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  1. It’s the same in the Yankees series that year. In the four wins they got shut down.
  2. It should be fine. I’ve had my sister who works in Australia buy me a couple bottles of Blanton’s gold or sftb every time she comes back home and has never had a problem packing it in her luggage
  3. Manhattan Project has some good beers. Bikini Atoll has become my go to post yard work beer
  4. The Signals is on sale for 20% off if anyone is looking to get one. I ordered one last night with the bellows
  5. Hopefully we can stop playing Ream back there now
  6. Why can’t he throw in the zone with three run lead
  7. I would think you want Greinke on the road for his bat
  8. We’ve seen this with Osuna before. It better work out better this time
  9. Dude pitchers pitch every fifth day. Cole will be pitching on his fifth day since his last start. What do you not understand about this?
  10. Who have you been watching on defense if you think Reddick is mediocre?
  11. My one dog comes running once she hears me cock my bug a salt so she can eat the stunned or dead flies
  12. That takes not really going out on much of a limb. Morgan has only scored in two games. I don’t think the US cares who scores the goals
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