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  1. I'm not 100% up to speed on the particular posture of this case. But to get post-conviction DNA testing (unless both parties agree to it), there must be a showing made that the result could be exculpatory. So there's the rub. And there certainly is a legal vehicle for determining credibility of these new witnesses -- it happens on habeas review all the time, which is the stage they're at. You go back to the district court and hold a live hearing, and the judge makes findings and conclusions. The claim has to be back-doored in by way of an ineffective assistance of counsel or prosecutorial misconduct claim, for example. Or if an actual innocence claim is successful in arguing that there is new evidence that, more likely than not, would have resulted in a different outcome at trial. If he's successful at that hurdle on habeas review and witnesses are deemed credible, then the court recommends that relief is granted in the form of a new trial (or the State declines to go forward with another trial). Then the CCA accepts or rejects the rec.
  2. For clarity's sake, I was referring to the Reed supporters/celeb outcry, many of whom make this exact leap.
  3. By the way, has there been any official statement or response from Pete Sessions in all this? Anyone trying to haul him in? He seems a rather important (corrupt) player.
  4. So what's left to do? Test the belt for low-probative touch DNA? If Fennell's is on there...well they lived together in a small space, were lovers. If Reed's is on there, well we were having a consensual affair, so.... If random's are on there, well it's been handled by many throughout the investigation and is certainly contaminated. Test it anyway, I guess. And get the johnny-come-lately witnesses who claim Stacy was seeing Rodney under OATH in court to testify, for a credibility determination.
  5. Honestly, the media is irresponsible as hell and people don't bother to research for themselves. Specifically, when this case is discussed on air anywhere, they never fail to mention Jimmy Fennell and his later conviction for sexually assaulting someone in his custody. Yet, Reed's more horrific acts closely tracking the M.O. in this case is almost invariably never mentioned. I honestly believe many of those protesting simply don't know. And for those who do,, if you're going to say one's other bad acts shouldn't amount to guilt in a separate case, fine, but then stating with certainty that Fennell did it is just dumb. Oh and I firmly believe Fennell is a piece of crap, but he's also a very lucky, convenient red herring for Reed and his supporters.....the evidence does not at all add up for him to have possibly done this.
  6. I'm a "young" 40-something, lol. Thanks for all the tips. I'm going to a show (some singer/rapper) at Brooklyn Steel on Sunday night. Other than that, I'm open....would like not to freeze my Texan ass off, but am interested in stuff like the botanical gardens and possibly Coney Island/aquarium. Maybe a museum visit but not really looking to spend a half day doing that. Will likely stay in the borough. Anyone been to any of the Brooklyn comedy clubs like Eastside or anything?
  7. 2 nights but the bulk of 3 days, leaving 11/16. Recs?? I think I'm staying in Williamsburg but not even sure of that yet. TIA.
  8. any aggy is always "too aggy," and if it doesn't concern you, I'd say you can fuck off.
  9. Wait, so the Syria debacle did not in fact cause Trump to lose his mandate from heaven? Pat Robertson says the danger has passed?
  10. Unfuckingbelievable. Barr needs to be hauled before Congress to answer some questions. If this story doesn't blow up like a m'fr, we are officially well into the Nothing Matters phase.
  11. Anyone else thing Tom always looks hungover? Sweaty, shaky, bloodshot eyes....
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