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  1. If Kansas and Baylor have number one seeds locked up don't expect them to put out much effort in the conference tournament.
  2. SS's strategy is unfolding now. He wants to defend his NIT crown or add a CBI to his trophy case.
  3. You know, the first year after Hakeem Olajuwon came over from Nigeria he could not make a 2-ft jump shot to save his life. Guy Lewis had him stand in front of the basket and told him if anyone brought the ball to the basket to block the shot, and if they missed to rebound the ball. If he got the ball under the basket to dunk it or pass it to his teammates. Look where that got him. Guy Lewis was a fucking genius...
  4. His punishment depends on if he is good or really, really, really good (and deserves a 2nd chance).
  5. Raleigh, NC. research triangle
  6. I don't thing my wife would break into anyone's vehicle BUT I wouldn't put it passed her to break out a window before checking to see if the door was unlocked if she thinks it's an emergency.
  7. Brotha...isn't this part of the reason we have this thread? Wives will always somehow manage to defy all laws of reason, physics, nature, etc. And she had her friend with her who is also married (a wife).
  8. Yes, I keep the second fob and the extra spare key. You think I would give my wife two fobs?
  9. Locking keys in the car... How many times have you had to deal with this? It's happened at least a half dozen times in 24 years of being married but this event goes like this: I'm about 20 minutes from finishing the day in the office, on the phone with one of guys on the east coast getting an update on a customer meeting and my cell rings and I see it's the wife so I put him on hold to answer. M: Hey. What's up? H: (panic) I LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE CAR. You need to come unlock my car. M: OK, let me get off this call and I'll head over. She's across town with one of her friends watching the state cheer competition, normally a 20-25 min drive but at late afternoon probably a 35 min drive. I get off the call and start grabbing my stuff to head out and my cell/wife rings again. H: Never mind, I got inside the car and you don't have to drive over. M: Great! How did you get in? H: Well, I guess we forgot to lock the passenger door... Part of me was relieved I didn't have to spend 1.5 hours in traffic and part of me was WTF.
  10. As Kansas started dribbling out the clock while holding a 22-point lead in the final seconds, Kansas State’s DaJuan Gordon stole the ball and started dribbling down the court in an effort to secure one last layup. Kansas’ Silvio De Sousa, however, sprinted behind Gordon and came up with a massive block as he attempted the layup, sending Gordon down into the baseline. Almost instantly, both teams swarmed the scene on the baseline, which sparked the wild brawl that spilled down into the crowd and media section underneath the basket. Several punches were thrown in the incident, and De Sousa even picked up a chair at one point, though it was taken away from him before he could do anything with it.
  11. Anyone watching? Both benches emptied near the end of game and all were ejected leaving only the 10 on the floor to finish the game.
  12. Knock out 2020 this weekend. Probably peaked too early and hit my quota for the year (married 24 years). See you guys in 2021...
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