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  1. Sorry to hear that, Snacks. All my best to you and yours.
  2. So for satellites it is apogee and apoapsis applies to spacecraft? TIL.
  3. It's natural for an object in orbit to gain altitude as it reaches its apoapsis, which is the "highest" part of the orbit. Then the altitude decreases as it approaches the periapsis. If the periapsis is low enough to where the object in space encounters some drag by brushing against the atmosphere, that decreases the altitude for the entire orbit over time until the object gets completely snagged by the atmosphere and plummets to earth.
  4. Way back when it first came out, there was the free version with ads and a paid version that was a one time fee. I paid the one time fee. Some time in the last 4 years, maybe farther back, they switched to a subscription model and started showing me ads again. To hell with that, I should be grandfathered into the one time payment. I paid the money up front under the agreement that I wouldn't see ads. They changed the agreement.
  5. Okay, thanks. I'm going to have to uninstall Tapa for good. Now several ads run at the same time and sometimes audio from an ad that's not even in the feed runs. They completely butchered what used to be an amazing app.
  6. I love the 3030. Good headshot, especially if you charge it, and is actually a good firing from the hip at close range. The hip fire aspect means you can actually afford to keep it late game and still have the range if they are hugging cover on the outside of the final circle.
  7. To your first question, the commonly held belief among squeeze enthusiasts is that the short interest is not being accurately reported and that the stock is "irreparably shorted" (that's how I would put it, at least). There is no way to sort through which shares are synthetic and which are real, there are probably more bona fide owners of the stock than there are shares available, and barring bankruptcy or a legitimizing of all synthetic shares, which would dilute the stock, there is always the potential that large short positions get obliterated and margin called.
  8. GME completed a 3.5 million share offer today, injecting those shares into the market and earning around $500 million. Share price actually went up, finishing the day up 11.74% at $168.93 and touching $198 in the after hours. With $500 million in fresh cash and the shedding of under-performing stores during COVID, bankruptcy is now a distant dream of short sellers.
  9. The ads with sound on Tapatalk are getting very intrusive, at this point. If it's on Tapatalk's side, I'm done with them. If not, just a heads up that every thread I've clicked on in Tapa has had an ad with sound, sometimes just sound that I can't find and turn off.
  10. I have woken up with a headache that goes away by lunch every morning since Pfizer 2. Usually don't have any problems with headaches. Been a weird week.
  11. Agriculture gets subsidies. Therefore, agriculture is subject to government control. The government is the people. Therefore, agriculture is subject to the control of the people. The people have seized the means of agricultural production. Great, now you've gone and done it...
  12. If you have sustained periods of poor sleep with minimal dreaming, sometimes your brain will "make up for it" when you start getting consistent good sleep through a process called REM Rebound. That's where your brain crams more REM sessions, the period of time in which you dream, into a night a sleep. More dreams increases your chances of nightmares and also increases the possibility in which you wake up while you are in the middle of a dream, making it more memorable and vivid.
  13. It took 18 hours for Pfizer 2 to knock me on my ass. Decommissioned me for about another 18 hours. Couldn't regulate my body temperature to the point where my nail beds were starting to turn purple. Just couldn't hold onto body heat, then it went the other direction and gave me a low grade fever for the last 6 hours.
  14. I'm about 18 hours in from Pfizer 2 and definitely feel it. Nothing major, but definitely dragging the day out and generally unpleasant. Serving as a good reminder of what sick actually feels like and that a lot of my worry over every little thing going on with my body was hypochondria.
  15. Market doesn't know what it likes. EIA report could show a 35 million barrel draw, Hurricane Katrina 2 could steamroll up the Texas coast and hook to the NE to slam every offshore asset East of the Mississippi, and the price would drop 5% because the secretary of the Exxon CEO made a joke that Exxon is going to start investing in fusion power plants.
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