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  1. I hope they strip Altuve of his 2017 MVP. Of course he outhit Judge, he knew what pitch was coming most of the time. Im starting to wonder if my initial “opposite field bloop hitter” scouting report that I got flamed for on TOS was actually an accurate take on Altuve’s true hitting ability. Look who gets the last laugh.
  2. I’ve posted about this in another thread, but I know a dude that’s been hardcore vegan for 4 or 5 years now. He’s still chubby and out of shape as fuck. I don’t understand.
  3. I've hunted and fired a gun before. Do I need the trifecta for my opinion to count or is 2/3 good enough?
  4. Jeter certainly has HOF worthy stats, advanced metrics, and hardware (maybe not 1st ballot caliber but still). When you factor in his intangibles, clutchness, character, and the flip play from the 2001 playoffs he’s a surefire 1st ballot entrant imo. He’s the reason I wore #2 and played shortstop as a kid, and a huge reason why I fell in love with the Yankees and the game of baseball. You’d be lucky to catch herpes from him.
  5. Its the Disch Faulk intimidation factor. Where the opponent’s hopes of victory come to die. Maybe not recently so much but still.
  6. Lol. Yeah you’re definitely from Westlake if you think Buc Stadium is scary.
  7. Clemens, Giambi, Jeter, Pettitte, Sheffield, Soriano.
  8. I sure hope you weren’t a geography teacher.
  9. He’s very far from a bad QB. I just thought he’d be better by now. Im not sure what to expect from him next year when Duv & CJ leave.
  10. Tell me more about this decade Beltrán spent playing for the Yankees. Unless you mean the Mets, but I doubt you know he ever played for them.
  11. Sorry you hate capitalism. Paying the best players is not cheating.
  12. Very rough sports fall for me. Yankees bounced from the playoffs by a bunch of cheaters, Texas is having a disappointing year, my alma mater Harlingen HS got bounced from the playoffs by a transfer factory. It's clear I need to find teams with lower moral fiber to cheer for.
  13. We’ll be in 8-4/7-5 purgatory with him every season he coaches. That’s just how his teams are, not a trainwreck but never great. His best year here he still lost 4 games. Took a 14 game season to get to 10 wins. Mack was doing that in 11 & 12 game seasons.
  14. They’ll have their hands full with LH & their illegal shift offense. La Feria likes to score quick, their defense could be out there a very long time. Then if they win they gotta deal with Beeville or El Campo. Super tough bracket they ended up in.
  15. Brennan has been out their starting QB most of the year, but they’ve put together a solid year against a weak schedule. They’re 1-2 against teams with a pulse. Westlake should cakewalk. Madison is still a far cry from their 2000s-early 2010s glory days. They won the NEISD district title (Reagan had a down year big time, Johnson sucked after losing their do-everything RB to a knee injury late in the year). LT should also roll. If I was you I would just make the trip to watch Wimberley get curbstomped by ZaRaivion Armendarez and the Raymondville Bearcats. Well damn I just saw that Reagan upset O’Connor today.
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