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  1. I had heard that rumor about Solich impregnating a Nebby cheerleader, and also that he pretty openly was having an affair with a nurse, while still being married. I also heard he had shorties at most Big 12 road destinations, too. Guy must be more of a playa than he looks like.
  2. I still think it needs to be 16: 10 conference champions 6 at-larges Only conference winners get first round home games. This non-P5 teams being eliminated from championship contention at the beginning of the season, just because of their conference shit is archaic. Either include everybody in the playoffs or shrink FBS to only programs with a path to the championship.
  3. So, was it an argument over whether Bo Jackson was better as a Royal or a Raider?
  4. Those southern biddies trying to get through the hedges to get on the field is going to be gif gold!
  5. Man, Auburn has some of the dumbest players in CFB, year after year.
  6. On SECN? How the mighty have fallen.
  7. Just for shits and giggles, I looked up the syllabus. Here's how that class is taught nowadays in all its glory: http://agrilife.org/meat/files/2017/01/ANSC-307-syllabus-2017A.pdf Course website: https://meat.tamu.edu/ansc-307/ The course even has a YouTube channel:
  8. Ironic thing, is he's finally getting to hang out there and enjoy it without undue distractions, like a job.
  9. #13: Have a four-digit post count on a site that's only a year and a half old.
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