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  1. No. Because he doesn't have any sources on the Texas end, so he only gets Texas info after other folks tell him. He has really good sources on coaching staffs at LSU and aTm.
  2. Oh man. Bevo was right we’re turbofucked after this past weekend fell flat.
  3. No he’s been there for 1 fucking year.
  4. Wheres the genius poster who said almost no one in college is going to be able to make shit?
  5. Guess Roach was multi-tasking through his Post Midnight Snack #1. Good for him.
  6. Urban meyer is a dirty POS, but he’s not even in the same galaxy as Tom Osborne. And I say that as a guy who hates urban Meyer.
  7. Lots of things in this world aren't inherently terrible. That also doesn't mean I'm going to go out of my way to suck them off the way dipshit is sucking off Kingwood. "Adequate under the right circumstances" shouldn't be considered high praise by anyone, and yet here we are...
  8. Now now. Lets not not bring race into this. It's irrelevant. She's just a fucking traitor. Race, Nation, Species. Whatever.
  9. Oh, the daily nebraskan? It's good for all of us to know that "engage in a physical fight with phillips" is the same thing as "desperately held the closet door closed while Phillips attempted to yank it open."
  10. Yeah. He probably should have heeded piece of shit Tom Osborne's repeated advice to NOT fuck the same girl Lawrence Phillips was fucking for that very reason instead of calling Osborne from a closet like a bitch begging for help.
  11. That program's dick was already in the dirt before he got there. So amend your statement to "a limp-dicked corn 'great' who is failing miserably at resurrecting the program."
  12. This is the kind of brave, distinguished leadership I expect from a man who hid in a closet like the pussy he is while Lawrence Phillips drug a woman up and down a flight of stairs repeatedly by her hair. Scott Frost is a piece of fucking shit.
  13. Lol, stanning for Kingwood. It's unremarkable and is entirely indistinguishable from every other strip mall suburban vomit as all other areas of Houston more than 10 miles outside the loop. Except Kingwood is older. Strip Malls with a fuck ton of Old Navy/Ulta 3/DSW Shoes and crammed with delightful eateries like Chilis, Texas Roadhouse, Gringos and maybe a Pappadeaux or Pappasitos if you're feeling real bougie. But there's a price to pay for that kind of fine living, so unfortunately that kind of grandiose lifestyle means you might have to commute into Houston for 90 or so minutes of your day
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