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  1. I'm sorry, but these are for smuggling booze INTO the stadium. If you then choose to use them as a means to empty your bladder during the game, be my guest.
  2. I knew when I paid for the tickets in April that I'd never get to use them-- just wanted to keep my seating priority. I've had my seats for 30 years and I'm not about to quit now, but there's no way my 53-year-old double-cancer-survivor ass is going to a game until it's safe to do so. I love football, but my immune system is a shitstorm and I'm not an idiot. My answer to the survey was a solid "I will not be attending," and UT's response basically said "You're down as a no and if you change your mind, you need to call us ASAP." I was also told I'll get a call in mid-August about my refund options. Of course I will let them keep my Foundation donation, but I'm gonna want that $2000 for tix back. I do appreciate that UT is offering a refund as an option and not just a credit-- I imagine that many other organizations/schools will not be doing so.
  3. Sorry, I see this info is on the 20/21 thread. I looked for one but didn't see it. Anyway, cool to playing Nova again.
  4. Villanova at TexasCreighton at KansasBaylor at Seton HallProvidence at TCUSt. John’s at Texas TechOklahoma at XavierWest Virginia at GeorgetownOklahoma St at MarquetteDePaul at Iowa StKansas St at Butler * I think we all know what the asterisk is for.
  5. The Athletic just released their way-too-early Top 25 for next season. Gonzaga is #1, Baylor is #2...and Texas is #18. They love us because we lose nobody, have seven players returning who scored 20 points in a game last season, and they expect Greg Brown to be on campus. Hmmm, I wonder what could possibly derail such lofty expectations?
  6. I see we are a little down right now about our boys, but I have a question-- does anyone know anything about getting tickets for the game against UTA in Frisco in a couple weeks? I have searched EVERYWHERE on line and cant find a legitimate ticket outlet. Hell, even StubHub doesn't list it. They have to be on sale somewhere, don't they?
  7. Timbuk 3 sat next right next to me at Springsteen's Austin show on the "Tunnel Of Love" tour. They held hands the whole show. It was fucking adorable. The singer from Spoon was in the seat next to me when I saw McCartney at Jerry World like 10 years ago (note: my wife recognized him. I had no idea). I saw Chad Lowe (sorry, wrong Lowe) at a Cowboy Junkies show in Dallas in the late 90s. Saw Peter Reckell (Bo Brady from "Days Of Our Lives") at a Sting show at the Greek Theatre in '96. Tom Hanks was down the aisle from me at a Springsteen show at the LA Sports Arena on the "Wrecking Ball" tour. Wait-- did I just follow Chad Lowe and Peter Reckell with Tom Hanks? I think I did! Anyway, that's all I can think of, which is odd given the number of shows I've attended in LA over the years. There is one big ALMOST in this category though. Back in '92, my band was playing around Dallas quite frequently and I had to give away U2 tickets at Texas Stadium because we got a Friday night Trees gig, The Sugarcubes opened that show, and my friend Laura thanked me the next day for the tickets (they were great seats) and for the chance to talk to Bjork-- who sat next to her for the entire U2 show. UGH.
  8. Didn't watch, and I'm actually happy we lost. It kills me to say that, but it's true. This needs to be over.
  9. That was one of the best episodes of the whole fucking series. I can't believe how much they crammed in, and yet it all worked. Long goodbye. MAGA hat. Jeff mistaken for Harvey. The scooters. The selfie-stick. Mocha Joe. Leon's tappin' time. The nose in the coffee. It was greatness.
  10. This should do it, right? RIGHT?
  11. We are losing by 14 to a team shooting 31% from the field for the game. I am so done with this shit.
  12. Brewer’s head hit the ground super-hard. Kid might need to stop playing football.
  13. MaxHorn

    Sam Ehlinger

    He's not going anywhere.
  14. I don't even watch games anymore, unless you count re-runs of old classic games on LHN. And those just piss me off even more, because they remind me that we used to be good at this sport.
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