. I'm somewhat surprised to apparently realize he is just average at both. Hmm.
  8. This makes me feel better. It shows no links whatoever, as does his all time recruits list. It must just be my browser.
  9. Irritating as fuck, but 247 seems to have abandoned the All Time Commits section of it's website. Is this a technical issue for just me, can anyone else see Boulware's All Time Commits? The other interesting thing about Boulware is that he's had a firm, safe spot at OU for what, 6 years now? Jumping to Texas, despite being his alma mater, for a coach that is perceived to be on the hot seat, is unexpected. He also has previous experience coaching TEs.
  10. Wow. That right there could be a great fucking hire.
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