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  1. Great Job Lindsay---- congressional oversight to begin immediately! (only over Democrats not in office and especially if there's a candidate attached to a factually baseless allegation we can spread) No oversight over the executive who sells out the country in broad daylight. Nope. All good. Still can't wrap my mind around how the obviousness of the corrupt bullshit double standard doesn't get through even to the credulous boomer rubes.
  2. ah, Linds is emboldened now that he think he's gotten away with his own corruption. Where have I seen that before. Now, onto endless propaganda to accomplish what the whistleblower stopped Trump from finishing. Fucking hell
  3. Terrible D response to the dumb question “why is the Steele dossier paid for by Hillary” any different wasted opportunity and just let Rs run with the dumbass feigned outrage over opposition research
  4. I for one enjoyed scrolling down to see 3 Ways Your Dog Might Be Crying Out For Help and 3 Ways Your Cat Asks for Help gave me paws
  5. it's a defamation suit, not a criminal proceeding (and I'm sure the statute of limitations has passed). There won't be any court order compelling him to give a sample, and the suit will be settled, dismissed, or just litigated into eternity. Don't get excited.
  6. She strikes me so much like the "such as the Iraq" pageant girl.
  7. i haz confused because I thought the WH defense was now, "yes Trump blocked the aid but it was legit because the Bidens are corrupt." How do Bolton's statements do anything but corroborate the quid pro quo part that is now ok because Trump cares so much about corruption?
  8. If Bolton gave 2 shits about this country, he would have already marched his ass over to Congress and told them he would testify, subpoena or no.
  9. What a fucking cunt to go out mentioning the names of scumbag murderers who killed in false service to our flag.
  10. Right, I don't get the strategy of strict focus or perhaps congressional "decorum" at this point. The D's fully fucked up by seeming to give into the narrative that they "lost" on the Mueller report. It would be easy to hammer the point that Mueller found Trump & Co. welcomed Russia's help in the election. And that Mueller documented TEN instances of obstruction, which he concluded might have affected investigators' ability to find they illegally conspired. And that Trump takes the bullshit victory lap from Barr's mischaracterized report by continuing the pattern of ....... welcoming foreign intervention in his election. Fuck it's not complicated.
  11. True. I copied some shitbag's comments, I think it was from KUT's facebook page even, could be a troll but I really think it's serious....and shows just how much the "other side" thinks impeachment supporters are the craaaazy delusional assholes who are brainwashed. Point being---nutbar stuff is the mainstream now. Infuriating: How can any of you from the left support what’s happening? How can you be proud of that? You do realize the left never provided one piece of evidence. Schiff and Pelosi lied to everyone on national television. Now they are crying this is unfair? Are you kidding right now. They had every chance in the House to call all the witnesses, and they chose not too call them. It’s not the Senates job. Schiff is still refusing to release the transcript from the secret basement testimony with the whistleblower. What’s he hiding? Why are they doing everything in their power to try and ensure the Biden’s aren’t on the stand? You accuse Trump of crimes with no proof at all, and accuse these crimes were committed with the Biden’s in mind. See how your witch-hunt is just hurting the Left and improving Trumps approval numbers.
  12. The Fuck. When I was in elementary -- in the 70s-- we'd get horrible crap like "salisbury steak" with the fake grill marks, that musta slid out of some unholy vacuum pack along with its own ooze like a primordial fetus. And mashed potatoes made from those instant potato flakes which tasted like wallpaper paste. One kid got suspended because, after learning some Texas history, he made a flag pasted to a toothpick and stuck it into his potatoes as a protest....it said COME AND TAKE IT (please) Meanwhile you guys got homemade gotdamn soul food
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