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  1. Bolsonaro has tested positive. Never saw that one coming.
  2. Holy shit, how did Palace not tie it?
  3. Wow goal and quick answer. 3-2 Chelsea. Chelsea's playing some fun games in these London derbies against lower table teams.
  4. Mansur's, Parrain's, George's. The new L'auberge is pretty nice.
  5. WBT

    Whatcha reading?

    My 2nd favorite behind:
  6. Damn, Cahill with a hammy blowout.
  7. Same but at $600 something. /humblebrag
  8. Y'all need to check your math. Gen X is usually defined as 1965 - 1980...that puts most of Gen X in the +14 group and it puts the +5 group as more younger Boomer than Gen X.
  9. Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi all hate Bama. Guess Texas isn't SEC country after all. Poor aggy
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