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  1. Apparently outing all the Gen Xers. No wonder there was so much hostility earlier in the thread. People were getting to quit jobs they felt trapped in and found greener pastures. Buncha green-eyed monsters showed up after. I have a good friend who is a Gen Xer and he has been absolutely miserable in his work life the entire time I've known him. He laments about how he wishes he could do something else, about how it's too late for him, about how he has too many liabilities now and that too many people rely on him financially. A prison of his own making, to be honest. In this day and age, with the technology and resources available to anyone willing to learn, there is zero reason to work a job that you don't enjoy with people you don't get along with. I've only worked one job after college that I didn't enjoy and I moved on after 18 months of trying to make it work. The rat race really is over for a lot of millenials, but especially for the generations after. The workplace is changing. People aren't chained to their desks or really have any co-workers they interact with on a daily basis. The internet lets you monetize literally anything you can imagine. It's a whole new world out there if you're willing to break out of your comfort zone. If you're miserable, out there, I promise that you can find a solution if you really sit down and problem solve it. It won't be immediate, but it takes some of that hard work, consistency, and grit that some of you claim us younger generations don't have.
  2. Can't see the subject of this thread. Doesn't show up for me.
  3. @immamac Can I get an assist here?
  4. It's a mental squeeze. They presented Jimbo with a national championship plaque with the date empty, for Christ's sake. On the wins front, I expected 8-4 this season with no expectation as to how the losses looked. I think this loss was as bad as it was because he hung onto Card way too long. If he pulled Card middle of the 2nd, we have a ballgame. Let's see if he makes that mistake again.
  5. Specifically, playing football is not the top priority of the University of Texas with regards to the football team. If the team turns a hefty profit, the admin could care less about what happens on the field. My theory does have an outlier, though, and that's Texas A&M. Players go to College Station to play football, but rather than dealing with the Austin style distraction, they have to deal with a rabid fan base that will essentially squeeze them to death like Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Hard to focus on football when the fans won't even let you breathe.
  6. Pete Carroll managed that USC team perfectly with regards to the distractions. He embraced them and made them USC's identity, then gave the team the attitude that they were the premier college football team in the nation, so they better act like it. USC and UCLA, in the modern era outside of the Pete Carroll years, have been plagued by the same thing that Texas has: a lot of players don't go there with football as their top priority. Quandre Diggs hinted to it back when he was here. Some Texas players don't love football. And I think the attitude of "all D1 football programs have distractions" is a lazier take than mine. People aren't moving from California in droves to Tuscaloosa. Clemson isn't a popular vacation destination. Some of the biggest media festivals in the US aren't happening in Columbus. Austin is a destination and a primary motivator for some players. We even crow about that. We need a coach who can manage the Austin lifestyle, not just use it as a recruiting gimmick. One of our best players in history was a 3 star who loved football and Austin was just a bonus. We keep trotting out top 10 recruiting classes who consistently lose, year over year, to teams filled with those type players. I think Mack post-09, and every coach after him, have used Austin's attractiveness as a crutch in recruiting and it has put a lot of fool's gold on the field.
  7. Players go to Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, or Columbus to play ball and move on to the next level. Others come to Austin to set up shop and live the life. UT players who don't make it to the NFL never leave the city limits until their clout has run dry and the drinks stop being free.
  8. Careful, now. Hinting that maybe Austin and the UT campus might be the problem because recruits are coming to Texas more to party and live the Austin lifestyle rather than play football will get you shouted down on this board. I've been saying that for a couple years now and it always was met with hostility. But let's be honest, there's a lot in Austin that is offered to young superstars and those things don't hinge on winning or losing. Texas football players have been way too comfortable for a while, now.
  9. Offense ain't running if the O line is on roller skates and receivers are dropping balls. Yards are yards and TDs are TDs, at that point. One QB does that, the other doesn't.
  10. It was the second game of his tenure and it feels like that Card start was a charity start. Thompson made an immediate difference on the field. It was literally night and day. If he doesn't put the QB issue to bed and start Thompson for the rest of the season, then I'll be worried.
  11. Texas fans have suffered enough under a 2 QB system. Sit him down.
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