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  1. Sharpening knives. I recently got a set of whetstones and have so far sharpened 4 of my knives with it. They're sharper than they were before I tried sharpening them, but still very far from the results of people who know what they're doing.
  2. I meant it more as "not in a relaxed posture" than in the military sense.
  3. Not a fair comparison IMO, the guys up top wouldn't look nearly as cool with their bulky helmets on. Also they're leaning on corvettes instead of standing at attention, much more relaxed poses. Not that I think the new suits are cool, they remind me a bit of Dr Evil's look.
  4. The HEB locations near me carry Tillamook ice cream sandwiches, but not the ice cream. Any time I want to buy ice cream I stop by Kroger because they carry Tillamook. I'll never go back to blue bell, the marionberry pie flavor is fucking awesome.
  5. This is the correct answer I think. If you want the bird populated to recover, immediately execute all cat owners and their cats. It's the only way to truly test if this is correct, but I'm pretty sure it won't have any negative side effects. 50/50.
  6. Grilled cheese and brisket or brisket melt, who gives a fuck. Either name is descriptive so anyone ordering it knows what they are getting, so having a strong opinion about one being "right" and one being "wrong" makes you an asshole.
  7. What's special about a king mattress in the fitted sheet game?
  8. The technology that would need to be developed to sustain life on the moon/mars as well as the lessons learned in developing that technology would be tremendously valuable to our ability to sustain life here on earth.
  9. When your homeowner's insurance company, who you've only been with for 1 year, hits you with a 32% year over year increase forcing you to shop for new insurance again. Motherfuckers, I'd like to be able to go a couple of years before your incessant rate creep forces me to shop around again. What are you thinking?
  10. I love their cajun. Always order the fries well done. I'd usually go half cajun half lemon pepper. I haven't had wingstop in well over a year though, I moved and don't live close to one anymore but they used to be my go-to wing place.
  11. Also in the very first sentence of the A&M section aggy was referred to as "that other Texas team."
  12. Eight, because I'm not a serial killer.
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