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  1. By Brad Pitt standards perhaps. The tank battle scenes are terribly inaccurate, but the characters and acting make it a good movie. I watch every time it's on.
  2. It's to make it cheaper to fire him next year.
  3. Off-season recruiting scandal. Things are returning to normal.
  4. He also owns a company that sells weightlifting equipment. Not a very good hire at all.
  5. Put an add on Craigslist and hope for the best. But prepare yourself for eventually having to "send him to a farm."
  6. I just saw Amazon Prime has it now. With commercials, but still. Episode 2 on deck.
  7. Yeah, you're likely to get ate by him. I watched the Revenant a few weeks back. Overrated and totally off from the real story.
  8. The Karen thread is that way -->
  9. Yes. Buncha coolers in Cleveland bars full of Bud Light locked shut. Then then went and tied someone. Big controversy over whether to release a tidal wave of crappy swill onto an unwitting Cleveland.
  10. So Parler is (was?) to social media what the Fyre Festival was to raves?
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