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  1. If you really think Kobe & OJ are the same there’s no hope for you. How mind-numbingly stupid. You keep calling him a rapist based on one person’s accusation, even though he was never convicted of anything. You’re the embodiment of everything wrong with the MeToo movement.
  2. And if it isn’t? Murfdogg said it like it was an established fact.
  3. Yes, he’s 100% a rapist because that woman said so & her recollection of the events is the total truth.
  4. That MSNBC clip is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Oh my god.
  5. I don’t think there’s any actual vids of the crash. A lot of people are posting vids of other helicopter crashes and morons are believing it.
  6. What video? The one where they circled in a holding pattern for 10 minutes then continued on? Hard to think it seemed like anything other than business as usual up to that point.
  7. He was on Jimmy Crymmel recently talking about how he takes his helicopter sometimes because he hates driving. Crazy.
  8. The regular flu kills people of all ages too. Like I’ve already said, this virus is getting way too much attention to become a worldwide pandemic. Fears are too high already and too many precautions are already being taken. The next global plague will be something that comes out of nowhere & blindsides the world. Anything short of that won’t reach pandemic levels. It’s not 1919 anymore.
  9. I don’t think we have many boarding schools in Texas. TMI in SA & San Marcos Academy are boarding schools, but pretty rigorous/stressful academically. Marine Military Academy in Harlingen is entirely boarding school kids I think, not too intense academically, and definitely gives the students tons of structure & attention. However it’s all-boys and seemed like just a school for fuck-ups from rich families that got in trouble and got sent down to get corrected.
  10. He unloaded Stanton, who will in all likelihood never play more than 30 games in a season the rest of his career. That kind of foresight shows that Jeter has a knack for seeing future areas of concern & addressing them promptly. He’s also surrounded himself with really bright baseball minds. All the elements are there for a winner to be built. Fwiw I’m picking the marlins as my NL wildcard dark horse this year. They’re gonna surprise a ton of folks.
  11. You’ll “graduate”, but you just can’t walk the stage/come to ceremony.
  12. He’s building a competitor, yeah they’re having a rough few years but you’d be an idiot to think they won’t be a force in a few seasons.
  13. I always felt like the next plague would have to be a virus that kinda sneaks up on everyone out of nowhere. This one has gotten too much pub already, everyone knows about it. It’s a poor global pandemic candidate.
  14. Helobious

    Silver Spurs

    What exactly do they do, besides lead bevo in and out of his trailer?
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