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  1. I want to believe you know what you're talking about, but your inability to master inequality signs makes me not want to consider any of your technical opinions.
  2. Are you saying you can't tell from that picture what's wrong with the parking job? He's so far over the line that it's almost lost in the shadow under the truck.
  3. My money is on the group of people that filmed themselves taking it down so they could virtue signal to the internet about how much they respect and love nature are the very same people that put it there in the first place. Arrest them and charge them with theft, then when they reveal that they put it there to begin with and therefore it is not theft nail them for it.
  4. Count me in the confused camp too. I'm now self conscious about how little effort I put into cleaning and maintaining my WSM. Dump the ash out after a cook, clean the grates. I also don't bother foil lining the water pan so I spend 1-2 minutes dumping the water out and wiping the inside with simple green. Total I spend maybe 10 minutes cleaning stuff after a cook, and most of that is necessary with any type of cooker. I certainly can't imagine seeing it as a "major turn off."
  5. Chicago fuckers did something right. Hell yeah! Green chile double was always my favorite, I hate that it isn't a permanent menu item.
  6. I do it, if I see one of the family packs at HEB that looks good (good size cap and marbling) or same at Costco I'll grab it regardless of if I'm planning on steak night any time soon. I'll either cook what I need immediately and freeze the rest or just freeze all of them. Vacuum seal is a must, freezing them in just a ziploc is inviting problems. I've never noticed much if any taste change. I slow defrost them by putting them from the freezer into the fridge at least 24 hours before I plan on cooking them. Usually they don't end up staying in my freezer more than a week or 2.
  7. You know what else CO2 is a byproduct of? Beer production. LOL at the thought of the beer industry being worried about not being able to get CO2 from other industries. Capture the CO2 from your own process, fuckers.
  8. I don't know why they're bothering burning anything. Juan already has General Tso's chicken recipe.
  9. The video you posted about the taco place you are saying is life changing contained the proof that you are wrong. The main person in the video talking about how great the tacos are openly stated that the best thing about them was the cold shredded cheese. Not the freshly made deep fried tortilla that formed the taco shell, not the presumably well seasoned and tender beef... the cold shredded cheese.
  10. Pretty much what TwiceHorn said. We have furnaces to burn our documents before bailing, they're using fucking burn barrels lol.
  11. I don't understand. I was expecting some sort of explanation for how "cali tacos" were different. I came away with no new information, and the food didn't look like anything special.
  12. I got a WSM 18.5" recently and did a smoke on it this weekend, just a basic pork butt. I filled the charcoal ring and put 4 or 5 chunks of pecan in there, I'd estimate it used about 2/3 of a bag of Kingsford. I lit another 25 briquettes in a chimney and spread them across the top of the unlit charcoal, assembled the smoker and filled the water bowl with hot tap water. By 7:30 PM the smoker was at 210 degrees and the meat was on. After that, the lowest temp I saw was 210 at 2:30 am (I had two of the vents fully closed, so I opened them up slightly) and other than that the thing ran between
  13. May belong in the unpopular opinions thread, but I'm with you. For me, there is a point at which the marbling is excessive and starts to detract.
  14. I'm on Team India for this one. Chinese food is cheap fast-food filler compared to the seductive luxury that is Indian food.
  15. Sharpening knives. I recently got a set of whetstones and have so far sharpened 4 of my knives with it. They're sharper than they were before I tried sharpening them, but still very far from the results of people who know what they're doing.
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