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  1. have they said whether or not there will be an audience present for the debate(s)? i said a couple months ago...no audience plays in Biden's favor. Trump is a bully, and without an audience to hoot and holler in his feedback loop, he'll just be a stupid liar with lines that fall flat. i mean, he is that anyway, but it will be glaringly obvious on tv without that cheering feedback.
  2. i mean, every game is a blessing and this entire season is going to have a big asterisk next to it... so yeah, this game was fun and an amazing win and very enjoyable!
  3. just dropped by to say HOOK 'EM HORNS 🤘
  4. yep for want of a Whitehouse Correspondence dinner joke, the kingdom was lost 😞
  5. oh! and River's Edge Crispin Glover has always been creepy
  6. he literally said 'get rid of the ballots and there won't need to be a transfer of power' i mean...duh?
  7. ohhh i haven't seen Body Double in forever - great pick. for the longest time i thought the lead was Bill Maher! 😄 High Art - drugs, lesbians, artsy shit Elephant - WARNING: basically an unemotional 'observer' look at a Columbine/Parkland-type incident from varying POVs. it stuck with me a long time. Election - Oscar-caliber Reese Witherspoon Bully - Brad Renfro, feels disturbingly 'real' Kids - same director, it should also come with a WARNING haha damn...just realized that's a lot of 'kids are fucked up' movies. if your kids are about to be teenagers, maybe skip this list heh
  8. that's exactly what happens. best friends' son is sitting in TDCJ for exactly this. http://specials.mystatesman.com/no-knock-warrants/ i always feel like emphasizing that they watched the home for several weeks and saw him LEAVE FOR HIGH SCHOOL every morning at the same time... and they still did a full scale assault no-knock pre-dawn raid.
  9. man i hope it holds out... we're headed down 10/5 for the week 🤞
  10. i was nodding and repping all the Delirious mentions and then i saw this and starting giggling... i've never laughed more as a snarky smartass adult than i did start to finish with Dressed to Kill.
  11. this is a great post worthy of lengthy discussion and debate. it is WAY too logical and nuanced for the current average American republican/conservative voter who literally cares only about libtard tears and 'fuck your feelings!' and thinks Joe fucking Biden is some sort of demonic bloodsoaked socialist. the genie is out of the bottle alright.
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