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  1. I mean... I along with three other anti-SEC people all said "I can't believe that got out." I'm all for the fight but that was very wind-aided.
  2. Thing is they barreled him up twice the inning before too. He was running out of steam... just would hope your bullpen doesn't shit all over themselves like they did.
  3. Felt like that was coming... His offspeed was getting left up and they were barreling him up the inning before. Hard to pull a guy with a no-no and a 4 run lead but I would've been thinking about it after the leadoff walk.
  4. Didn't see him get his second foot down, don't know how that is a catch
  5. He (and I) want help with watching it illegally for free.
  6. In case you hadn’t seen, He’s been playing shows on Facebook live every Wednesday and Sunday. Not quite the Gallery Room but I’ve enjoyed tuning in here and there. Has been sampling a lot of the new album.
  7. For once, Surly was right. Appreciate all the good feedback. Felt like a little bitch doing it but walked into a motorcycle custom fab shop to bounce it off of them (hey uhhh could you build a sidecar for my bitchass scooter for my dog?) and they were also adamant I didn’t want to do it with a 50cc. I’m looking through other options now. I’ll keep you guys posted.
  8. Thought about starting a new thread but figured my audience was probably already here. Have been wanting to learn more about Austin history, specifically through a real estate and urban development lens. Been thinking about who (individuals or organizations) have been the most impactful in driving change and who has rode the wave of that change most skillfully. I'm especially interested in recent history (last ~30 years) but recognize that history shapes the present and a real analysis would stretch way beyond that. Any good books / articles / opinions you can offer?
  9. Happy to hear you are doing well, man. I actually want to apologize to you. To be honest, I saw your previous posts and shared them as a joke because I did suspect it was purely coincidence. After some time went by without hearing from you and a few others reached out in a more earnest fashion (kudos to those guys), I began to regret not doing the same. We are a bunch of assholes around here but it's really not something that's acceptable to joke about or take lightly. So for that- I truly am sorry. To you, but also to anybody else whose life has been impacted by suicide to any de
  10. @Hook1997's link works for me. http://buffstream.io/boxingstreams
  11. Sounds like Petrino was on a 50. I’d seen where the max weight on the 50cc ruckus was 300 lbs. Obviously the weight load is entirely different when half of that is from sidecar but I assumed it would work in that case. If it weren’t able to top 25mph with the sidecar setup, I’d be fine with that. But maybe I should trade up if the performance is going to be that much better.
  12. I don’t know how credible the info is but I have seen online where guidance was for the sidecar weight load should be ~1/3 of total weight so I think your math is close. This would be central/west Austin so some hills but mostly flat. I have zero desire to take this on to a street with a speed limit over 30. If the 50cc doesn’t have the horsepower, I’d be open to trading up. And the Zumas actually are the other scooter I do actually like the look of. I’m completely new to scooters here so this is the kind of feedback that’s helpful. Thanks
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