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  1. Todd Snider Show streaming live now from East Nashville. https://purplebuildinglive.com/
  2. That's a nice piece. It really shines a light on the special venues we have in Austin. Thanks for posting. FYI. One of the article's pages on the Continental Club gives the link to the Online Tip Jar for their staff. The Continental website also says merch sales benefit employees too.
  3. That's actually Urban. He's coming to meet with CDC and Fenves.
  4. How about another Cortez the Killer, with Method Acting as a bonus. Dave Rawlings kills on both of them.
  5. Besides the performance, the context of this cover makes it even cooler. If I recall correctly, Prince replaced Radiohead as the Coachella closer, and some Radiohead fans bitched. Prince gave them some Radiohead.
  6. Urban Meyer said so. They recruit really well, there must be something wrong under the hood.
  7. Thanks, marriedup. That’s great information. I had looked but didn’t find that on the admissions site Unfortunately, it’s too late for her to apply to UT for the fall, which eliminates CAP as an option. It looks like if she doesn’t go to Alabama, she’ll end up applying as a transfer. I’m assuming that going to the best school possible and making the best grades she can would be the best strategy. Would being at a UT system school help? I appreciate any tips or experiences any of you may have had with the transfer process.
  8. My daughter is an elite level competitive cheerleader*. Cheer has always driven her college choice, and she'll be trying out at Alabama in early May. Alabama has been first choice for quite a while, and although she's got a great shot at making Alabama cheer, she's not interested in going if she doesn't make the team. Plan B has always been another cheer-driven choice like Louisville**, Ole Miss, or Texas Tech. That is until yesterday when she told her mom that if she doesn't make Alabama cheer, she wants to go to ACC for a year and then transfer into Texas. She's a good (not great like some of your kids) student, approximately top 25% at Austin Bowie with a 1290 on her SAT, so Texas has never been part of the conversation. I told her mom that she'd be better off at UT Dallas or UTSA instead of ACC. Am I right? What's the best strategy to set up a transfer opportunity? * No pics. **Yes, I remember Blacklab's old avatar.
  9. Stood in line for about 30 min at 11:30 at End of an Ear. It was raining pretty hard, but no one seemed to be discouraged. Power was out in the store, so no lights and no music for about 45 minutes. Picked up the Lightnin Hopkins RSD release and a used copy of Wilco's Star Wars. My 16 y/o son wanted the Rush RSD release of Signals, but there were none to be had. He picked up a used 200g pressing of Fly By Night and was pretty pleased. Happy Record Store Day, everyone!
  10. Awesome videos, Gil. He's in this one, too. The (real) fifth Beatle.
  11. Does "a killer used late model Les Paul Standard High Performance" come with a stripper girlfriend? There's your answer.
  12. I've used a 50l Kelty Redwing for several years. I removed the aluminum stay and the hip belt. Fits in overhead bins and unzips down both sides for easy access. The internal pocket works well for my laptop.
  13. This is a stupid bill, but it don't make a shit. Last session, Larson filed an ethics bill regarding gubernatorial appointment of large donors. As a result Abbott vetoed every one of Larson's bills that made it to his desk. Before Thanksgiving, Larson wrote an op/ed criticizing how the House (run by his party) is selecting the new Speaker. I don't think that's going to win him any points with Bonnen. Point is, Larson's bills probably aren't going anywhere.
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