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  1. Do you not realize that Dallas is wearing the road jersey they used from 1980 through the late 90s? They had a blue one too, but this was the primary road option.
  2. My two favorite teams are Texas and UCLA. Fuck my life.
  3. And to grab some fries with gravy and cheese from The O!
  4. And to grab some fries with gravy and cheese from The O!
  5. Yeah, I was happy to see this today. Had to hook up an old Chromecast to watch some U.S. Open on the big screen this weekend and I'm glad I won't have to mess with that in the future. I'll probably shell out the $5 now just for the Premier League games. And yes, hoping HBO Max follows suit in the near future-- they have to cave eventually, right?
  6. Colt survived the final cut-down today and is officially the Giants' backup QB. https://www.giants.com/news/giants-roster-2020-nfl-season-new-york-announce-53-man-roster-joe-judge
  7. I'm sorry, but these are for smuggling booze INTO the stadium. If you then choose to use them as a means to empty your bladder during the game, be my guest.
  8. I knew when I paid for the tickets in April that I'd never get to use them-- just wanted to keep my seating priority. I've had my seats for 30 years and I'm not about to quit now, but there's no way my 53-year-old double-cancer-survivor ass is going to a game until it's safe to do so. I love football, but my immune system is a shitstorm and I'm not an idiot. My answer to the survey was a solid "I will not be attending," and UT's response basically said "You're down as a no and if you change your mind, you need to call us ASAP." I was also told I'll get a call in mid-August about my refund opti
  9. Sorry, I see this info is on the 20/21 thread. I looked for one but didn't see it. Anyway, cool to playing Nova again.
  10. Villanova at TexasCreighton at KansasBaylor at Seton HallProvidence at TCUSt. John’s at Texas TechOklahoma at XavierWest Virginia at GeorgetownOklahoma St at MarquetteDePaul at Iowa StKansas St at Butler * I think we all know what the asterisk is for.
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