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  1. I wish there were an elite CB available. Ours have been awful. But that goal is also on Frank. When you consistently have both of your FBs up past the opponent's 18 yard box at the same time, you really leave yourself open for the counter.
  2. We give up a goal on a corner and then another when Christensen lost track of his man. Shocker.
  3. I honestly hadn't heard of him until today. Anyone know where he's from?
  4. A question from a somewhat bourbon newby: does the A vs B vs C batch matter all that much or does it just indicate the order of release?
  5. Picked up a bottle of Blanton's from TW Arboretum yesterday. Sadly, they were already sold out of Weller OA.
  6. He added that "fact" (FAKE NEWS!) to try and covertly make his point of liberal hypocrisy. Don't take if for anything more than it is: more of Zork's lying and cowardice.
  7. Every thing about him looks stupid.
  8. Guendouzi is such a little bitch. He deserves a 3 game ban, at least, for the choke. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  9. Because, Arsenal. They paid us 8 million for him. lol.
  10. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Would Arsenal like to pay Chelsea for any more players who are past their prime?
  11. All I've seen is that it's good, but underwhelming for what you'd expect. I'm fine paying $130 or so for a bottle of bourbon, but it better be really fucking good for me to pay the same for one bottle that I paid for the three posted above.
  12. As of 11:10 there was one bottle of MK left on the shelf at TW Lakeline. I almost walked out with it but the reviews don't seem to justify the price point. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  13. Yesterday was a good day.
  14. It's anecdotal and the data may ultimately say something different, but I was at the AJC/Huston Tillotson protest on Sunday and the bulk of the people I saw were wearing masks. If wearing masks works as well as I've read it does, then I imagine the bulk of the increase is due to events where people were not wearing masks like the Memorial Day events and all the mornings who have stopped wearing them in public and at bars/restaurants.
  15. How are the unicorns and dragons in your land of make believe?
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