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  1. Herman isn't wrong that a lot of luck can go into who wins 1 score games. The answer isn't to lament having worse luck than baylor. The answer is to blow teams out instead of going into a shell anytime you have a lead from the 2nd quarter on.
  2. It seems to be accelerating. I would guess he doesn't make it through next year. How many more chances does he get? After ManU I thought he might have to go back to Italy.
  3. WBT

    USMNT 2019

    This stadium...I keep expecting to see a group of old ladies walking laps to stay in shape
  4. Seems a little Spursy
  5. WBT

    Fire Tom Herman

    Don't believe every piece of 9.95 fan fiction you read
  6. I answered no but I just looked up something that bugs me about Tom. In 2 years plus 10 games, Tom has one three-score win (17+ points) in a Big 12 game. Charlie had 6 in 3 years.
  7. WBT

    Mr. Robot

    I'm a day late but holy shit. And I didn't see that ending coming either.
  8. The high speed Edgertronic cameras talked about in the MVP Machine take 1000 frames per second. They're primarily used to see how the pitcher's fingers come off the ball and impart spin. You wouldn't need those to steal signs although I guess that could be a cover. The Edgertronics should only be filming the pitcher. https://www.mlb.com/news/rapsodo-and-edgertronic-are-changing-baseball
  9. Not to mention the two previous drives in the same game that got us the lead
  10. WBT

    Fire Tom Herman

    Why? We only ran 1:01 off the clock and forced Iowa State to call 1 of their 2 timeouts as it was. Iowa State wasn't going to run out of time before scoring. If anything they would have scored too soon if not for us jumping offside on the fg attempt. If we were going to give up on killing the final 4:01 when we got the ball back, we should have just punted on 1st down to give Sam even more time to lead the game winning drive.
  11. He's too busy making that case for Epps
  12. Bunch of pearl clutching that won't amount to much.
  13. No, you were right. Hurts's best attribute as a qb is finding good teams to play for.
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