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  1. THIS. The presidents voted to cancel the season with a conference wide policy on Covid/Testing, now they are going to approve playing in some hodgepodge wild west league that has to travel all over the country instead of regionally. Unlikely.
  2. The kid was 20 years old and his mom found the money and made him give it back, all those old bitties and nothing to show for it. What's worse, giving back 100k or having to tell your mom that you smashed all her old friends?
  3. The only reason for anyone to float out a "spring" season is to drag along the boosters, season ticket holders. We knew 2 months ago there would be no fall NCAA football but only now 3 weeks before games were going to start did any actual announcements come in. Will be the same thing, we will hear about an after Easter start date, everyone will get strung along and then Good Friday the conferences will be like actually nah.
  4. Harbaugh extended after Ohio State's eight year, and 17/20 year win streaks come to a decesive end. hell yeah, UofM not losing to O$U in 2020 is the only good thing to come out of this.
  5. I see you. Strange movie with Helen Hunt (who looks fucking odd and old these days) Worth the 90 minutes though.
  6. I would think the issue is that the chain ran dry of oil, causing sparks which then caught the tree on fire.
  7. Juicy


    Probably about the same time we found out what happened to Jamie's kid from last year. I don't understand why they have to introduce all these side plots. Like just fucking advance the story line. Its going to be the same shit as last year and the same shit as wind river, a crawling story that is great, but then abruptly ends with a pretty little bow in about 7.5 minutes.
  8. Well I knew this day was coming but it still sucks. Tomorrow this guy will cross the rainbow bridge just a little under 13 years is a hell of a run for a rottie. Still hurts like hell.
  9. You need to watch the clip after the first 30 seconds of credits.
  10. New York New Jersey and it isnt close.
  11. i missed half of last season, I think it was space archer, but could have been jungle archer. Trying to find in on streaming to slog through it.
  12. Juicy


    Same, I came in a little over 150k figured 500 a pop at bulk, $50 a horse seems a wee bit low.
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