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  1. I very much disagree with his endorsement of Sanders, but I oddly respect him more for it. Not sure why. https://www.theblaze.com/news/social-media-attempts-to-cancel-joe-rogan-after-his-bernie-sanders-endorsement
  2. Matthew McConaughey is a treasure, and his quirky Lincoln commercials are generally good. But... His ice fishing commercial is inaccurate to the point I can't watch it. You don't throw bait and gear into a luxury vehicle, and you don't sit in it on shore and watch a flag. You drag a pop-up out to your hole.
  3. Jesus, Man. Spoiler that shit.
  4. I'm gonna say that's mostly BS.
  5. It's a Hitchcock mystery thriller with a super-hero angle, movie-level production and just enough call-back to TNG, and no indication of a Barkley or Crusher. Not sure what more we could hope for.
  6. Fans of the old "bubbly" Trek are gonna struggle with it.
  7. Five minutes in and it's pretty good. They definitely aren't sparing production expenses.
  8. That kid is gonna get sooo laid after the prom.
  9. All that asswipe? You may have a problem.
  10. I see lotsa crude jokes about Mr. Austin's mother and her lack of virtue. Where did this meme all start?
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