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  1. There’s quite a bit of people that saw it coming though. Maybe not this specific one, but I certainly thought I’d see a global pandemic at least once in my lifetime. You never watched Discovery channel or sci-fi movies?
  2. Something to consider: I hear a lot of talk that we shouldn’t be so concerned about a lot of people dying who were old or near death anyway. Obviously death is inevitable for us all, but the virus is just expediting the (very likely and near) inevitable for them. But how do you feel about this shutdown expediting the death of businesses and industries that were “near death” anyway? Why not view that the same as an old, sick person dying?
  3. The Great Depression & Great Recession were arguably the results of years of build-up. What we’re in now is nothing like that. It’s nothing like anything anyone’s experienced. It’s illogical to try and compare it to prior economic downturns. You could almost flip a switch and start reversing some of the economic damage so far. This event will change life and our economy for sure, I just don’t see it destroying the country. And all I was saying earlier is that it’s silly to try and tell someone struggling that he should be happy because he’s better off than 90% of the world or that he didn’t have it as bad as people in the Great Depression. That’s no comfort when you’re worried about getting evicted or jumped walking to school. By that logic I could tell you that you shouldn’t be happy, because there are people better off than you right now. That’s the message I interpreted and that’s what I was responding to.
  4. On topic somewhat, but it’s ironic to see posters who think predictions of millions dying from this are outlandish and crazy, but then turn right around and say we’re going into another Great Depression. You should practice critical thinking and skepticism towards all possibilities, not just the narratives you don’t like.
  5. Probably the wrong thread, but I hate delusional comments like this. I need to go tell my dad that when he was picking vegetables 10 hours everyday for pennies a basket and getting pesticide dumped on him from planes overhead that he just wasn’t smiling or working hard enough. There’s great opportunity in this country, it’s why my family immigrated here, but don’t pretend it’s sunshine and rainbows for everyone that just wants to work hard. I’ve seen it just stomp the shit out of a lot of good people in my life.
  6. 17/30 for anyone still thinking I know nothing about baseball. Ironically I got the Yankees one wrong. Montero was easily the most hyped prospect among yankee fans ever. You said “Jesus” on yankee message boards and everyone knew who you were talking about. Easy to forget Torres got a higher ranking than him.
  7. A good idea doesn’t care who has it. And it’s not like electronic strike zones are the brainchild of Manfred. The question is not if the robo strikezone is going to be perfect, the question is will the robo strikezone be more accurate than the human umpires (yes, undoubtably. Not sure how you’re even debating that). And will the robo strikezone ever try to make the game about them and eject someone when it gets its feelings hurt(no, it won’t).
  8. US with over 1300 deaths today. Should cross 11,000 total by morning.
  9. I’m reading stories everyday of previously healthy young people getting killed by this. Death so sudden it’s killing a lot of them in their sleep at home. Haven’t seen the US death stats broken down by age but I imagine a significant percentage at this point is people 20-50 years old. It could take me out as easy as it could take out you. You’re right that it’s different since I don’t have a family to support though. That would change my rationale.
  10. I’ve been going to HEB once a week. I have to go into the office everyday since we can’t work from home, so I’m risking it everyday anyway. Id rather take my chances dying from the virus, living my life how I want vs letting fear/anxiety dictate my actions. Of course I could live a month off canned and frozen shit, but that’s just not a path that makes sense to me.
  11. I get wearing a mask. But what difference do gloves actually make?
  12. Amazing you think that just mentioning that an election took place in 2016 is CR.
  13. Yeah none of those usernames ring a bell. I saw the BYU avatar and assumed he was just a good-hearted Mormon trying to make friends.
  14. You guys are like the plastics from mean girls, surly version. Can’t let anyone sit at your lunch table. I welcome any and everyone interested in baseball.
  15. Wins Above Replacement and Baseball Reference Wins Above Replacement (they have their own formula). Dorky attempts to quantify how good a player is, because actually watching them play or reading their stat lines is an absurd concept nowadays.
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