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  1. I've been super busy with work today. How are equity markets doing?
  2. Why not shoot a few down and ask them where they're from? Seems logical.
  3. COUNTERPOINT They'll half-ass the destruction project, like they've half-assed everything else. Won't cost them much.
  4. https://www.wsj.com/articles/ukraine-says-long-combat-mission-in-mariupol-has-ended-11652767128?mod=hp_lead_pos8 It's official. Mariupol has fallen. Soldiers defending the Ukrainian city of Mariupol laid down their arms at the sprawling steel plant that served for weeks as their final redoubt, ending months of bloody battle for the industrial port that has become a symbol of Russia’s invasion and Ukraine’s resistance. More than 260 soldiers were taken to Russian-controlled territory on Tuesday morning after Ukraine announced the end of combat operations in Mariupol. Video footage released by Russia’s Defense Ministry appeared to show the men being patted down and escorted to waiting buses. Some were on stretchers, some wrapped in bloodied bandages, and many were gaunt after weeks of surviving on minimal rations.
  5. This date, 7 years ago. Still hurts.
  6. Only Patrick Swayze could pull off that movie.
  7. So we give them St. Javelins, and all the sudden Russian tanks start blowing up. Then we give them artillery and all the sudden Russian fire basess start blowing up. Now we give them SAM''s and Russian jets start blowing up. Is there a theme here? Can we give them F15's next? Stealth bombers? What?
  8. If Surly hasta do literal trigonometry to fix this, i dunno. We're all morons here.
  9. I was being a smart ass, and that may not be appropriate for this thread. I apologize. I have sisters and if one of them was being creeped on, I'd definitely have a conversation with him. I understand that threatening the dude would only make it worse, something totally polite and low key would be the play. Good luck to your friend. I'll echo what was said upthread and suggest she be careful. And God forbid if this guy tried something, make sure she knows to fight dirty.
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