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  1. I’ll go ahead and sub this for the the bat signal, but Junior Miller is on the confirmed cases thread blaming his wife for infecting him and opining about a murder suicide for her not practicing social distance. Everyone should go take a peek.
  2. Hey buddy. I don’t know how to tell you this...and I know you’re frequently confused by this very simple thing, but...this isn’t the cloak room. While it’s normal there to threaten to murder public figures and other posters regularly there for not agreeing with your tunnel’d up worldview, but shit like threatening to kill your wife is frowned up on the rest of shaggy. Publicly at least. Maybe you should head back over there where you can bask in the arms of sympathetic well wishers and a few of those like minded psychopaths. also, you’re a huge pussy for talking about offing yourself before even trying to go to a hospital to seek treatment. But that’s like, just my opinion man. Why don’t you ask real nice to bum some of the hydrochloronique or whatever it is triplehorn scammed off a pharmacist first?
  3. We found where @MNLonghornFUKM lives. https://kfilradio.com/minnesota-town-of-2300-people-buys-13000-cans-of-beer-in-3-days/?trackback=fbshare_mobile
  4. So it sounds like you’re the one who reads shit articles, or doesn’t read them entirely at all. As it was said later, those are are 10-7. What exactly qualifies as “click bait” to you, precisely?
  5. He has perspective. His personal perspective is one that hasn't allowed him to see his fucking dick when he looks down since the early 80's. But it's still a perspective.
  6. Are you so fucking dense that I need to recount the story of Eric Winston to you, a story that has been recounted here about 10 times in the last several yeas alone? Because, I mean, I will do it. Additionally, I'm not sure if you know how a fucking illustration, or a comparison works, but Eric Winston or anyone else has never had to actually attend aTm for it to be an example of familiar pressure influencing where a kid plays. Sort of like I never had to be a complete idiot personally to painstakingly but accurately illustrate what dipshit you are, sir. Or are re you trying to say Aggie Family pressure doesn't count here? Because that alone would be another laughable effort by your ass.
  7. Of course it will. You would think. Except it's Paris so there's a good chance about 65% of the population haven't been awake before 11 am in over a decade.
  8. Yeah, that seems like no big deal at all. Just clickbait.
  9. I just heard it on the news. But I don’t think it’s click bait. Even if, for example, they said closed 10-2, you know what the new peak hours become? 7-10 and 2-5, etc etc. that they had to do this at all is pretty big and it will likely continue.
  10. Apparently Paris has banned all outdoor exercising.
  11. I think he was just saying it isn’t great for adults, man. You know, like:
  12. Fixed for succinctness while maintaining accuracy.
  13. Family pressure is an advantage. If you don't think so, I don't know what else to tell you. Ask Eric Winston how that works, or anyone with an Uncle.
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