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  1. Would Doug Jones make a good AG? Asking for my own sanity. He’s going to be unemployed.
  2. She was an American hero. It’s a small consolation, but I’m happy she isn’t going to have to witness the next 4 months, or longer.
  3. So you should just have stuck to the original, and per you obvious, premise that PA went pink and OH went red? This is a weird fucking thing for you to be pedantic about. The guy fucking played with the map to make it that way and you're pissed he didn't flip Ohio too?
  4. Listen, let me start by saying to each of you I've never been hoping to be wrong more than at any point in my life. And this is a guy who decried Greg Davis since the beginning and had to watch a Red River Shootout every year. I know all this man. It just feels like PA is finding a way to behave like fucking Florida. But yeah, I know all of this. I am not pretending my gut is anything other than 2020 PTSD and being a fucking pussy. Generally agree. Although I wonder about Delaware as a Surrogate works this time around. Obviously Biden will win Delaware regardless. Deserve's got nothin' to do with it. I mean, I agree with your premise, but it's just that, a premise. Oh, they SHOULD be motivated. Man, we should always be motivated, but I get your point, sure. I hope you are correct.
  5. It just feels like it's trending that way, along with Florida. It's all anecdotal, lots of different articles talking about unshakable his support is in certain counties. I think it's citizens know it is an important state and will get out and vote in unheard of numbers, but I don't know if blue matches the enthusiasm of red. And while yesterdays news from their courts is great, goddamn if it isn't setting up the scenario where one state decides and the calls for fraud will be overwhelming. Even if it goes blue it feels like civil unrest.
  6. They were two different thoughts. Draw a line after the first sentence. I thought that's what the "And" indicated, but yeah, that wasn't exactly clear I suppose. Campbell is a continuation of my angst that set off the fucking Princess Bride gif-at-thon yesterday. He should already be in this fucking class.
  7. Campbell shit really really pisses me the fuck off. Mother fuck. And classic 995er, Roach must be trying to emulate liucci: "We're tied with aTm, but he might actually be a silent commit to them." That or he doesn't understand the concept of living in a ______________ house. I'm rapidly boarding the Fuck Herb Hand train.
  8. God forbid republicans try to, you know, go into places like DC and Puerto Rico with platforms that win them support of people. You know, earn fucking votes?
  9. I agree in general, but not entirely. I think there truly is a chunk of, call it 5-10%, that will watch these debates and have a chance to be converted to Biden. To see he's not a doddering idiot. TO see he's not senile. I truly think there's an information bubble many of these people live in that they repeat and rehash without actually viewing themselves outside of cut up internet clips and OAN and Fox News shit.
  10. We've been trough this before. An undecided is a Trump voter or a non voter.
  11. She’s not going to devour your corpse. She’s just gonna grab herself a jar of peanut butter and give you a smile.
  12. I believe it’s a conflation if Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder and/or I Am Sam
  13. Oh fuck you. This better just be typical "Herb Hand sucks" bullshit. That kid has been a Texas lean for like 2 years now.
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