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  1. Keep a realistic price target in mind. Most of these numbers don't take into account any outside elements. Let's be real here, anything above $1k per share is pure lunacy. The market couldn't stomach it threatening $500 per, so anything predicting above that should be viewed with skepticism. Don't expect the market to play fair after they already have shown they won't.
  2. And oil is up almost 2.5%. Interesting times.
  3. So for those of you who are happy that this is happening and are saying that businesses still have the right to make people wear masks, do you also fully support businesses having people who refuse to wear a mask arrested for trespassing when they won't leave? How about suing the people for property damage when we have another round of fit throwing by unstable people like the last time that the state was without a mask mandate?
  4. It would have to close over $800 for every option to close ITM tomorrow. They pushed it way out. Interestingly enough, there are no strikes lower than 20 for 3/5.
  5. Screaming in the AH. Touched 170, at one point. I think a fund just got margin called.
  6. It's not WSB. All of the "meme" stocks popped along with the weed stocks. Not to the level of GME, but 10+% across the board. WSB doesn't control that much total volume in the market. This is a big fish move.
  7. I said a few days back that the math pretty much showed that there was no way for the short interest to fully unwind. I got out and stayed out because I was no longer confident that the powers that be would allow this stock to trade in a free market. The plug will be pulled on this faster, this time around, in my opinion. The market shuddered under the weight of the last squeeze and they'll do everything they can to keep it from happening again.
  8. Woe unto those who shorted or sold naked calls.
  9. There were heroes and heroic actions in the Chernobyl meltdown. Doesn't mean that those in charge of the disaster get to bask in the glory of those who cleaned up their mess.
  10. "Touch me and my dad will sue" has been a joke since the 80s, so Boomers can blame themselves for inventing it.
  11. Griddy canceled the Houston rodeo.
  12. I don't see a negative, either, but has the same headwinds that leaves you to reasonably think weed won't happen and the same reason I can't buy liquor on Sundays. Patrick, et al can scream about the vices Texans now want, but Texans are wanting the energy companies to pay out of pocket for this mess. The billions need to be found somewhere. We now have an unstoppable force heading towards an unmoveable object.
  13. I walked into the garage to leave for the day yesterday and my eyes caught a glint of what looked like pooled water in the garage. My heart jumped into my throat and I slammed the garage door button. It was a ziploc bag that was catching light from a vent in the garage door. I won't be comfortable in my own home for a long while, it seems.
  14. Either way, Texas is stuck with a multi-billion dollar bill that will need to be paid over the course of 10 to 20 years. I think the Ds, if they are smart, will use this coming financial crunch to legalize and tax weed. Texas needs tax revenue, everything else is pretty much locked into their current rates for the foreseeable future, and it is the only thing that I can think of that is new ground to tax for Texas.
  15. Correct. CPS Energy is owned by the City of San Antonio and they are looking to eat the cost over 10 or more years. While this does come out of the tax payers pocket one way or another, there are tourism taxes, bonds, etc. that better assist the city in eating the costs. The privately owned companies, on the other hand... That's going to be a nightmare of litigation if the State doesn't step in.
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