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  1. Got my ass kicked in Week 12. Posting my picks until @joeycovers posts his and I can jump on those. Nebraska -4 @ Maryland OSU -7 @ WVU Tulsa -2.5 vs Houston Virginia Tech -4 vs Pitt Minnesota -13.5 @ Northwestern
  2. Tell me why I'm stupid: Houston +3 @Tulane Utah -4.5 @ USC Cal +2 @ Ole Miss Florida -14 vs. Tennessee North Carolina -3 vs. Appalachian State Texas -5 vs. Okie Light
  3. I got Dana having his team ready to play against his mentor. Houston pulls off the upset.
  4. Shrewd PR move today by the Vols. Announcing they are offering the bullied t-shirt kid a scholly on the same day they reinstate their freshman all-american accused of threatening to slap the shit out of girlfriend and 'shoot up the school'.
  5. Great article on the Athletic- his QB's from the past few years shared their favorite Leach stories. Overarching theme was that 1 hour film sessions were routinely 2-3 hour sessions and not because Leach was talking about anything related to the film. Some of my favorite parts: "One of the quarterbacks at Texas Tech took notes on Leach’s stories, and he would quote Leach but he wouldn’t say the F word and he wouldn’t write the F word. He left his notebook behind one day and somehow Leach got a hold of it and was looking at it, so the next day in the meeting he said, “I want you to get up on the board and write the word ‘fuck.’” It was fall camp my second year and someone threw a pick. He was like, “Don’t throw the ball to the other team. That’s the last thing you want to do is throw the ball to the other team.” I remember during fall camp last year he had a pretty big dip in. During fall camp that man puts like half a can in his mouth. It’s insane. But anyways, he was so concentrated on the film that he had his coffee in one cup and his spitter in the other way. He spat in his coffee with his dip in his mouth, took his dip out and then drank his coffee. He spit in it like two or three times and didn’t even know it. Me and Casey were like, “What the fuck did he just do?” We’d be watching film and out of nowhere, just completely out of left field, Leach would use his laser point and he’ll point to two of our players and he’ll be like, “All right, in a fight to the death here, who do you got?”
  6. Yesterday morning I drove up on a younger homeless man having a seizure in the middle of Koenig (westbound, right before Grover Ave). Appeared to have tried crossing the middle of street and was struck by a car. Car must've been moving pretty quick as the passenger side of their windshield was completely smashed in and the j-walker looked pretty cut up. Haven't seen anything in the news but wouldn't be surprised if he died.
  7. Challenge you to tell the difference between a Michelob from a Frio Light. Will save you ~$10 a rack.
  8. I don't post often and have no clout here, but I find it hilarious that Derka fancies himself the rational voice of the board. So principled as to never give in to the emotional rollercoaster that the idiots on here fall victim to. More enlightened with his cherry picked advanced metrics that make him smarter for knowing of. If you don't agree with him, you're a homer sheep. Thank you for posting, Derka.
  9. Colt's a good boy. Fucking sucks- sorry to hear this. My first dog is a 5 year golden right now and I'm dreading these days. Sending good vibes to Colt and his family.
  10. "interns" meaning do a bunch of work but don't get paid, probably.
  11. They are only taking top 3 floors. It's 12 floors total... not sure how many of them are parking.
  12. Got big Old D (phrasing) in a parlay.
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