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  1. God speed to those people. Hope they have transferable skills or enough saved up to hang out until the job market picks back up.
  2. Have also heard that 200 are being let go at CHK.
  3. RIP to a powerhouse of an attorney and judge. The rest of you, drink up tonight, sober up tomorrow, and get your shit together. There's still time left on the clock.
  4. The cost of insurance alone would cover about 4 Airbnb stays.
  5. Also, this last bust may have finally pushed out all the "laymen" investors. Doctors, RE agents, etc. I was told that the MLP model was exposed and gone for good after 2016, but I was still getting the occasional request to look into proposals slid across some of my more affluent friends' desks in 2019.
  6. Not just freely, but without any guidance or resources. People come in with a basic understanding of margin and get their faces ripped off.
  7. I don't how right this is, but Twitter was saying that for the first time in history, options volume exceeded stock volume in August. Usually it's around 40%. Crazy, if true. Also explains how insanely expensive options have been.
  8. TikTok is what caused his Tulsa rally embarrassment. Since it was weaponized against him, he either wants to dismantle it in the end or weaponize it against his opponents.
  9. GE and IHRT were some swing trades that I got too gun shy to pull the trigger on that would have been nice to sell today. I was eyeballing the hell out of them in April.
  10. Debate idea for the Biden campaign: prepare to call Trump out on specific lies. Have the social media guy prepare tweets. Trump will say something that is an obvious lie and Biden can call it out saying "if you go to my Twitter right now, you will find a video of you saying the exact opposite of what you just said here on stage." That would direct traffic from both Rs and Ds to the video. Imagine what the social media feeds would look like during all that.
  11. For sure. A good AG is one that can squeak those political priorities and enforcement agendas through the already existing goalposts. Bill Barr, unfortunately, is so partisan in his role that he is kicking outside of the goalposts and yelling at the ref to put it on the board, the Roger Stone situation being the prime example.
  12. Bill Barr got his law degree taking evening classes while working as an intelligence analyst for the CIA and graduated with the highest honors the school can give. He has then climbed up the ladder in the DoJ to become the AG in 1991. He then goes on to have a fantastic legal career in private life that ends with him on the board of directors for Time Warner. In 2019, he finds himself back in the AG chair. As far as legal resumes go, he is in the top 1% of 1%. That should tell you that when someone with that kind of resume says something that blatantly runs against Constitutional law or the democratic processes on which this country functions, they aren't misquoting or misunderstanding a Constitutional concept. They're telling you how THEY think it should be. Cruz, for example, graduated from Harvard Law magna cum laude, was the editor of their Law Review, and was regarded as a brilliant student. He then went on to be the first Hispanic to ever clerk for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He was part of the Bush legal team in Bush v. Gore and was Texas Solicitor General at the age of 33. An off the charts legal resume. Top 1% of 1%. I'm certain that if he were to sit down with 99% of the attorneys in the nation to talk Constitutional law and the cases surrounding it, he would embarrass them all outside of people who are Constitutional scholars for a living. Yet, we see him get pantsed on a regular basis when he's holding his ground on his own positions. That's not because he's stupid, in a legal sense. He just doesn't believe that a lot of the law that stands today should be the law and wishes to replace it with his own vision. People like Barr and Cruz in the government aren't misspeaking when it comes to the law. They're telling you how they think it should be and are actively working to change it. For someone like Cruz, that's part of his job as an elected official. But when it comes to someone like Bill Barr, it is insanely problematic. His job is to enforce the law, as it is today, and advise the executive branch of the law when necessary. The way mail-in voting currently works is the law of the land. He knows it is. But here he is waxing poetic about the loss of the secret vote, conjuring up hypothetical fraud, and then projecting that fraud onto those who he sees as political opponents. Sure, he is entitled to have an opinion, but if Eric Holder went into an interview and questioned the validity of the 2012 election 2 months before election day, it would be an absolute political firestorm and rightfully so. Barr says something like this, Trump latches onto it, and it feeds an already dangerous, out of control rhetoric regarding the 2020 election.
  13. Maybe some kind of "revival." Would make for an interesting episode.
  14. It was my understanding from the first season that Mando and the others he was with were a very orthodox faction of Mandalorians. Don't remember how I picked that up, but it was the lens in which I viewed them as they introduced their society.
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