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  1. omg these rally clips... i just had a screaming rant. sometimes it just bubbles over.
  2. Chris Wallace basically just said 'everything trump and kellyanne were just saying is not true based on this report'.
  3. mchookem

    SNL 45

    thought the exact same thing. i mean, she looks great, especially for 50 (which she also pointed out)...but damn, that was some next level conceit.
  4. jfc i am actually a real live independent, more of a moderate. until Hillary i had voted for the same number of Rs, Ds, and Ls for pres ...but i have definitely trended left as i've aged, because fuck that stereotype (older=more conservative). it's the HYPOCRISY that has killed the entire R party for me. yeah, there are examples on both sides...but the GOP's entire approach to every issue is literally rampant with malignant hypocrisy. that i cannot abide. if you want to be a dick, just be a dick. but you don't get to throw a tantrum when the other guy decides to be a dick, too.
  5. only secret santa i ever enjoyed was at my last job (just retired 2 months ago) and we did it among our management team, only 8 of us, offsite, usually with booze, $25 limit and the goal was to make it as funny/inappropriate as possible. then we'd vote on the 'best' gift and there'd be a prize (usually a bottle of something). i won last year - my gift was a Squatty Potty.
  6. good lord. Coen bros should make a movie...exotic big cats are the LEAST interesting thing about that story!😳
  7. yeah ^that guy. anyway, don't know anything about blaming Bernie, i just saw the clip which i admit reminded me of you 🤣
  8. is that him on the left? the guy in the clip looked different, younger and heavier... anyway, it's one thing to disrupt the candidates, i would think it's different to disrupt, you know, actual black folks trying to speak. weirdos.
  9. just saw the clip of bt interrupting the Pete event last night 🤣 but seriously...the optics of a white guy in a BLM tshirt disrupting a room of POC discussing their support of Pete... talk about bizarro world 😐
  10. i would be shocked if Gohmert's IQ was triple digits. good lord that man 🙄
  11. i don't think anything is required of him on the football field. he should probably focus on something else.
  12. sometimes i think about this specifically, how fragile our system is that we are LITERALLY where we are...because Trump could not stand Obama poking fun at him.
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