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  1. ERCOT numbers are really surprising...would have thought usage had increased significantly with all the staying at home...and other than last weekend it hasn't been unseasonably cool either. weird! ETA: oh yeah...all the businesses closed down. duh.
  2. i admit this is true, i can't imagine. anybody who doesn't have to feed 4+ and restock a whole basket full every week...if you're just looking for some basics (milk, eggs, bread, fresh fruits/vegs)...i'd suggest smaller neighborhood grocers. we have Fresh Plus and Arlan's within a mile. the prices are higher and the selection not as broad...but i figure, there are 12 confirmed cases in my zip code. those stores are not 'destination' stores, people arent driving from other neighborhoods to go there... so chances are it's mostly just people in the 'hood. the odds seem significantly lower than an HEB or CostCo, the traffic volume is just so much lower. plus, they both have Gramma's hummus and great beer selections 🙂 Fresh Plus produce is pretty good, they have a nice butcher counter and carry many organic brands, and they've had eggs every time i've been. Arlan's has more standard fair. if you can afford it and are looking to lower risk, it's a viable option. 🙂
  3. listening to that Modly audio and hearing the sailors in the background... man i really feel for them, they have to be thinking WTF is going to happen to them now. that is a seriously fucked up situation.
  4. everybody knows that, including aggy
  5. something about sundays...the past two have been really bad for me. so today i took a leisurely 28.5 mile drive around Austin...2222 to 360, southbound over Pennybacker, back north across Town Lake, exited Enfield then up through downtown, past campus back north... i didn't stop anywhere and i didn't touch nothing. i cried more than once. i needed to see my city. it was still beautiful. i did marvel that i was able to drive on Guadalupe from MLK to the Triangle without stopping for traffic once. i actually set cruise control. incredible. anybody know of really scenic bluebonnet/wildflower fields near Austin? i'm thinking if weather permits i'd like to see some of those this week, i think it will help me. i don't need to be able to stop, just see them... this is getting tougher. but we're blessed, even with a torn up house.
  6. speaking of crime... would be interesting to see stats right now. i'm betting domestic disturbances are up...but most everything else has to be down. burglaries, thefts, robberies and assaults have to have dropped off a cliff simply due to lack of opportunity, particularly in large urban areas. i haven't seen any stories of civil unrest either (not that i've been looking).
  7. hmm... she doesn't look like she's covered in blood. that would be gross.
  8. shit, before this happens i really need to move to a state with legal weed. so long Texas 😒
  9. so i haven't been to HEB in almost a month... when i do finally go, am i going to be mask-shamed? where are people getting masks, i thought they were unavailable to the general public weeks ago? i can rig something with a paper towel and rubber bands...but is that gonna make that much of a difference??
  10. we were just discussing this tonight... their takeout game was strong already, they're immensely popular, i'd bet #1 for neighborhood texmex, and their overhead had to be relatively low (place is still a dump lol)...we ordered them on like day 2, but i think they closed at the end of the first week. family owned, right? maybe they just didn't want the risk. 😒 i'm going to assume it's just temporary!
  11. EyM closed a couple weeks ago 😒 but had La Casita tonight, including margs 😎
  12. good to know it is updating...78757 still showing 10, which is the same as Tuesday. yay?
  13. yes, this. it makes me feel crazy sometimes. i have never felt this, not during the seedy depths of the Lewinsky scandal (i was still a young republican then) or the gross incompetence of Katrina or the misdirected callousness of the Iraq war...i have never felt such utter and complete disgust and hate and SHAME with regard to the leadership of my country. it is really a horrible feeling 😒
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