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  1. Happy Sunburst Sunday AND GibSunday! Late 30's or Early 40's Gibson L-50.
  2. MIM Jimmie Vaughan Strat
  3. I love it. The neck is wide at the nut, so it's great for fingerpicking. It's a quiet guitar and really well-balanced tonally - no booming low end or overly-bright high end. I was initially disappointed that it wasn't a great strummer with a medium pick. Hard to describe, just a little harsh. I started using a thin pick with it and it smoothed right out. If you're shopping, it looks like they were originally built with a mortise and tenon neck joint, but later changed to a dovetail joint. It's just something to be aware of, if you have a preference. Mine has the mortise and tenon, and I have no complaints. I bought it used from a friend in 2017, and I've played it much more than any other guitar I own since then. It's easy to pick up and hard to put down.
  4. Yes, the D28 is Indian Rosewood. Unfortunately, it's one of the early 70's Martins that suffered from the QC issues that existed at the factory during that time. The bridge is mounted in the wrong spot making the scale a hair short and affecting intonation up the fretboard. It sounds good in first position, or if you re-tune after putting on a capo. I bought it cheap a long time ago, and I just haven't gotten around to having it repaired yet.
  5. ...and 00DB (Jeff Tweedy)
  6. Martin Monday isn't over yet... 1971 D28.
  7. This is a good theory, but it might be Gus using Kim to keep Saul in line - instead of the Salamancas. I think it may have been foreshadowed in the scene where Mike asks Gus about cutting Nacho loose. This tactic is definitely part of Gus's playbook.
  8. I really don't know how to process this. I'm angry. I'm heartbroken. RIP, John.
  9. Todd Snider Show streaming live now from East Nashville. https://purplebuildinglive.com/
  10. That's a nice piece. It really shines a light on the special venues we have in Austin. Thanks for posting. FYI. One of the article's pages on the Continental Club gives the link to the Online Tip Jar for their staff. The Continental website also says merch sales benefit employees too.
  11. That's actually Urban. He's coming to meet with CDC and Fenves.
  12. How about another Cortez the Killer, with Method Acting as a bonus. Dave Rawlings kills on both of them.
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