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  1. this show is really good
  2. i'm sorry but you'll have to pardon me if i trust Barack Obama and John Lewis and Jim Clyburn and Kamala Harris' judgement on Biden's 'racist' history more than yours.
  3. you know...fuck having more class, or staying above the fray, or not stooping to R's levels or whatever. the rules haven't just changed, the Rs had a bonfire and burned every rule book. and the gameboard. if Ds were bigger assholes and willing to fight dirty and be as big of pieces of shit as their counterparts maybe our republic wouldn't be doomed. Michele Obama is smart and classy and honorable but she was also dead wrong - when they go low, which is literally the only way they do go now, going high is pointless. it's gotdamn infuriating tl/dr: if Democrats were bigger assholes we'd all be better off.
  4. yeah, girl in blue was ready to throw down lol
  5. to be fair, all those things and more are happening here regardless of what is going on elsewhere in the world.
  6. jaegerschnitzel report... served with warm german potato salad and freshmade sauerkraut from Central Market...
  7. my reaction every time Soros is brought up as a bogeyman
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