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  1. Matt Risinger is an Austin home builder and he has a GREAT YouTube channel. He likes to make the entire attic "conditioned." Ie, no soffit or roof vents, and insulation right under the roof deck. That insulation is usually spray foam. His channel has more vids covering the topic.
  2. The B12's "best-of" championship game selection process benefits the conference very much. You'll definitely send a team to the playoff.
  3. The "inverted cowgirl" is what we usually finish with.
  4. 35-7 at the half. This game might be over.
  5. I'm here to pick corn and kick ass. And I'm almost out of ass.
  6. I kinda follow that. I ask a friend who works in the industry the same question. It seems he concurs.
  7. I dislike Glock very much. But every collection needs one. The Glock 19 is one of the most popular sidearms in the World.
  8. My Gen 5 Glock 19 has a cutout in the grip. Why?
  9. So I downloaded Messenger on my Note 9, and it keeps telling me all my old texts are new. ie, I'll get 500 "new" text notifications that are not new at all. They're months old only new to the Messenger app. I'll clear the notifications and they'll light up in 5 minutes again. How do I fix this?
  10. Farming and ranching thread is that way-->
  11. Is propane made from Y Grade? I don't know much about such things. Y grade for sure was flared.
  12. DS9 was ahead of it's time. A serial story that was dark and ambiguous. But they needed to fill a 20+ episode season and had way too much filler.
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