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  1. Do you have insurance? Yeah, but it was through a friend.
  2. This is how victimized white folks like me and Prager have been. The burden upon us is something you people will never understand. It has gotten to the point where we can't even openly speak a virulently hateful word that has had extreme street consequences since 1960. Don't forget to like and subscribe and head on over to our Patreon for further donations. Thanks.
  3. There's no option for "organize canned food and ammunition and giggle at the debates of two Republican billionaires insulting each other's physical stature."
  4. All of this seems like a manufactured rift between the AG and Trump since Barr had to go to extreme measures because a handful of people were shitting their pants over the possible fallout of Roger Stone getting his malformed skull bent over the barrel. The sudden protest resignation from a flock of prosecutors wasn't something they anticipated. Barr doesn't give a shit if the majority of the country or his peers in the Judiciary perceive him as a lapdog as long as long as he's the hero within the conservative sphere of the Beltway. He has been given permission to lightly stiff arm from Trump, probably instructed. Lou Dobbs' segment on this looked like a sketch. They needed a sliver of evidence of Barr appearing to be occasionally independent.
  5. Damnit, @Gardner Barnes. That's scary as hell. Are you getting any kind of specialized treatment or anything beyond just trying to manage yourself?
  6. In about a year your post above will be a redundant statement. Americans are about to have to embrace what it's like to have no voice, limited representation and a complete lack of trust in democracy. Duterte. Erdogan. Putin. Xi. That's where we're headed. Half of the country is trying to comprehend how an entire party can just shrug and turn a blind eye to the insane amount of shit that has transpired in the last three years. Foregone conclusions in our elections is probably why.
  7. You'll have to wade through a lot of shit on that thread. Literally. There are literally pictures of human turds on that site. It's a doo doo site now.
  8. You're right. These are same people who wouldn't let us say Merry Christmas anymore.
  9. The Bernie Bros going after Todd aren't really outraged. They're attacking a critic with a means to an end tactic. And all of the people who think they're fueling a "get rid of Chuck" campaign aren't all Bernie Bros. A lot of them just simply hate Chuck Todd. Few of them believe Chuck Todd is an Anti-semite. The few that do are too stupid to embrace long enough for a discussion. I don't need to watch the video because I watched the segment and I know the context was presented as the subject of an editorial. My point stands. Outrage and cancel culture isn't spawned by hypersensitive liberals. It's a tool that works in a variety of ways and the main use is to spray shit on an individual, a group or an entire ideology. Sometimes it's just used to get a pundit or a comedian or anyone fired. And then the bandwagoning makes it effective or gives it volume. I'm sure you want to believe this is all the product of sensitive "soy boys" or "libcucks" or "nazis" or "cuckflakes" or whatever pejorative is currently in vogue. Again, nobody here is "outraged." You appear to be outraged at the outrage culture because some outrageous people pointed and told you who was outrageously ruining political discourse. And you're attributing the tactic to mostly one side of the political spectrum. It's like you're complaining about one soccer team flopping while the entire league is flopping around like fish. Most people here recognize it as a device and you're acting as if you're advising people how to process the strategy when you're buying into it on the most fundamental level.
  10. This is dumb and here's why. Nobody here is "outraged." Not a single person. The delight being taken in watching Chuck Todd get raked is that it's a dose of the same medicine he used as leverage to define his profile as "above the fray" and "too civil for caustic language." Watching people get served their own bullshit is fantastic, no matter who it is. People getting their nosed rubbed in their hypocrisy puddle is satisfying. The "outrage culture" and "cancel culture" that you are attributing everyone else being vulnerable to is nonexistent, especially with most of the denizens here. Social media, particularly Twitter, uses outrage to fuel every aspect of political discourse. And it comes from all sides and every idiotic angle. As you recognized in another post, victimization is used by every side, often manufactured out of thin air for a distinct result or general persuasion. You know, politics. When a sophomore from Occidental College who is for the first time recognizing and initiating her ideological voice on Instagram it's incumbent upon you to recognize that her inexperience in that realm doesn't define an entire side or political party. In fact, her political opposition will use and amplify her voice as a tool to inaccurately define their political opposition as "ravenous and zany" or whatever. When some nitwit on Huffington Post uses Dylann Roof to define all of the conservative sphere, nobody here will buy into that. You're the one who has bought into that tactic "hook line and sinker" while you warn others not to be gullible. Cancel culture is indeed real but it's more of a nervous response from corporate media and the mainstream entertainment industry. It's just soothing for simpletons to brush off opposing viewpoints as coming from an irrational and crazed motivation. Sarah Silverman, unarguably liberal and highly political, has suffered career wise because her pissed off political opposition dug into her past to point out a skit she did in blackface or a generalization she made about Asians in her comedy. The people who amplified her past weren't wild-eyed, bleeding heart liberals out to erase her because they were actually traumatized by her insensitivity. They just don't like her and want to fuck her up. That's cancel culture. Verizon and Gatorade aren't going to take the time to evaluate the nuances, they'll usually just respond to the slight chance that they're leaving money on the table and opt for a safer alternative. You're directing people how to process information when it's apparent to everyone here that you process discourse and the political breaking pitch from a fundamental and foggy position of rudiment understanding.
  11. "You get your butt back in your office and DO YOUR JOB." Paused the video right there and went to his channel to like and subscribe.
  12. Most people get kind of sad when a complete stranger gets shot. He doesn't know how to people.
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