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  1. I thought for sure Fring was going to have Mike get Jimmy to throw the defense of Lalo. I'm probably just missing something but why have Mike get him arrested only to have him jump bail right after? Surely not just to cost him the $7 million?
  2. They can also turn a tv into a watch?
  3. WBT

    Breeders FX

    Is Mummy allowed to cuddle Darren? Michael McKean was really good in this.
  4. Madrigal! Did I do that right? It's been so long since the Breaking Bad thread on the scat site.
  5. I'm not sure how well reduction in movement correlates to social distancing. For starters, counties with more baseline commuters/longer commutes will score higher. Counties with more health care workers/critical industry will score worse. And why does movement necessarily correlate with proximity to others? What if I go for an afternoon drive every day to clear my head, never getting out of my car?
  6. Some people won't be happy until we're all in individual 8 by 10 cells
  7. At least record it and watch Hatcher's HR.
  8. Gooden is celebrating in the dugout, already in street clothes. Sweet pink pinstriped dress shirt with at least the top 4 buttons undone.
  9. f Gary Carter. He was 1 for 21 in the series but walked it off with a single up the middle.
  10. Lulz, McCarver told a story about Kerfeld saying that the previous 3 years he was in the instructional league for minor leaguers after the season ended. He was hoping to go back in '86 to get his letterman jacket. Fucking Wally Backman just reached when the short hop ate up Walling. Ruled a hit? Very questionable. And Kerfeld throws away the pickoff to allow him to get to 2nd. I remembered very little of this game, what a shitty way to lose.
  11. This is the 3rd ever LCS game to go to 12 innings. Game 6 is going to be the 4th.
  12. Kerfeld has looked really good in the 10th and 11th. I think he can give us one more. Checks box score. Goddammit.
  13. McCarver just said a pitch was right down Westheimer because he said Houston people said he was biased when he called a pitch as right down Broadway earlier in the series. I think I might have liked the 1986 version of McCarver.
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