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  1. The key to beating Washington is to shut Penix down; they win by out scoring their opponents. They have to establish the pass to open their run game. If Texas does not pressure Penix he could easily pick the defense apart. Texas has faced passing teams all season long so this is nothing different...front four have to push the line back into Penix and mix the blitzes. Penix has been injury prone in his career so they won't call too many QB running plays but he can scramble for yardage if the pocket breaks down. UW's defense is porous and teams have put points up on them. Hopefully Ewers has used the extra time to work on his game. If Texas can get the running game going it will make it easier for Ewers to hit his passes.
  2. let me know when it's capable of generating 1.21 gigawatts with the flux capacitor in our cars.
  3. Calm down now...buy the gf off to drop the charges. Beard goes to anger management and life goes on.
  4. Biggest pussy sport in the world. Don't know why people bother with it
  5. Verlander needs to pitch the best 5-6 innings of his life tonight
  6. Astros coming up to the plate guessing instead of hitting. Not going to win games looking at pitches over the middle and swinging at garbage off the plate.
  7. just going to leave McCullers in to throw BP to phillies
  8. They shut Houston out 3-0 in one of those games to clinch their playoff spot. Granted Houston pulled Altuve, Pena, Bregman and Maldonaldo halfway through the game but both teams rested their guys in game's 2 and 3 so you can't take much out of that series.
  9. Sorta has a feel like the 2019 Series when the Nationals got hot and won the NLCS. I don't think anyone took them serious and it turned into one of the most weird series ever with the road team winning all seven games. I'm sure it's still fresh on the Astros mind and they will play to steam roll those philly fuckers.
  10. Ewers has no heart. No fucking clue what is/was going through his head this game
  11. The "oh fuck, Tucker is in" look on Zac Taylor's face said it all. Saw a debate on one of the sports news last night about Tucker's kick. One guy said it was right down the middle and the other argued it was half a yard to the right of the middle of the goal post.
  12. They are one of the best shitholes in America.
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