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  1. He's at 75% on FGs for the season, right in line with his career average. So I'd say he has room to improve there.
  2. WBT

    2020 MLB thread

    Yeah, I love the lack of off days. Teams will have to use their entire pitching staffs and won't be able to pull the extreme bullpenning that's become so popular in the playoffs. Other than days between series, the only off day is between game 5 and game 6 of the world series.
  3. Bring back Keith Jackson!
  4. Twins lose, we're going to Minnesota. Between the Twins recent playoff struggles and avoiding California, I think this is a win.
  5. Not over yet. Marwinning leads off the bottom of the 10th with an RBI single, Twins bring the tying run to the plate with no outs.
  6. WBT

    2020 MLB thread

    Houston and Milwaukee become the first teams in MLB history to make the playoffs with losing records, both at 29-31.
  7. A's won, Twins and Reds going to the 10th.
  8. WBT

    2020 MLB thread

    That was a terrible called 3rd strike to end the game for SF. Way low.
  9. WBT

    2020 MLB thread

    Giants have pulled within 5-4 in the bottom of the 8th vs SD. Milwaukee is about to bat down 5-2 in the top of the 9th at St Louis. A Milwaukee loss and Giants win would put the Giants in.
  10. A's have gone up on Seattle and Twins are currently tied with the Reds. A's win and Twins loss and we play the Twins.
  11. Riding De Jong until his arm falls off and now bringing in Nivaldo...maybe not so much.
  12. Showrrea!! Maybe the boys care about avoiding a losing record. Altuve and Correa with homers today heading into the russian roulette 1st round...
  13. handball in the 95th minute and Newcastle ties it
  14. We had a couple of chances to go up 17 and declined every time. It's a recurring theme with Herman. We rarely win by more than 1 score and almost never by more than 2. Especially in conference.
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