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  1. Juicy

    Cowboy Boots

    well fuck me. got an email today from cuero that my boot order will not be fulfilled. They said for the inconvenience they will let me take my $80 purchase and give me a $100 credit plus a 20% off coupon to use online on the 2020 boots. Looks like you can't even get to the checkout anymore. I may as well take that and hope that they do this same clearance promotion next year and I will get 2 for the price of 1 on the boots. Otherwise if they come out with any exotics this year I may snag a pair of ostrich. Will be interesting to see how well they hold up but damn if these aren't the most comfortable boots.
  2. Juicy

    Cowboy Boots

    I said fuck it and bought another pair of Cuero's. The light grey suede "the Lucas". The others that I had were just so damn comfortable and I felt it was fate that they still had anything left in my size. I don't see myself wearing the suede too much but the wife likes them so they can be my fancy shoes, as long as they are comfortable. Again used the same trick. Left them in my cart for about 4 days and they sent me a 20% off coupon. $80 out the door.
  3. It made me make a whole 80s playlist after watching/listening to the montage.
  4. my man was already on crutches too
  5. https://y.yarn.co/2d623294-d679-496a-83be-9c34a85962a4.mp4?1589378598519
  6. I like that they give you "probably death" warnings. So you don't have to ask "did I just watch a guy die" you already know you did https://www.reddit.com/r/TheBullWins/
  7. Our neighborhood has been infested by a gaggle of wild turkeys. We are on a dirt road that ends at the lake and one of the neighbors set up a turkey feeding station. Now they have infested from her house all the way down to ours on the lake. Wasnt sure where to put this but I kind of want them gone. They have power in numbers so they aren't even phased by our dogs, they just puff up and the dogs are like fuck this its 30 to 2. and yes I have thought about shooting them, but I am pretty certain it isn't turkey season in metro detroit and that my feeding the turkeys neighbor would snitch.
  8. I believe the current preferred nomenclature is spit-roasting
  9. Juicy

    Cowboy Boots

    I am a 12, ill stay away from the ones you want haha.
  10. Juicy

    Cowboy Boots

    I sent myself a meeting maker for March 1st next year to check out if they are doing the 2020 clearance. Ill buy a few pairs at $99 if they do it again.
  11. Juicy

    Cowboy Boots

    not a lot of sizes left but https://www.cuero.com/collections/men/products/the-eastwood all their boots are $99 down from $250 shit saw you already tried that.
  12. Juicy

    Cowboy Boots

    I saw this in the thread and figured why the hell not take a shot. They came in today. There weren't many styles/sizes left so I ended up with the Eastwood espresso instead of the cherry as that's all they had in a 12. I was kind of hoping when I called in to ask about exchanging them they would tell me to go ahead but instead they said if they don't have them they will just issue a refund. Also pro-tip I learned. If you leave your items in the cart after entering your email address after 3 days they will send you a 20% off code to use for the items in your cart. So I ended up with these for $79.95 Hell of a deal, regardless of the color.
  13. Since this is a UT board I am sure most of you guys haven't forgotten about him, but he is my favorite UT player of all time so I have to give him a shout out whenever I can. I didn't realize he playing in 2010 I thought he was way older than that.
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