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  1. i have never been more grateful that i don't have school-aged children. all of you parents and educators and spouses of educators have my deepest sympathies...i can't imagine what this must be like. i'm so sorry y'all are having to navigate this dangerous minefield. i don't even have any idea on how this could be made better 😕😞 good luck and godspeed ❤
  2. it rolls over with the state, as does vacation time. there is no SL cap, but you don't get paid for a balance...well, not in cash. accrued SL counts towards service time at a rate of 160 hours=1 month credit. i was able to retire early bc i had almost 8 mos. of sick leave i never used (accrued over 30+ years 🙂) vacation time also rolls over, and you do get paid the balance at separation...but it is capped annually. the cap increases as longevity increases. anything over the cap at end of FY converts to sick.
  3. you can run but you can't hide, Michael
  4. i've been having this 'discussion' with someone who believes we're fighting a losing battle, everybody is going to get covid eventually, we're just prolonging it and ruining small businesses for no gain. he was super pissed at Abbott's mask order last week, he is one who feels elderly/at risk people should 'mask up or stay at home' and 'healthy people should be able to do as they please' (exact quote). he's really stuck on the economic argument and sees wearing masks as an unnecessary 'circus' for most people, as 'the vast majority of people have nothing to fear!' he's conveniently forgetting that easily 60% of American's have some sort of pre-existing or high risk factor, and thus have a HUGE amount to fear (i don't actually know the percentage, but i'd bet it's that high). we were an unhealthy nation before covid ever appeared, ffs! also...my money is as green as anybody's and i have a lot of it to dispose of, and if everyone had been wearing masks for MONTHS now, like local officials had ordered before Abbott overruled them in April, then guess what? numbers would not be so bad and i would feel a lot safer GOING OUT AND SPENDING SOME OF MY DAMN MONEY to stimulate the economy! i'd venture there are millions of people who feel that way. he is not interested in hearing this argument, he had no response...he simply accused me of losing my critical thinking skills b/c of 'retirement and watching too much CNN'. which pissed me the fuck off. jackass. 😡
  5. i can't explain it but that visual gave me serious giggles 😂
  6. kangaroos trip me out, they look/fight like humans! 😲
  7. absolutely. that's my favorite part of these ads. the most recent one w/ the lady whispering about how he can't trust anybody, that they're laughing at him and have infiltrated his inner circle...boom. that's fantastic.
  8. omg i got sucked into that rabbit hole for the past hour. what a bunch of fucking loons 😳
  9. this seems a very likely scenario, morrso than him refusing to leave. it's petulant, i could totally see him be 'fine, i quit!'
  10. so Tom Hanks is the satanic high priest of Hollywood. and is also dead. ok cool, hookem
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