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  1. I guess the computer program that creates the schedule doesn’t account for that kind of stuff. It just knows April=off days
  2. Wasn’t this technically the last Texas shooting?
  3. ^^^ Almost all of that post was incorrect. Impressive. April always has a large number of off days because the weather is still bad in the northern half of the country.
  4. By that logic they shouldn’t show a batters stats from a prior year unless he played in all 162 games.
  5. That was the worst fucking scoring attempt I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh my god. Go fuck yourself Urshela you slow fucking loser. God damn it. Whats the logic in giving up an out when you’re down to your last 3 outs? That bunt by Gardner was so stupid.
  6. I’m seeing that “runner starts at 2nd” rule for the first time in the Os-Yanks game. Os bunted the runner over to 3rd with the first batter in the 11th, then he scored when the next batter hit a 7000 foot high pop up to shallow left that Gardner was too slow to even get close to. I got even more pissed when I immediately remembered arguing with @Beau Vine last year, I said it was a good rule change and no one would ever actually bunt with the first batter. It’s a stupid as fuck rule seeing it play out in person and I hate it.
  7. Just saw a current Odor photo. I, uh, imagine he gets randomly selected for extra screening at airports a lot.
  8. Someone learn me on Odor. All I remember about him is that he has a solid right hook.
  9. Stanton is working his way off my shit list. Hicks gunning for that top spot
  10. Or Suggs screaming and hyping up the crowd after he got fouled down 12. And then missing the free throw.
  11. #3 for Gonzaga is terrible. Loses control of the ball almost every possession and missed 2 free throws earlier.
  12. No you’re right. The team losing by 15 and getting dominated in every statistical category is clearly superior.
  13. Lol. Gonzaga doesn’t belong on the same floor as Baylor. If the 3s weren’t falling they’d rape Gonzaga in the paint.
  14. Still think 3 point shooting has nothing to do with skill?
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