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  1. Mack Brown's team getting another sideline warning Jesus.
  2. The Washington Snyders with just this on the side of the helmet:
  3. Yep. They gave Jesus a LaToya Jackson-reconstructed nose. Keep L.A. Jesus out of Arizona.
  4. This statue is across the board offensive. Who sculpted a square-headed Jesus with breasts, wearing a flowing moo moo like some white trash version of Stevie Nicks? And the head is totally disproportionate to the body. A lazy depiction of the savior. Tear it down. Now.
  5. The slickest, most gangster move ever would be changing the Redskins to the Washington Bullets.
  6. Placing bounties on American military personnel earned Vladimir Putin, former KGB foreign intelligence officer and Soviet patriot, unfettered access to the President and kind words of public support for membership to allied summits and a bigger seat at the global economy. This is how America operates under the guidance of Donald Trump. This is the legacy of the Trump era.
  7. Why is "Benedict Donald" not a thing yet? That needs to be a thing
  8. "Heritage." Run with that, stupid. Keep letting Miller steer that busted boat.
  9. Members of Jerry Fallwell jr's staff have reported that their boss is furious that Representative Gaetz has acquired one of the most exotic and "well-bronzed, square-jawed male toys in Florida's first district." Erik Prince, leader of God's chosen private army, has reportedly been deployed in Operation Recover Yum Yum Nestor. Intel reveals that Nestor is confirmed alive but condition unknown for taught entry. A domestic resource war between Representative Gaetz and Mr. Fallwell appears imminent. Gaetz has enlisted Ladybug Patrol for deployment to defensive outposts.
  10. The rambling cadence and changing subjects multiple times in one sentence is perfection.
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