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  1. RLM is not the preferred nomenclature. Math, Physics, and Astronomy building, please
  2. Time to stop fucking around and knock sideshow roberto out of the game
  3. Signs point to yes. Maybe we gave him a big head.
  4. Neg finger twitching. Instead of making 3 long posts repeating yourself, try reading the responses and learning something. Also some of y'all are way too hung up on Nixon is the CLOSER. Witt/Q/Nixon are basically co-aces.
  5. Poor Tennessee. They were just too high strung.
  6. 3 fly outs to center. The yokels are probably wondering why they didn't go out like in the Ess E See.
  7. We've won the last 3 innings by a run each. Augie is with us.
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