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  1. Fwiw, his full quote was that he has had no discussions with the UIL about it since it’s their call, and that he was just giving his opinion. He may be right though.
  2. He’s built like a manatee. He was never going to last at 3rd.
  3. Districts sounds right. I can think of 11 school districts in Bexar county alone off the top of my head. SA easily has over 30 public high schools.
  4. Of course. But that will never happen. Therefore I don’t really get why people are into it so much.
  5. Podcasts, the city of Austin, BBQ, beer. And porn. It’s not like they’re gonna jump off the screen and fuck you. Always felt kind of empty to me.
  6. Minor league baseball does team names right, and wish other sports would follow. A team name should be creative, memorable, unique, and why not funny. I think fans identify more with those names too. No team in the history of Earth has ever gone, “oh shit we’re playing the Tigers today! Tigers are scary animals I but this team is scary”. People put too much stock in having a “strong” team name.
  7. Did he already have his degree at that point? VY was draft eligible after the 2004 season, did him coming back in 05 mean he was coming back in 06?
  8. The way he plays and the number of concussions he’s had, he’d be dumb to beat himself up in college another year to move from a 5th rd pick to a 4th rd pick at best. He could be getting an NFL paycheck a year from today, or he could be getting ready for another college season a year from today. Which do you think sounds better to him?
  9. Umpire talk had me look up something that I figured was true... including postseason, Derek Jeter played in 2,903 career games. He never got ejected once. The guy was just class & respect personified.
  10. Who’s the 4th head on the Mt. Rushmore of shittiest umpires ever? Joe West, Angel Hernandez, Jim Joyce...?
  11. Kanye is a legit musical talent, fuck the haters. I’ll trade the 21 pilots singer for Ian Curtis. But I mean I love New Order a lot too, don’t know that they exist if Ian didn’t die.
  12. None of that is incorrect. What gets to me though is seeing this growing victimhood on the right, all the “my life is way harder because I’m white/christian/conservative/etc.” Just look at the president’s twitter and see how often he complains about the unfairness of life or how he is treated. I really do think it’s an american cultural thing. We all have to see ourselves as the underdog.
  13. I know you mentioned your kids go to Smithson Valley, just assumed you were a white based on that. Always wanted to ask how big the lift kit on your truck was. Derail: Then again that school/area has sure changed a lot the past decade or so.
  14. If season gets cancelled you’d have to think that’s the last we see of Ehlinger. He’d have his degree at that point, no reason to wait until 2022 to play in the NFL.
  15. There’s no shame in working at Dominos, BF.
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