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  1. ftf82


    I like Conans.
  2. Gorsuch’s argument in part (I confess I’ve only read summaries so far) mentioned language in the Treaty that promised the land to the Creeks in perpetuity and that it would never be incorporated into a territory or state. But Congress subsequently voted to admit Oklahoma as a state. So presumably there’s no question about whether it’s part of OK or not. Gorsuchs position is that Congress never amended the Criminal Laws Acts which mandates Federal Court jurisdiction for cases involving Indians. And Gorsuch basically saying Congress created this problem, they can fix it and it ain’t our job to do it is interesting given he wrote Bostock last month.
  3. And buyers and lenders just close their eyes and close their deals. "Any and all claims of right, title and interest to the land, including but not limited to any right of possession or claim for damages relating to the land which has been asserted or may be asserted, of record or not, by or on behalf of any Indian or Indian Tribe, including but not limited to the Tigua Indian Tribe of El Paso, Texas, also known as Pueblo De La Ysleta del Sur, also known as the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Indian Tribe, also known as the Tigua Indian Community, including but not limited to claims appearing in Affidavit of Julian Granillo, filed for record April 16, 1993, recorded in Volume 2553, Page 1958, Real Property Records of El Paso County, Texas."
  4. I've posted this before. One of my favorite parts of Mad Dogs and Beans was the small parking lot. You'd pull up and toss your keys to some random homeless looking guy who would tandem park cars and hold your keys until you were done eating lunch, while moving cars around so those that had been there the longest weren't blocked in.
  5. My son (UT/McCombs 2020 Grad) just found out his job will be in San Antonio. He was hoping for Houston, but is getting his head wrapped around SA. We don't know much about where the younger generation lives. Where are the locations like the Heights and Midtown for 20 somethings in San Antonio? Pearl District? Southtown?
  6. And there aren't any movies being made right now. So a year from now, even if people are ready to go back to the movies (doubtful) there won't be any new releases.
  7. ftf82

    2020 Rain Thread

    It’s fucking raining (360 and Bee Caves)
  8. Long post on the Austin subreddit today with the backstory on the song https://www.reddit.com/r/Austin/comments/hclwto/nw_corner_of_6th_congress_600_congress_january_1/
  9. ftf82

    Tex Mex

    Ship of Theseus, Grandfather's Axe, etc.
  10. ftf82

    Coffee Shops

    I have. But prefer the convenience. As far as the money, a gallon last me and my son over a week. We each only drink a cup or so a day.
  11. Jeanne Triplehorn went to Tulsa Edison with some college friends of mine. Early 80s Tulsa chicks were/are the gas.
  12. ftf82

    Coffee Shops

    And apparently Summermoon has stopped selling gallons to go of their cold brew. It's no longer even on the menu of the Westlake location, and when I stopped by the original location on S. First, which still had it on the menu, the counterperson told me that "they were out" and he didn't know when they would have more. (WTF? I thought they cold brewed it on-site?). My guess is that they don't want to deal with buying gallon containers anymore. I ordered a half gallon from Little City Roasters that has free delivery in the Austin area for delivery tomorrow but it's not cheap ($14 for a half gallon). Anyone else know a good place to buy cold brew in bulk?
  13. ftf82

    2020 Rain Thread

    Party’s already over in West Lake
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