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  1. Vegas weekend report. MLR set up a dual weekend for rugby matches in Vegas and lined up teams from all over North America to come. Good news: My son and I flew in Friday so we got to see some of the players and former players including Todd Clever, and hang out with other fans and players, Had drinks with Ben Mitchell’s parents (lock for SD Legion from England and previously an Austin Elite/Herd/Gilgroni). They’d flown in from the UK for the weekend. Shared an Uber with them from the hotel to the match which was great to get their opinion of US rugby (more optimistic about it than me) Former Eagle, Austin Elite and UT rugby forwards coach Pete Malcolm also plays for Legion now which is head and shoulders better than anyone else in the MLR (albeit their game v Colorado née Glendale was prettly sloppy but an easy win). really fun to see Ma’a Nonu play for the Legion in person again (saw him play against the Eagles at Soldier Field in ‘16 as an All Black). He didn’t have the best game but had a beautiful move to score a try midway through the first half for the Legion, kind of a text book side step/Euro step kind of thing. The 8 for the Legion is also a beast They should win the league this year. If I didn’t live in Austin I’d support their side. Lastly got a free Gilgronis hat from the new CEO of the team as he told me to “swap out my gear” when he saw me with my Elite hat on bad stuff crowd There were probably less than 10 people from Austin that made the trip in support not counting ownership. The few that we met were fantastic fans, including the president of the Gilgronis fan club (shout out if you’re on Shaggy) At best, there were 1000 people for the each game. Pitch sucked (artificial). As far as the matches, Austin is not good. Backs are decent, but the forwards are a mess. They’ll be lucky to win a match. But still go to COTA if you get a chance and support them. Good clean fun.
  2. Gilgronis are not good. Pack is getting destroyed.
  3. Austin v Toronto on FS2. Toronto scores immediately to start the match.
  4. Austin Herd (née Elite) are now the Austin Gilgronis (?) and will be playing their matches this year at COTA. First match is Feb 9. Season schedule is here: Schedule (Ignore Round Rock Multiuse, Matches are COTA) MLR Vegas Weekend is Feb 15-16 (with one match on the 9th). Austin plays on the 15th. My son and I are going. Matches were originally at the Las Vegas Ballpark, but have been moved to Sam Boyd. Probably because of weak ticket sales. But still. Vegas. MLR Vegas Weekend Schedule And best news is Six Nations kicks off this weekend. Six Nations Fixtures
  5. Oklahoma law allows for citizen proposed constitutional amendments (ballot initiatives). Unfortunately in Texas, the legislature has to approve any amendments or other statewide referendums. Fun fact. Pro-legalization groups in Oklahoma have put forth a new initiative to legalize recreational weed. Upon approval of the wording of the proposed law by the Secretary of State, the organizers will have 90 days to obtain 178,000 signatures in order to get it on the November 2020 ballot. North Texas may just get a lot more popular as a weekend getaway.
  6. Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as James Coney Island on Congress just north of 6th Street in downtown Austin. Probably mid to late 90s. Didn't survive the dotcom bust.
  7. ftf82

    Tex Mex

    The regular Tex Mex at Serrano’s is just okay. But the mesquite grilled chicken thighs with pechuga sauce and the carnitas with the verde sauce are really good. The Mopac and 290 location is rarely crowded and plenty of parking.
  8. And from a consistency standpoint, not taxing the gain on an inherited IRA is not much different than the step up in basis that beneficiaries receive on other inherited assets (e.g., real property). Now we can argue whether from a policy standpoint that makes sense, but if someone were to use their IRA/SEP to purchase real estate do the beneficiaries have to liquidate the real estate holdings in 10 years?
  9. My understanding is that this isn't true. Most manufacturers are exempt from sales and use tax under the Texas Tax Code. Is this something unique to computer systems? https://comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/publications/94-124.php
  10. I got to take a 45 minute detour west to Wilson and back to 84 around 2pm today because of that wreck. Road was still closed this afternoon and entrance ramps up and down were closed off. Worst fog I've ever driven in pretty much all the way from Albuquerque to Abilene. #csb
  11. Angel Fire is another option (I'm actually sitting on the sundeck having a margarita there right now). Problem with New Mexico spring break is snow can be very spotty as it really starts to warm up in the afternoons (low 60s aren't uncommon in late March). Plus it is very crowded. Make sure you get reservations for ski school if you're going. Fills up quick.
  12. When we fly in after 9 we sometimes hit Trudy's South Star on the way home (open until 2am). It's not bad. Otherwise it's fast food all the way down (we've also hit Whataburger after a long vacation when we come in late as well though). Edit: Wait, are you trying to eat before you drop off keys at 9? If so, there are a few more options on Caesar Chavez (Sawyer & Co for one). And Patsy's Cafe is open until 9 for chicken fry.
  13. I abhor the Cloak Room (yet am fascinated by it) but Howard Stern is the greatest interviewer (inquisitor?) of all time. He has an inate ability to draw out information from his guests, oftentimes stuff they would never tell anyone else. I haven’t listened to the HRC but but I will. King of all Media
  14. This is where I am. Do ou fans even buy the conference champ tshirt any more? Fuck Baylor I just use a red sharpie and update the date on my Big 12 Championship hat.
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