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  1. Aren't most countries that are hostile to the US already fully equipped by Russia?
  2. I would like to see a method of overriding a veto introduced. Right now Russia is abusing the veto power, using it to lock up the UN while they engage in a war of conquest. The veto power was intended to allow the permanent security council members to protect their national interests, not to disallow UN action while they attack other nations and engage in war crimes. Some sort of 2/3 vote to override a single veto or similar system, such as what the US uses to override a presidential veto, would be good I think.
  3. Everything is working now with the new motherboard, so evidently it was the motherboard. What a pain in the ass though. Thanks @immamac for helping with the troubleshooting.
  4. No I did a return for refund and placed a new order for an ASUS Prime X570 to replace it. I can't say I know much about motherboard performance so I took your word for the X570 being better.
  5. Well I disassembled the whole thing and boxed up the motherboard. When the replacement comes it'll be fun times repeating the whole build to find out if it really was the motherboard.
  6. I pulled the power supply, rerouted the cables so they had an easier path (less twisting into place when setting the power supply back in the case) and retried, no luck. The m.2 card is in the slot between the GPU and the CPU, not in the slot by the SATA ports. Per the manual, this is the slot that supports PCIe 4.0 while the one by the SATA ports only supports PCIe 3.0 and disables several of the SATA ports when in use. The SSD I have is PCIe 4.0. Regardless, I did test booting with the SSD removed and it did not change anyhing. I did test each stick of RAM individually with the same result, so I don't think RAM is the problem unless I got lucky enough to get 2 bad sticks. I was really hoping it wouldn't be the motherboard, mainly because I don't want to fuck with removing the CPU cooler and cleaning off the thermal compound from it and the processor.
  7. Yeah I did conclude the GPU was unlikely to be the problem after ripping the one out of my current setup and plugging it into the new build and getting the same results. del gets me into bios settings per the motherboard manual, I've tried spamming it at startup to no avail. I have tried reseating all the power connections on the consumption side, but have not pulled the power supply out to try reseating all the connections on the supply side. I'll try that next, thanks.
  8. Yes, there are motherboard standoffs. About half the time I try to power it up I see the bios logo screen for a half second or so before the screen goes blank again. The monitor indicates it is getting a signal (the power light is blue instead of amber) but displays nothing.
  9. Not sure if anyone can help with this, but I've got a frustrating problem with a PC I just built. Relevant components: Motherboard - ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 5900X RAM - 32 GB (2x16) DDR4 3200 GPU - MSI GeForce RTX 3080 12GB Storage - 4TB HDD (SATA connected) + 1 TB SSD M.2 connected PSU - EVGA SuperNOVA 1000GT 1,000 watt Problem: I assembled everything and turned it on for the first time, it briefly displayed the BIOS screen indicating new CPU detected for about 1/2 second or so, then the screen went blank. The post check lights on the motherboard indicate it pasts post check for VGA, CPU, and DRAM (white, red, and yellow lights turn on then back off) but not the boot device (green light comes on and stays on). I have not been able to get it to actually display anything on my screen with the following troubleshooting configurations, getting the exact same symptoms with each attempt: HDD SATA connection moved to a different slot, HDD removed entirely (so just SSD), SSD removed (so just HDD), RAM pulled and reseated, just one stick of RAM (tried with each stick), graphics card replaced with the one on my current functional computer, cleared CMOS RAM, and replaced the battery of the CMOS RAM. I also tried removing the graphics card entirely, which resulted in both the POST check keeping both the white (VGA) and green (boot device) error lights on which was expected. Is my next step a motherboard swap, or is there something else I can try first?
  10. I just assumed the reason they had vague/undefined and unmeasurable things like "denazification" was so that once the "demilitarization" part of the agreement is done Russia could unilaterally declare Ukraine as non-compliant with the undefined stuff and re-invade with Ukraine's military largely out of the way.
  11. I think Costco already uses something like this, at least for the sauce and possibly toppings and baking as well. This doesn't sound like something I'd invest in.
  12. This is a discussion about federal taxes, not state taxes. Try to keep up. The answer is no, I don't pay income tax to the federal government for my net worth increase associated with my house appreciating in value. This is also why Jeff Bezos doesn't have to pay taxes when the Amazon stock he owned before the year started and still owned at the end of the year became more valuable during the year. The same people saying it's unfair that he "gained wealth" that he didn't pay taxes on would be pissed off about getting an income tax bill from the federal government because their local housing market got hot.
  13. OR it shows that they don't want their ME based employees getting beheaded.
  14. I want to believe you know what you're talking about, but your inability to master inequality signs makes me not want to consider any of your technical opinions.
  15. Are you saying you can't tell from that picture what's wrong with the parking job? He's so far over the line that it's almost lost in the shadow under the truck.
  16. My money is on the group of people that filmed themselves taking it down so they could virtue signal to the internet about how much they respect and love nature are the very same people that put it there in the first place. Arrest them and charge them with theft, then when they reveal that they put it there to begin with and therefore it is not theft nail them for it.
  17. Count me in the confused camp too. I'm now self conscious about how little effort I put into cleaning and maintaining my WSM. Dump the ash out after a cook, clean the grates. I also don't bother foil lining the water pan so I spend 1-2 minutes dumping the water out and wiping the inside with simple green. Total I spend maybe 10 minutes cleaning stuff after a cook, and most of that is necessary with any type of cooker. I certainly can't imagine seeing it as a "major turn off."
  18. Chicago fuckers did something right. Hell yeah! Green chile double was always my favorite, I hate that it isn't a permanent menu item.
  19. I do it, if I see one of the family packs at HEB that looks good (good size cap and marbling) or same at Costco I'll grab it regardless of if I'm planning on steak night any time soon. I'll either cook what I need immediately and freeze the rest or just freeze all of them. Vacuum seal is a must, freezing them in just a ziploc is inviting problems. I've never noticed much if any taste change. I slow defrost them by putting them from the freezer into the fridge at least 24 hours before I plan on cooking them. Usually they don't end up staying in my freezer more than a week or 2.
  20. You know what else CO2 is a byproduct of? Beer production. LOL at the thought of the beer industry being worried about not being able to get CO2 from other industries. Capture the CO2 from your own process, fuckers.
  21. I don't know why they're bothering burning anything. Juan already has General Tso's chicken recipe.
  22. The video you posted about the taco place you are saying is life changing contained the proof that you are wrong. The main person in the video talking about how great the tacos are openly stated that the best thing about them was the cold shredded cheese. Not the freshly made deep fried tortilla that formed the taco shell, not the presumably well seasoned and tender beef... the cold shredded cheese.
  23. Pretty much what TwiceHorn said. We have furnaces to burn our documents before bailing, they're using fucking burn barrels lol.
  24. I don't understand. I was expecting some sort of explanation for how "cali tacos" were different. I came away with no new information, and the food didn't look like anything special.
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