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  1. I'm going to chalk this up to the Tom Herman patented, once-or-twice annually, shit the bed colossally against a team you should beat handily. Remember, most of our players have spent more time under shit coaches than the potentially improved current ones. So whatever it is that Herman does that accounts for his shit the bed games permitted the players to backslide into bad habits. And of course it is a characteristic of those games that the coaches have terrible ones. So, it's optimistic in the sense that it is sort of anomalous, but pessimistic in that I don't think Tom Herman is ever going to stop having colossal bedshit games, and we're probably gonna have another one this season.
  2. Turned it off with the tech guy untouched at the 20. Camping and mountain biking Saturdays for the rest of the year. Volleyball looks good though.
  3. I'm about to pull the plug on this season.
  4. The oline is still kinda shitty and dumb.
  5. Yeah, in a lot of respects this is a typical, patented Herman special. A game we should win decisively, but not a pushover. Tech is Maryland.
  6. Sam's gone Rattler. And, our receivers seem to be inadequate.
  7. Seems to take him a while to get going.
  8. There was a potential PI on that bomb to Washington. Pass was a twathair short, but still catchable but for that hand on his chest with the DBs back to the ball.
  9. Sam has looked very good at many points in the game. But between shit playcalling and shit defense, I think he's reverting to hero ball. He's erratic when he plays hero ball.
  10. Goddam what a clownshow in the d backfield.
  11. Thank God it's not at night. It would be even weirder.
  12. I mean, that was an individual error. But for fucks sake our returners have been doing all manner of stupid shit for years.
  13. I am not aware of any clear alcohol or other drug-induced date rapes during my time in undergrad. I am quite sure there were some both-parties-shitfaced-no-effective-consent-regrettable situations, and probably a few "fuck her, fuck her good, suck those tits, squeeze those buns" situations, but no one I knew participated in or was aware of any. That would have been frowned upon, to say the least. It always seemed that voluntarily or accidentally, someone was always either sober enough or clear-headed enough to take care of people that were dangerously intoxicated. I specifically remember numerous incidents where members, their dates, and just random partygoers, male and female, were taken care of when they couldn't do so themselves. The Seeberger incident was during my time, so we had that as an object lesson that you can't just put drunks to bed. There was one fraternity in particular, though, where I don't think that could be counted on. And there were 2-3-4 public incidents to back it up. Whole lot of sociopaths in that one, but I had a couple of good friends in it and they were normal good guys if a little willing to play quien es mas macho games. I never could quite figure that out and still can't.
  14. Fuck, I'm afraid that was a forward pass.
  15. Sam is officially a cool customer.
  16. Josh Moore continues the redemption tour. Fucking fantastic.
  17. Sam looked so smooth there, despite the pressure. Didn't freak and bail, kept looking for the pass, wasn't there, tuck and run. Good stuff. Real good stuff.
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