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  1. Anecdotal of course, but my last roommate in college (just 5 or 6 years ago) was an SAE. Random roommate that was a transfer from some community college. He was also the weed dealer for the frat. Early on he told me “not to worry” about us getting robbed and showed me this gigantic ass Benelli shotgun. Great. Naturally frat bros were in and out of our place all day, maybe 30 different ones total. About 2 or 3 of them were decent human beings. The rest were high and drunk all the time, openly talked about cheating their way through school, and casually said some of the most sexist, racist shit I’ve ever heard in my life. I’ll never forget walking in once and there was probably 7 of them smoking in our living room. I knew one of them played on their IM basketball team so I asked how their last game went. “We barely lost man, pretty good since we were playing a bunch of fucking niggers”. Not one of them even batted an eye. This was in 2015. Maybe it’s because I was only seeing the shithead ones that wanted weed, but my roommate made it seem like the entire frat came through. It jumped out to me as an outsider, but they all seemed so insular in their world I can see how none of that behavior would seem wrong to them.
  2. Helobious

    2020 MLB thread

    That’s literally the worst news I’ve heard all day. Member when everyone said Jeter’s was dumb for trading him for nothing? I member. Guy is one of the very worst players in baseball & he’s one of the very highest paid. What a life.
  3. Helobious

    2020 MLB thread

    Holy fuck at Altuve’s stat line this year. What a complete fucking fraud. Yeah I’m sure the cheating didn’t help him at all.
  4. I don’t really follow recruiting that closely. Why does everyone always say “Fuck the Brockermeyers”? Because they decided to go to a school that wasn’t UT?
  5. Nearly all African-Americans are mixed race to a certain degree.
  6. Yes. Any online forum where there’s user to user interaction is social media.
  7. Most anyone will snitch for $100k. And given the haphazard nature of the shooting and ridiculous appearance of the shooter I figured this was done by some dumbass with a gun, instead of a hardened criminal or a mastermind. I’m utterly shocked they haven’t been caught yet. I guess it really was a male, a chick would’ve told someone by now. If there was a getaway driver they had to have been a relative or a spouse.
  8. Reel Grande continues to do an amazing job profiling/promoting RGV athletes. He just dropped a video on Aaron Nixon.
  9. Elephant & Bully are solid. The bully/kids director also has a movie called Wassup Rockers. The first half of it is very good until it gets weird/stupid.
  10. Kind of impossible to prove that the outbreak started from playing the game, no?
  11. That’s not how me & the blokes spell it back in Manchester.
  12. Curious as to why you believe the one upstairs neighbor is correct and not the multiple other neighbors that said they didn’t hear the cops identify themselves? Just my own opinion... given what a clusterfuck the raid turned out to be, I’d bet they yelled “police!” as they were battering the door or busting through. Which is not the correct way to do it, because it’s not easy for people to hear or process over the noise.
  13. Helobious

    2020 MLB thread

    I wonder how highly riding a motorcycle at night in the Dominican Republic ranks on the list of “Things you can do to live for a long time” .
  14. I’d strongly wager you’d run and hide if shit got real, just based on the people I’ve known that talk like you in real life. I’ll pass, thanks.
  15. You can’t even spell misguided and I’m supposed to trust your judgement with a firearm. #America Pro-tip: Actual badasses/tough guys and truly cold mortherfuckers don’t have to project how tough they are to the rest of the world.
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