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  1. yes...i literally just logged on and encountered a few blips on home page...first style sheet didn't load, then a timeout when i reloaded, but looks okay now and responding well.
  2. did it rain for Texas Tech on Thanksgiving 2019? maybe it was just misty. it rained for a KU game a few years ago...i bought tickets from a bigwig at work and we were 50 yard line under the underhang, it was quite fun 🤘😃
  3. i mean that's been my constant refrain about pretty much everything for the past 4 years... thank god his cruelty and evil was matched by his incompetence! 😳
  4. those abortion bills are enraging
  5. ah...well, they were speaking fluent Spanish and i didn't hear any English...'la nina!' it's ok, idiocy can be international lol
  6. true, Mexicans would also be Americans... i meant 'U.S. Americans' 😄
  7. well...at least this ridiculousness isn't exclusive to Americans 🙄
  8. YES. add the asian porn fetish and some of the sexual comments they've casually made and that's exactly the bell that was going off for me VERY LOUDLY. fucking creepy and GROSS 😝
  9. there was and continues to be a continuously expanding assortment of comic-book characters surrounding everything Trump.
  10. that's just...i mean...i... he's an extreme caricature of the most infantile narcissistic moron that has ever existed. except he's not a caricature. every once in a while it's just...
  11. please quote ONE 'lib' here who is cheering this. quote ANY poster cheering it. 🙄 i used to not think you were a troll. you have changed my mind the last month.
  12. hell, i'm a married woman and i got it 🤣
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