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  1. The Supreme Court just ruled 5 - 4 that the top classiest things Americans can do in 2020 is wear sunglasses at the poker table and rent a Hummer limo.
  2. The Supreme Court isn't concerned because it's covered in orange blood.
  3. He can't dispute a single detail in the HHS report other than to oint out that it comes from an Obama appointee. He has no idea how badly he's hurting himself with that illiterate sewer under his nose.
  4. Beat me to it. He loathes being checked by assertive, articulate women. Assertive, articulate black women make the springs in his frontal lobe snap. This would be hilarious if it wasn't for, you know, all the dead people.
  5. Dude hates women. Just fucking hates articulate women.
  6. I watch them but they're completely unnecessary and following here or anywhere else by osmosis is all you need to grasp anything pertinent. He's on a loop and repetitive more than ever at this point. And he's a complete dick, especially to female reporters. They melt his soul. The hostility is cathartic to him and he has no idea how much this behavior is contributing to his rapid decline of support. It's obvious that he believes his supporters like to watch him be combative, but the questions that make him the most belligerent are the ones everyone wants to know right now. I'd encourage you to watch them because he's an orange and yellow swirl in spiral for all to see right now. Donny can't understand that there are no hate strings to pluck here because viruses don't have favorite political parties. If his ignorance and stupidity are too much for you to bear just realize that his idiocy is now directly hurting him daily because he's too daft for self preservation.
  7. I like Harrelson. Damnit, Woody. Out of all the amazing actors in 'No Country For Old Men,' he's hands down my favorite in it. I seriously can't not watch when I run across it.
  8. Dr. Drew retweets Mike Cernovich who pushes a supplement called 'Gorilla Mindset.' These people are just fantastic. Trump's adoration right now clearly leans toward Dr.Oz because Dr. Drew is currently in brand repair mode after following the Trump/Fox News lead on encouraging everyone to ignore a global pandemic. That won't be easy. It'll take a few appearances with Adam Coroolla and some podcasts where he guides Steve-O through resisting impulsive temptations. Trump doesn't have room for that timeline. Dr. Oz will be the victor due to fortunate circumstance.
  9. How do medical masks rot? Did they get wet or left in a place not climate controlled? Is 'Yakety Sax' our new anthem?
  10. Imagine how insidious it'd be if Trump was hoarding medical supplies only to fully stock swing states. Narrator ... .
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