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  1. Shooting bottle rockets underwater is more fun anyway.
  2. Language nsfw. These guys wouldn't fare well in a fist fight. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Jason+Charter&docid=13820765039130&mid=499D85AF5329935A02F6499D85AF5329935A02F6&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  3. Seems like they're armed pretty well now. ETA Not saying they should have their weapons confiscated or anything, so like as they can legally own them.
  4. I shudder to think about the impact on domestic and child abuse.
  5. You do you, Brother. And make sure to hit up Tony Paco's.
  6. North Dakota likes Arizona best. Every North Dakotan with the means spends all winter down there. But this list says we love MN the best? Not even close.
  7. Parliament


    Yeah we need more sci fi movies like this.
  8. Have you ever been to Ohio? It sucks. Not sure why SC would hate Ohio for CFB. They've never lost to us. Perhaps they're still chapped about our coach punching their LB? That was 1978, Guys. Let it go.
  9. He'll soon be dead from Ebola. ETA The rabbit. I'm sure the kid will live a long happy life.
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