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  1. Seriously? Kind of takes that "calling a fat guy Slim" thing to a new level
  2. Give Pelini some credit for realizing that GDGD was incapable of throwing downfield that year, allowing him to play umbrella coverage with everybody sitting on short routes all game long
  3. WBT

    Silver Spurs

    Tell him to try not to look like he's never been around cattle, unlike the majority of the city slicker fuckwits trying to handle Bevo
  4. Jerry says film. Elaine says movie when she goes to the EEOC to complain.
  5. It's like a Russ Meyer movie in this thread
  6. Y'all seriously want Dusty? Is Jack McKeon not available?
  7. Yeah, it sure seems like instead of following the family tradition of using their status for charitable works, they're hoping to profit off the family name and not have to bother with showing up to hospitals and the like. The talk of wanting "financial independence" is laughable. In addition to daddy still paying allowance, I'm pretty sure any business pursuits are going to capitalize off the family connection. They're not going to be living off of MM going back to a B cable series regular salary.
  8. Adjusting to a commuter school may be tough
  9. Is that really a stereotype? More like ripped-from-the-headlines, law & order style.
  10. Well, maybe his HC will tell him to knock it off
  11. This douchy intentional false start to burn 25 more seconds is so stupid. You're up 3 TDs.
  12. Bold strategy to let SF score so you get the ball back before halftime
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