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  1. You guys need some performance-enhancing drugs. Not much, just a bump.
  2. She's Jewish herself. That whole article is very odd.
  3. Yeah that sounded way too good to be true. Sucks.
  4. The end of Season 1 made me vow to swear off the entire Trek Universe. This trailer here? Dunno.
  5. Sitting in 15 minute detention after my Pfizer 5G injection. I was 20 min early for my appointment and they ran me right in. 10 minutes for all that. Injection 2 scheduled for April 26. Super easy and fast, but they should be using a bigger facility. We're crammed in plenty.
  6. Totally not excusing them, but... The water is only mildly radioactive. It comes from the leftover spoil of phosphate mining.
  7. Seems the Russian vaccine may not be all that. An antigen test followed by a PCR test confirmed his Covid-19 diagnosis this weekend, according to Fernández's medical team. The 62-year-old leader's health remains "stable, asymptomatic, with parameters within normal ranges," they said. Argentina became the first Latin American country to distribute the Sputnik V vaccine in late December, with the purchase of up to 25 million doses. Fernández received his first dose of that vaccine on January 21, and his second in February, a press officer at the Presidential Casa Rosada said. https:/
  8. ^^^Doesn't own property downtown.
  9. The Equalizer. Weak, wandering plot and a boring antagonist.
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