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  1. Also, so only 5-4 then? Well golly that changes nothing.
  2. You mean like the post directly above this one?
  3. Others have touched on your post already, but lets be specific: Are you under the impression that exactly 1 is "a ton" in terms of quantifying Many versus Few? Or are you just saying Tyler Johnson is fat as fuck and weighs a fucking literal ton? Either way, your post seems questionable. Like eating a jar of mayonnaise that's been left out in the August sun for 6-8 hours "questionable."
  4. I've got a buddy who has had beers with some aggy who swear they know the wealthy sheep fucking alums who did it. I find the whole thing to be delightful.
  5. And every red state will sue the fuck out of the bill and it will be taken to the Supreme Court and they'll overturn it. What am I missing?
  6. I interpreted it more that he's black/blue colorblind...
  7. Disagree. We have a lot of young guys. We don’t have a ton of elite ranked guys at the position. That alone means even if some hit several won’t. On top of that, only taking 2 last cycle alone immediately makes this grouping a matter of serious urgency, and that’s even if those 2 were studs. They weren’t.
  8. I mean..it would be awesome. I won't say insane because even if you cut the IT confidence in Banks by half, it still makes getting the trio do-able. Likely no? But punchers chance, it seems like it...
  9. I mean, the answer is definitely OL. For that reason, since we seem to be in good shape with Campbell, I'd say Banks. 2 five star OL at a desperate, shittastic position room for us is easily the correct answer. After that, I'd suggest that it's simply getting 4-5 of those 5 stars total to join the class.
  10. That's a good looking sign. I'll tell you, some people just have a great sense of irony.
  11. Maybe think of it more like an arranged marriage where the parties in question have a *real* chance to fall in love and appear in a Hallmark movie based on their story? Perhaps the real commitment is the suitors we meet along the way.
  12. I...think we have a winner, people. Or at the very least a commanding lead in the clubhouse.
  13. But Better off Ted was two seasons, which was what I was referencing. So..be better at reading?
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