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  1. YES, this is going to be so amazingly bad.
  2. The bad guys in the book were actual bad guys. They weren’t just random dudes. They were brothers who were creepy and strategic as fuck. The whole anonymous bad guy angle made no sense. Like wouldn’t they just send more of them? I get why they changed some things from the book but they changed the wrong parts. Spoiler This was By far the worst thing Sheridan as done. And that includes the where’s Wallace string abortion on Amazon.
  3. after watching the preview it looks like they changed quite a bit from the book. But I think it will still be on par for what Sheridan does with films. The brothers should be great bads.
  4. Obviously I hated the way it ended, not scoring a bucket for over 5 minutes and taking some brutal final possessions, but coming into the season Michigan was projected as a fringe tourney team. To have a big ten championship and a solid tourney run (Final 5 baby ) the season was a resounding success. Howard getting COY is just the cherry on top.
  5. Yeah its wild, they definitely have some sort of hex on opposing teams.
  6. @Sbbruin Congrats on the final 4. You were right about the heart, your team had it, Michigan did not. Tough to win a game when you don't score for the last 5+ minutes and miss your last 8 shots. Ugly final possessions for Michigan. That was the first game I have questioned Juwan's coaching. You have a guy absolutely lighting your team up and instead of putting one of your two lockdown defenders on him (Brown/VVagner) you let him continue to torch Eli Brooks. Also, Make your fucking free throws Michigan. Jesus.
  7. Michigan looks like poop so far. But I came to post that these two jerseys have the best contrast and look of the tourney IMO.
  8. I think Juwan is going to run a ton of High/Low again tonight and try to bang Dickenson/Johns down low to put UCLA in foul trouble. Big Cuntry Davis will get his 10ish minutes and I am sure they will feed him as well. Michigan is again at the disadvantage with athleticism at the guard (Really miss Livers) so far Smith has been able to make the best of it but it seems every game is playing with fire.
  9. Here is ours from the other side. https://mgoblog.com/content/hoops-preview-ucla-elite-eight
  10. As I was watching the Bama/UCLA game I just kept flip flopping on who I would rather face. Jaquez is the epitome of a dude you hate playing against. I think it will be a good game tonight, and if UCLA can contain Dickenson (I guess their tallest dude is 6'9) I think it will be trouble for Michigan.
  11. @Sbbruin Today we are enemies. Juwan is coming for you again.
  12. Yeah that was the most absurd ending to regulation. Not only not fouling but completely backing away from the wide open dude taking a 3. It was like they were so scared of them hitting the three and getting called for the foul or something.
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